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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam sis, can you please unregister me, thanks...:)

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      salam sis, sorry havent been on in a while...u still wanna be unregistered?

  2. Iran Its not about power or weapons, rather eeman. Iranian military is stronger.
  3. Thought: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it and those who cannot forget it are forced to relive it"
  4. :wacko: For more details: http://spiritual-pak...ource=BP_recent
  5. Praise be to Allah, who blessed us to be among -those who cling and hold to the "Wilayaat" (love, friendship and authority) of Ameer Al Momineen and all the Imams, peace be on them all. Eid Ghadeer Mubarak to everyone...:)
  6. (wasalam) Not sure about religious reasons, but when i faced something like this i recited tasbeeh zahra(s.a) before sleeping and asking her to let me have a peaceful sleep. It worked for me at that time, maybe you can try that. And also making a conscious effort to sleep with wudhu.
  7. What might be the reason for you feeling like this? Have you encountered some problem or issue that is making you feel this way or is this just a general feeling. For the former, its normal to feel empty when we get trapped in lots of problems. Actually that's one of the purposes of such problems(tests) to see if we can rise above them and become more inclined towards religion OR lose our way. At times like this its better to see some motivating stuff and read up on the lives of holy personalities or their companions to see the level of problems they faced. The important thing is to keep on remembering that Allah(swt) loves us; that's the best hope and remedy to remove that emptiness. Some advice for curing grief: 1.Take a bath with cool water, and especially pour it over the head; Imam Ali (a.s.) says, ‘Whoever has grief that he is unable to identify, let him wash his head. 2. Wash the clothes and remove bad smells, which means cleanliness in general; Imam Ali (a.s.) says, ‘Washing one’s clothes takes away grief and sorrow. 3. Mention Allah a lot, especially by saying “there is no power save in Allah”; the Prophet (S) says, ‘saying “there is no power save in Allah” has a cure for ninety-nine illnesses, the least of which is grief. Imam as-Sadiq (a.s.) says, ‘If grief increases, you should mention “there is no power save in Allah.”’Take a bath with cool water, and especially pour it over the head; Imam Ali (a.s.) says, ‘Whoever has grief that he is unable to identify, let him wash his head. ref:http://www.al-islam.org/better_future/61.htm The Holy Prophet said, 'The believer is like the earth: people obtain benefits from it while they are on it.' Whoever cannot endure people's harsh rudeness will not reach Allah's good pleasure, because His pleasure is closely linked with people's antipathy.-[lantern of the path] For the latter you just have to wait it out, maybe its just the evil whispering of Satan to make you feel bad. Do some positive activities and try to talk to some wise people who would transfer their good energy to you.
  8. Thought: Once you have learned to enter your inner kingdom, you have a special retreat within that is always available to you
  9. ^This is the reply i got from one of my uncle's when i forwarded your link to him...the bold part really made me laugh... :Hijabi: Although to his credit he did mail PTI people asking them to recall the invitation of ijaz from SSP rally. Am looking forward to what they say in response, if they even bother.
  10. The Secret Documents-Recovered from the US embassy in Tehran Complied by Ali Abid
  11. ^ Oh yeah i did mean that...lol didnt know you were one of those "cruelty against animal" people. Well i will be careful to talk about sacrificial animals from now on... :angel:
  12. Ooooohk.... :blink: bro...is that supposed to carry some connotative meaning in some other language cuz in urdu it simply means that the time has come for the goats to become silent. Apologies if it carried some hidden meaning. Thought: Gulab Jaman disaster... :Hijabi:
  13. ^ because we should always seek perfection in deen, and the perfection of hijab lies in the fact that we cover more, as much as the circumstances allow. After all the standard of perfection set by Bibi Fatima(a.s) is that the best woman is one whom no namharam has seen nor has she seen one.
