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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, I have heard that if I do my military service for Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran, I will be in trouble for getting visa later, especially it will become problematic if I want to get student visa of the USA. I do not have any idea if what I have heard is right or not. Does anyone know about this matter?
  2. Thank you very much for your comprehensive answers. 1- I asked y marja, Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, about it. He allows to study abroad, and even encourages if I be a good Muslim and encourage others to convert to Islam by my sayings and doings. 2- You said "DEFINITELY marry then come here." I understand what you mean. But there are two problems: a- I have not found a good girl to marry yet (better to say, I have not tried really hard to find yet) b- My parents do not want me to marry yet. I have many conflicts with my parents, who are not as religious as me, but I have avoided to treating them in a bad way to avoid doing sins. I have talked to them, and could not convince them that I am ready to get married. My mother says I should definitely become older, maybe older than 25, and then get married. Fortunately, I have a job here and I can earn enough money to start a family-life, but my parents say it is not enough. I feel that I am wasting my time here. On the one hand, I know that studying in Iran is a waste of time and energy for me. On the other hand, I do not like to study abroad, but start neglecting my religion and doing haraams. I waste my time by having doubts and not making decision. If you were in my position, what would you do? 3- Your saying really helped me, and encouraged me to avoid it in the future. 4- That is really great. Do you think saying night prayers has helped you to avoid sins there? (Another question which is not relevant, but can be helpful for me: how old are you?)
  3. Thank you all for answering my questions. It is clear you have spent a lot of time to give me advice. I appreciate it and I hope Allah help you all. If anyone still has some suggestions/advice, I'll be really happy to hear that.
  4. How to find such a community you mentioned? I am a Shia.
  5. Thank you everyone for your answers. I am still looking forward to get more answers from people who have experienced living in non-Muslim countries.
  6. Salaam, As I was not satisfied with my education in my country, Iran, I have decided to study my Master's degree in Europe or America, but the problem is that I am not sure if I can save my beliefs and faith there, and I am not sure if I can avoid doing haraam. My questions are: 1- If you are not sure about the effect of immigration on your faith, is it considered Ta'arob ba'ad al hijrah (تعرب بعد الهجره), and therefore the immigration itself is considered a sin? 2- I am still single. Do you suggest me to get married and then immigrate to start studying in Europe or the USA? (I personally think that getting married will become a great barrier in my educational life, and may stop me from continuing education, but may have some good effects while I live in another country, like not being alone, and getting away from haraam sexual desires) 3- One of the things I am concerned about is how to manage myself to avoid some sins that are considered normal in the western culture. For example, how can I avoid shaking hand with the opposite gender, when in many cases, it is regarded really impolite to avoid doing so, and also in many cases, you do not have enough time to speak about the reason you do not shake hand with the person expected you to do so. 4- As people living in a non-Muslim country, what are your suggestions to keep your beliefs, avoid sins and being a real Muslim? Thank you,
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