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  1. @Hassan- i've really to thank you for this Topic, you're a true Mo'omin and a true follower, im proud to you. may Allah s.w.t give you strength and knowledge to defend our Sharia'a.
  2. Imam Khamenei h.a, to a group of Syrian Muslims: soon we're going to Pray in Quds and Enshallah we all going to see it,
  3. Imam Khamenei h.a: Today Syria is in front line and it is our duty to Protect Syria Resistance. Mr Bashar Al-Asad, The Dear President of Syria is a face of a Fighter, is a face of a Champion, he wasn't Doubtful and he didn't fear and stand up for the country, this is very important for a Nation.
  4. Assalam. not his house, somewhere else it was:-) Wassalam,
  5. Assalam. always mention your Marja'a. who do you follow? Wassalam.
  6. she died while she was angry for those "TWO"
  7. Assalam Handsome:P they will get inspired. for example when you meet imam zaman a.t.f, but hey! how do you know it is imam zaman a.t.f who speaks to you, do you see his face? no most of the time its light all over his face, ok you're able to see the details of his face, still, how do you know his your imam? see. one of the reason is that. they will rule on your SOUL. they will take and control your soul and you've only control over your brain. and compare to soul? brains can do nothing except admitting and saying: Ok as you say master. Wassalam.
  8. Assalam. Counting on laymen, on People as a leader, as an imam, as a boss as a manager etc...,it's the most interesting topic ever. Wassalam.
  9. for summon who had to travel and carry waters with horses, camels etc... before they loss it in the desert or by movements.
  10. Assalam, no one can tell you what does it mean. Just Recite Salawat and do Sadaqah as our sister @Hameedeh Mentioned both on her post. Next Time, try to not share your dreams with anyone, except with a very expert scholar/A'alim whos famous on Dreams Tafsir.(doubt if you can find one these days. Wassalam.
  11. Assalam. Depends on His Marja, both the liquid and the Cloth. Ayatullah Bahjat r.a for example has a different answer for this. Wassalam.
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