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  1. instead of listening to hadith al kessa u should listen to this sermon and ponder over it.
  2. Shiachat can’t handle the truth yet they claim they are with the truth, what a shame, Imam Mahdi (عليه السلام) wouldn’t a bunch of blind weak people in his army for sure, some people on shiachat are one of them.
  3. In his eyes those “Muslims” are not innocent since they show a lot of love and respect to them enemies of Allah. So he thought it was a good idea to get in a random mosque and start shooting people, instead of thinking they are they are just ignorant people.
  4. Yes I know that, but it wouldn’t be that easy since this world is a test but Allah did tell us that if we ask for forgiveness He will forgive us, this was enough and easy for us to do.
  5. Imagine being young and enjoying the high life forever in this world with loyal friends, heaven is going to be like that and even better and everlasting joyful moments. u will be constantly exploring new things in heaven out of curiously and it will never it.
  6. No one of His creation can ever be like Him.
  7. Salam alaykum ladies and gentlemen I would like to read Authentic narrations regarding the permissblilty of permanent marriage with chaste women from the people of the book, I tried to look for some I couldn’t any I could only find some narrations about mutah with the people of Book, if anyone of you guys and girls know Authentic narrations about verse 5:5 that would be really helpful and also if you know any learned scholars that share the conclusion regarding this particular subject, thanks.
  8. “Unity” between Shi’a and Sunni cannot exist whatsoever but tolerance and decency can be shown between each other, our history is extremely important and the truth should be taught and not hidden. The truth is the reason why Sunni and Shi’a cannot “unite”. One school of thought supports the enemies of Islam and one school of thought send Lanat on those who the other school of thought love. Saying Shia and Sunni should “Unite” is like saying the Khawarij and Shi’a should “Unite” it is simply not possible, in Omen is clear that khawarij can show tolerance and decency between other school of thoughts even though we(Shia) know they are dead wrong. Now I’m not saying we should help them and etc but both school of thoughts should mind their own business and not get on each other’s nerves, our history (even though it is the truth) gets on other school of thoughts nerves, aslong as our history exists and is being preached no tolerance will exist between both school of thoughts, and that’s the Sunni’s problem not Shi’a. Sunni Islam is very well known to be violent and will always be violent, thus it is normal for them to react violently against anybody.
  9. Shiachat is dreaming to be the soldiers of Imam mehadi (عليه السلام), as soon someone’s exposes the harsh reality of Sunni Islam and their three hypocrites so called chiefs, people from shiachat start getting defensive especially when we send Lanat on those who confiscated the Calipha from Imam Ali ((عليه السلام)). Once shiachat removes that kind of attitude then maybe... just maybe we can make arrival of the Imam Mehdi ((عليه السلام)) closer and spread his message of peace and Allah’s Oneness.
  10. No don’t be harsh, just send her the gift and move on, kill her with kindness.
  11. I believe in “Eye for an Eye” I don’t forgive even though God gave me the option to.
  12. Just send the gift to her if u can and move on. She knew how you were to blind and weak to refuse things and u were willing to help her out, thus she got really comfortable after a few years and thought she can be more of herself around you since she knew u were weak. Her attitude makes it clear that she is using you.
  13. I’ve had somewhat a simlair situation to yours, the answer is she’s simply using u by keeping ur friendship and she faked it the first couple of years and then got a little too comfortable, my answer to u is send her the gift and leave from there, she will look like a fool once u do this, and don’t ever forgive her, it’s 2019 u can never trust anyone. Friends come and go, rely on yourself ONLY.
  14. It is recorded in reliable sources that in the time of Dawud there was a woman who was being approached by a man who used to force her for adultery. One day Allah put an idea in that woman’s mind and so she told that evil man, “Is there any wonder if, at the time when you are coming to me, some other man may be going to your wife?” Hearing this that man at once returned to his home. He saw that in fact someone else was with his wife. He caught that man and took him to Dawud and complained, “O Prophet of Allah! A calamity has befallen me and perhaps no one else has been struck with such a calamity.” Dawud asked what was it and he said, “I have found this man sleeping with my wife.” Allah revealed to Dawud: “Tell him he is getting the recompense of what he himself is doing.” you are also right they are both facing karma in some way.
  15. The guy is facing karma not the girl, I’ll post a short post on why it is that case by Prophet David (عليه السلام) tomorrow inshallah, it’s late were I am.
  16. A man or a women would normally get upset if they found out, because they think there not good enough (by that I mean in bed and or in some factors in general) this is why they get angry or upset, in the girls case extremely heartbroken and feels really crap about herself.
  17. Did u do it because you were insecure or because u looked European???
  18. Just leave and enjoy life, and find a really good hobby that takes u away from masterbating, when u feel the urge get yourself busy if it’s at night watch a funny movie (there is plenty) or watch video about the Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام) and how great our Imams (عليه السلام) were and the Prophets (peace being upon them). spend some quality time with LOYAL friends or family
  19. If no ejaculation occurs then ur fast is still valid.
  20. A few years back a student in my class asked that question on why classic music was allowed even thought it can be used for gatherings and why nasheeds that praise the Imams ((عليه السلام)) such this nasheed here https://youtu.be/7Ro7QbJBNYU (click da link to see it) he replied saying that they are prohibited because it uses some type of instruments that are prohibited, while classic music uses instruments that are allowed and it is good for u. Some type of nasheeds are permissble and meet the guidelines of sayyed Sistani such as this nasheed https://youtu.be/X_KmRntnTZ4 (click da link to see it), other scholars have different views on nasheeds that are permissble and non permissble.
  21. If your marja says “obligatory precaution” then u can refer it to another marja. U should study other marja instead of just following what your parents follow, you might not agree with ur marja in other aspects u haven’t studied.
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