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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @Haji 2003 Ashura cereal. [Edit] Also called Noah's pudding. The name comes from the historical fact that Noah's ark came to rest on the 10th of Muhharam(Ashura) and it was him who made this for the first time in history using whatever left over supplies he had. Desis make haleem on Ashura which is similar in the sense that it also has lots of different types of grains, carbohydrates etc.
  2. I am surprised so few people like Autumn, when trees turn into flaming torches, the rustle of crisp leaves under your feet sounds like music to ears and there is a beautiful sadness in the air.
  3. Because we are worse than non-muslims maybe,in their eyes.
  4. I understand what you are saying. This is useless advice unless accompanied by some practical suggestions. In my opinion, no. It's okay to feel angry, sad, upset, depressed, emotionally drained etc. Just like a person needs time and space to mourn the death of a family member in the same way he should be allowed to feel dejected, hurt and so on. Fighting these emotions is counterproductive. Moving on can come only after acceptance, you will find a solution only after you acknowledge a problem. Having said this, a person should keep things in perspective from a religious point of view. This world with all it's belongings is temporary. Attaching too much to this transient world leads to greater chances of a person being on a emotional rollercoaster. If we keep reminding ourselves that all the blessings and trials of this dunya are temporary and only there to test us we will not feel negative or down so easily. A person suffering from clinical depression should see a doctor, of course along with all of the above.
  5. That's not relevant. My point was that there is no such like escaping from the sins by moving to another country. I understand in some places there is less chance of falling into sin,for example in most 'islamic' countries you cannot drink or gamble openly, women are generally more covered up, finding halal jobs maybe easier but problems like disobeying parents, jealousy, qate rehmi, envy, lying, backbiting are all pretty common in Muslim countries too, and these are all major sins.In the end it comes strengthening your own faith and taqwa. @IbnSina
  6. ....moving to where? There is corruption everywhere.
  7. Interacting with those less enlightened than us is a struggle,no doubt, but it helps us grow in faith and as a person. If done correctly it helps develop in us traits like strong moral values and sabr. A person cannot grow unless he experiences conflict with his surroundings. So take this difference as something positive and a opportunity to grow in faith and ethics. Remember, almost all of the Prophets(as) lived amongst people who were polytheists and indulged in Haram so you might want to study some of their lives for more practical example.
  8. So both nikkah and divorce pronounced in languages other than Arabic would be valid as long as the meaning is conveyed clearly.
  9. On the basis of precaution, the formula (Nikah) of marriage contract should be pronounced in correct Arabic. And if the man and the woman cannot pronounce the formula in correct Arabic, they can pronounce the Nikah in any other language https://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2346/
  10. @Hassan- Not contradicting you but just thinking that if nikkah can be prounounced in other languages, if we can do niyyah of salat and soum in other languages then divorce should be valid too,if pronounced in other languages?
  11. @Aflower I am not the one dragging anything here. You are one who sent me the PM after mods had closed the thread. You are the one who started a new thread after the earlier thread was closed by mods and stated how I had ruined your thread, so how am I the one dragging anything? I am not jumping any guns , the first line of my post said that I browsed the forum after replying to your PM. I didn't bother to read the rest of your post. Calm down. Mods, maybe this needs to be closed too but ask the OP first in case she has another melt down.
  12. I will repeat the same things I said in my PM since I saw this thread after replying there. The title of your thread was 'nakshwani' , the opening post discussed nakshwani 's looks in detail so you saying it later that it isn't about nakshwani doesn't change much. I found it very distasteful that a woman should discuss a namehram's man's looks. We are asked to lower our gaze, aren't we? If nakshwani's dresses inappropriately then openly discussing namehram men's looks isn't very appropriate either. I am not sure if discussing him here is going to make him change his dress sense but it will surely go down in our records as sins. How would it look if there was a thread on SC which goes like 'my married friend(a brother) noticed that lecturer KhanumXYZ has a more tan complexion now and and has started wearing brighter clothes.He thinks Khanum had a nose job too'? As far as you saying that men have the liberty to 'bash' a woman over her hijab while women can't do the same, go over Shiachat you will find threads over men wearing skinny clothes started by brothers and read the comments there.
  13. Nitidum


    Tsk...tsk.... No wonder he doesn't have good things to say about 'keyboard warriors' [Edit] @Aflower Your thread reminded me of my Ziyarat trip. The number of married women going potty for him...(You live in Britain, I guess you will understand the expression, rest consult the dictionary, I couldn't think of a better one) It was shameful to watch actually,as they tried to ask awkward questions from his brother about his private life... 'What does he eat for dinner?' 'Is he a very dominant kind of person in private life?' 'look I also have tattoos on my wrist, I will pull back my abaya sleeve a bit maybe so he can see mine' Seriously?? He kept to himself throughout the trip,not in an arrogant way and behaved politely but very decently. @Mods how about locking this thread?
  14. Nitidum


    Yes! and if it really bothered me that much I would stop listening to her, that's all. I would too if my wife was commenting on other men's eye brows.
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