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  1. TheGreenWanderer

    Eid al Adha

    Eid Mubarak!
  2. TheGreenWanderer

    Faking medical certificate

    Aside from the ethical issue from lying, wouldn't this also be considered stealing in ways, because your taking pay under false pretenses?
  3. TheGreenWanderer

    What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?

    Do you play such games as Amnesia, SOMA, Outlast...?
  4. TheGreenWanderer

    SERlOUSLY . . . Sick of :

    Bureaucratic nonsense! I finally sorted what I wanted to order internationally, then customs tell the seller, no, you're only allowed to send him 5 hats maximum and not the 9 he wants, you cannot send him tasbih either, or the Islamic prayer decoration he wanted. Who makes such stupid regulations? They should be trying to grow their export economy, not putting such ridiculous regulations like these, I mean, what do they even base this on?! Some bureaucrat sitting behind a desk making things difficult for the sake of it.
  5. However, according to https://www.al-islam.org/greater-sins-volume-1-ayatullah-sayyid-abdul-husayn-dastghaib-shirazi/thirteenth-greater-sin It goes beyond just vaporising during cooking, because you're also purchasing and allowing the means of production? It seems the entire process is haram? One more tradition says, that the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) cursed ten types of people in connection with wine: 1) One who plants a sapling with the intention of producing wine. 2) One who cultivates this sapling so that wine may be manufactured. 3) One who crushes the grapes. 4) One who drinks wine. 5) One who serves the wine. 6) One who transports wine. 7) One who takes delivery from the supplier. 8) One who sells wine. 9) One who buys it. 10) One who uses the income that is earned by (making or selling) wine.
  6. TheGreenWanderer

    I’m having problems wiping my head in wudhu

    Same here. I was wiping to get my fringe area down on my forehead
  7. TheGreenWanderer


    Yeah, the process is called Apoptosis (the destruction of cancer cells). Such items as black seed (nigella sativa), saffron, turmeric & lemongrass are said to be able to induce apoptosis. Black seed, as an example, has been laboratory tested to support this. Good to buy black seed oil and take a teaspoon a day, or add a couple of saffron strands to tea etc.,
  8. TheGreenWanderer

    20 yr revert....feeling sad

    I've come across this multiple times, that there are women passed a certain perceived 'young' category that are challenged to find partners. Yet, they have all the ability, if not better to make wives. It would be interesting to see a general opinion among brothers if they would take on more then one wife and the opinion of sisters towards this idea.
  9. TheGreenWanderer

    What would you do if someone broke into your house

    Make sure your knife is bigger, classic Aussie style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W09ghiWskUk
  10. TheGreenWanderer

    What would you do if someone broke into your house

    Grab a pack of sausages from the freezer and start yelling at the intruder madly in Arabic, should scare 'em away
  11. TheGreenWanderer

    History Major

    As-salaam alaikum Is anyone here doing or have completed a major in history? I'm interested to ask a few questions Thanks
  12. TheGreenWanderer

    **Ramadan 2018 General Discussion/Plans/Iftar**

    Salaam Can someone please help me? I became ill and had to break my fast and I've got about 8 days to make up. I couldn't even celebrate eid because of it Do I have to make these days up continuously one after the other, or can I do for example one each week? How does it work? Thanks
  13. TheGreenWanderer

    Revert Name Change Rant

    As-salaam alaikum I need to rant about this as a revert and find out if anyone else deals with this I'm finding frustrations with cultural Muslims once again. Because I'm a revert from a European heritage side, this question keeps appearing from born Muslims, 'what's your Muslim name?' Apparently to fit better into the community, I should compromise on my heritage to take an 'Muslim' sounding name Don't people realise names are cultural, not religious! This man made construct idea of 'Muslim names', that to become Muslim, you should have to take a new name, it's not Islamic based and I find it really insulting myself, especially coming from people you speak to the first time and it's one of the first things they bring up. Don't these people realise Allah has created nations and languages to be different, not to mention, when life is given your parents decide ones name and its respectful to your parents to accept this. None of the Prophets (PBUT) changed their cultural names when they received their revelations. The brother who proposed this today, he didn't even have a 'Muslim' name (I take comparison to names from the Quran here) himself, rather he was just from a cultural background with a history of Islam. Us reverts come into Islam through faith, not by culture and for myself, I'm not giving up my culture to fall into 'Arabisation', I'm proud of my history who has made me what I am and where I'm going. I take time to learn and correctly pronounce others names, they should show me the same respect. Has or does anyone else experience this same issue?
  14. TheGreenWanderer

    First time to wear hijab at work

    Jazak'Allah sister! Although I'm a brother, I'm a revert as well and I recall when I 'put it out there' that I'm Muslim, which actually came through one of my coworkers talking about another who was observing Ramadan and how he had asked to have his times altered to leave early and that's when I revealed I was also observing it as well, that I'm Muslim and proceeded to request the same from my manager. Honestly, it takes courage and at first you may feel quite uneasy about it and the questions you're going to get asked or the reactions from people, you'll most likely experience some anxiety or uncomfortable moments, but it becomes a lot easier and then you'll feel stronger as you don't have to hide yourself anymore.