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  1. Repent and try to prevent brother. Seek help through patience and prayers.
  2. I remember one white tall like creature passing by me like at very slow speed when we were at work So I and my friend rushed behind that creature trying to make their video but that creature went away from eyes.
  3. Peak of Ignorance and limitation of thought process.
  4. You talk like 'we are sunni we don't have this we don't have that' then you talk what you are told in 'mosques'. There is a lot of 'we' in you so Should I post some narrations from 'your' sahih bukhari only? I really do not want to embarras you by posting narrations from so called 'we/our' sahih bukhari book a big collection of hadiths. And I can quote n number of ayats too. Don't make your own private mosque and let's stick together as muslim on discussions.
  5. What a loss How intolerantly people reacted when the question seemed purely informative and educational.
  6. Goodness gracious Where are you collecting your information from my dear brother? I am speechless. A 'Sufi' doesn't even know what is he actually wearing as because he is so lost in Allah and worship, leave alone having the senses of taking marijuana.
  7. Who said true sufis use this stuff for intoxication?
  8. We cant share phone numbers but we can give our facebook url on our profile, what's the difference? Admins are biased here, if you reply them in some discussion against their view point they will keep an strict eye on you and then ban for xyz reasons. Are you the owner of this website because I would like to speak with one who manages admins.
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