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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Just look into mutah man. Don't take my word for it, but I'm pretty it's not as serious as permanent marriage, and I heard to do it it's only like one Arabic sentence. I don't think your life will be disrupted or anything too much. Also, again don't take my word for it but I've heard that when one is at the risk of committing these kinds of sins, it is WAJIB to get married. So find out about mutah asap, it's seems like your best option. Aside from mutah, abstain form environments where these sorts of desires are triggered, stay away from these spaces as much as possible! When you try to
  2. Salaam brothers and sisters, I heard that for Ayatollah Sistani, you must be sure that if you're going to use a tissue/paper to pray, it must be made of parts of trees or the allowed things, and if you don't know then you can't pray on it (DONT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT, correct me if I'm wrong...). There are so many types of tissues and papers out there: recycled, brown paper, paper towel, kleenex, printing, coloured, lined, graph, construction, and etc. In addition to that, there are so many types of tissue brands out there too, and god knows how each brand produces their own type of tissu
  3. Salaam, A few weeks ago I read somewhere that one should specify in namaz whether it's an "a'da" or "qadha" prayer. Normally, my niyyat for prayers is as follows: I verbally or mentally say, "I pray ____ namaz, ___ rakats, wajib qurbatan ilallah", and if I need to pray qadha (sadly), I would just add the word "qadha" before the word "wajib". But now, I also add "a'da" before the word "wajib" for prayers that are being offered during the right time...Is this necessary when you know you're reading the namaz during the right time? Recently, I read some texts of pa
  4. Salaam Brother, I heard that there is some maraje that consider all humans pak (I heard maybe Ayatollah Saanei, but you should verify...). I don't know under what circumstances one is allowed to change his taqlid but maybe you should research or ask an alim, and if you are allowed to change your taqlid, you should just change it following the proper Islamic rules on taqlid... I assume you would be praying in your own room so I don't see why you can't fulfill the pre-requisites for prayer. I don't see what prevents your body and clothes from being pak, you should look more into the najasa
  5. you should visit the link sent by the brother above, and using the table of contents on the left side, go to and read the section called in "Satanic Insinuation", it may be of great help if you're still struggling with these issues...
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