  14. Thought: Time for all the bakras to be silent...:P
  15. (wasalam) There is that reflex action hurt BUT the reality is that sometimes people have so much on their mind or so many things to deal with that they forget such things. If i would know that someone genuinely cared i would let it go and try to see what reasons they might have for forgetting. It's also a matter of how important such things are considered in one's culture or community, sometimes culturally such events aren't that big of a deal. Anyways we shouldn't feel bad about something based on one event, every little action of someone shows whether they care or not...so why not let them get away with such stuff if they genuinely are absent minded or nature wise not in-tuned to such stuff but otherwise very caring... :). And i would agree with the other members in saying that i wouldn't ever tell them or make them remember...i mean whats the use of getting forced love or attention?!
  16. I would like to say every possible politician in Pakistan, but if it just had to be three i would choose these whose faces make me wanna puke:
  17. (wasalam) Its like ablution, a chance to cleanse all the dirt that has collected over your soul. It's a miracle how the same incident always manages to transfer a new message which gives me a chance to reevaluate myself. It's actually ironic how some people wonder why shia start their year with mourning although befitting for us, as it actually gives us a chance to critically analyze and form true resolutions before starting the new year.
  18. Yeah sis it is depressing but what can be really done? History has shown that a time comes in every nation's/communities existence when they reach a low ebb. Either they are destroyed or the people take the reins in their hands and rise above it all. The problem with Pakistan right now is that the people have become too apathetic. No matter what happens, they keep on accepting it. Like you know if someone were to slap a person, maybe after 2-3 slaps that person's patience would break and they would retaliate. With Pakistani's this patience (or more like apathy) seems to have some unending limit. The feudalism et al can only be broken if people wake up. I wouldn't recommend anyone or rather am too skeptical to trust anyone. I'll rather wait and see someone prove themselves before tilting in anyone's favor. As to Imran Khan, well yeah i commend him for all he has done in terms of charity etc. but then his party seems to have the same pattern as the previous ones. It's all about Imran khan, his ideals, his personality. If you remove Imran from PTI, what is left? And thats an issue with me, true democracy doesnt come with people centric parties, the party needs to be bigger than the person so that it can be sustainable. I also have some of the same issues as mentioned by bro abbis. Imran doesnt seem to have some specific agenda or anything, its more about saying what the people would like to hear. And tbh its just a lot of typical urbanite hype with all the chanting and concert etc at his rally. They day of the rally, when i saw some of the people on the roads it looked more like some fun thing for people rather than some serious political rally.
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhRIbxD20I8&feature=related
  20. I dont understand whats the big deal if some people think that ayt.Khamenie might be in contact with Imam Zamana(ajtf). He is leading an important revolution, is a marja e waqt, whats the big deal if Imam(ajtf) communicates with him and advises him? Whats so impossible about the scenario? And even if he is naib-e-imam(ajtf), so what? Don't understand whats the issue about or whats so unbelievable about it... :rolleyes:
  21. Thought: Jis ko chayee berhayeen yeh ahl-e jahan, jis ko chayee ghatayeen yeh ahl-e jahan, jitnay chayee giranay ki koshish kerain, Khud bulundi kahay gi Ali(a.s) kon hai... :wub: Khandq-o badr-o khayber hunain-o uhd, har karay waqt mein kaam ayee Ali(a.s) Aur bad matlab nikalnay key yeh ummati, poochtain phir rehain hain Ali(a.s) kon hai
  22. (salam) I think the significant figure idea of sis bliss is very good, you could particularly talk about some prominent Islamic woman as usually there is a negative image about women rights and Islam. This could be a good opportunity to counter that.
  23. Its difficult to say because most of the support comes from Punjab and from people who probably don't even vote. The second thing is that yeah a lot of people turned out for the rally but they were mostly from urban areas. Most of the Pakistani population lives in rural areas and below the poverty line. The votes of these people usually end up in the boxes of whichever feudal lord is ruling over them. Some years back when i was in my idealistic mode i volunteered as the transparency officer for PTI in one area, at the time of initial counting they seemed to be leading but when i went back home and saw the results he had lost by a very big margin in that area. So no one knows what really happens, the whole election deal seems like a drama to me. Even democracy in Pakistan is akin to monarchy/dictatorship.
  24. The Care Bears... http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=eQmd3SlwFig
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