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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yeah I agree but growing up I was just always told that everything is already written for us, including our future.
  2. Of course it isn't just a female issue and I understand the issue from both genders. Also, I'm not claiming I'm ugly myself but I'm not up there with the coloured eyes, skinny and tall requests that a lot of guys have. I do not know any female who has a request appearance wise before meeting him, where as the guys mothers meet the girl usually before he meets her. So that's the difference in situation but it could also just be where I live.
  3. This has been really on my mind lately, is marriage really fate. What about all the ladies who want to get married, do they just sit around and wait for someone to propose. What if they aren't getting any proposals. I'm not and probably many wouldn't go up and talk to someone because I have social anxiety and also it isn't really accepted in our culture. What if the mother doesn't have friends who could know you have a daughter of this age, who would not mind getting to know someone (with marriage in mind obviously). I just don't know if marriage is qisma as most mothers with sons are looking for the typical physical appearance for their son rather than looking at the girls deen and ikhlaq. It might be hard to accept this but the uglier you are in this society the harder it is to get married nowadays. It's different for the guys in this case as it is there mother who goes and asks for them. Also, how do you deal with a mother who doesn't want you to get married because you do a lot of the chores at home and looking after younger siblings especially when she is not well.
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