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  1. I have heard of people talking about a false Messiah from Basra called Ahmed Al Hassan. If anyone has any information of him, could you please share it and if he truly claims he is the Mahdi then what have our scholars said about him?
  2. I don't think we was watching the same thing but we can agree to disagree.
  3. 'I talk the talk and I walk the walk' is pretty decent imo
  4. He did get stunned and the Barboza kick 100% doesn't prove his chin. You're picking and choosing what you want to see but anyway the fight's gonna be soon, may the best man win!
  5. He got stunned by Michael Johnson so when was his chin proved? When he received a spinning heel kick as Barboza slipped which takes the power out of the hit while Barboza was gassed? Who said you need to strike like Wonderboy to be a good striker, that was your assumption. Let truth be told, he's extremely powerful with crazy good wrestling but his standup has many technical gaps. People don't give Tony a chance and the only thing they say is Michael Johnson beat him (even though he broke his forearm and he still won a round is ignored) or he got mounted by Kevin Lee which is flawed because he got out and it was a error he made on the floor for the first time in 8 fights.
  6. I agree but that doesn't mean every rock that goes into the hand of Rasulullah starts talking. Its of course through Allah's will because of the greatness of Rasulullah but that also applies to the Quran. Also didn't the Prophet point at the moon and Allah split it, instead of him actually splitting the moon and keep in mind usually when we talk about our beliefs, the concept is in the Quran and then Rasulullah explains it but that can be an argument for both sides. The rest tho were great points that show Khatim a Nabiyyin's greatness.
  7. He got mounted by Kevin Lee through a technical error of trying to finish the fight 2 quickly by submitting him. On the feet Kevin Lee wasnt touching him at all except the one time he stunned him by an eye poke. Khabib will defo get outstruck by Ferguson's awkwardness and Ferguson is definitely no chump on the floor. Bravo gave him his special belt of his waist and he won a belt of his back. Thats just me tho bro. Your opinion to you and mine to me. We'll see soon.
  8. You quoted me tho, its calm. Sorry for the misunderstanding
  9. If you are trying to base that Lebanon's politics isn't confusing as it's a small country then that's with all due respect the most ridiculous claim I've heard. Wallah from my heart for your sake I'm saying calm down and when you say who cares about Lebanon, well it is home to the only forces to have ever defeated Israel in its history. Also I love Iraq and I love the shia of Iraq but to try say one country is better than another as it has Imams, than using your logic Saudi (the country the Shia despise) is better than Iraq as it's home to the grave of the Prophet and has the Kaaba and also has Imams so I don't know where you are going with that (ignoring the fact that there are several Prophets buried in Lebanon). Also many in Iraq can consider it a part of Syria but the opinion of people really holds no weight. It's like me saying well there are many Turkish that really believe that Iraq should be back into Lower Mesopotamia but under Turkish rule. Anyways I will leave you to your beliefs, and really if Lebanon was that unimportant then why were you just debating about them. There goes your argument
  10. From my knowledge and the Quran sites I checked, it means Rasulullah (SAWW)
  11. Sorry he calls them backwards people not Jahils. The Jahil part was his video on pluralism, I got confused...Oops
  12. There is also a video of Sayed Kamel Haydari saying why is 50% of Khums going to Sayeds and then goes on to say ya Jahil, O 1000 times Jahil, how is it fair 20 million people get 50% and 200 million get 50%. It was really interesting, what's your opinion on that and is there any reason that Sayed get khums to that extent? Click here for the Sayed Kamal video I talked about
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