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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Why are dogs najis when you touch them when they're wet or if they lick you? Does this rule apply to cats or other animals? if not, why dogs in particular? Does this rule apply to other canines like wolves, foxes and hyenas? I want to buy a dog as a pet but I don't understand these rulings, their purpose or benefit? They seem really weird to me. I follow sayed Sistani if that helps.
  2. Thank you, your answer is good. So assuming they believe in the Abrahamic God, how do you show that out of the monotheistic religions, Islam is correct? How do you prove Islam is divine? How do you persuade someone that the Qur'an is some kind of miracle, and if you can't, is there another means of proving that Islam is God's chosen religion for the present?
  3. How does someone go from believing in God to deciding to be a Muslim? How do you persuade someone that Islam is the right religion and that Muhammed was a Prophet? How do you persuade someone that the Qur'an is some kind of miracle, and if you can't, is there another means of proving that Islam is God's chosen religion for the present?
  4. Sorry Ralvi, your arguements are emotionally driven. I'm looking for rational clear-cut answers to the questions I have. I understand that some religious people justify the existence of God based on a psychological state they feel after worshipping. But all this is evidence of is the existence of such a psychological state in humans, not the existence of God. Anyone else here on shiachat willing to help? Would be much appreciated.
  5. Your post comes across as a bit aggressive to be honest. I'm sorry if I caused you any offense, just trying to get some answers. I read the Qur'an every Ramadan and have done for the past decade I think. But still, I've never really got good answers for the questions I've had lingering in my head. You're questioning me with points from within Islam, I want you to assume I'm not a Muslim and go from there, someone who doesn't believe in prophethood, Jews being saved, etc. How do you persuade someone that Islam is God's chosen path/religion. Why should I believe in Islam because of the Qur'an? What if I don't believe the Qur'an is some kind of literary miracle? How would you still persuade someone that Islam is the true religion? Thanks.
  6. Yh you make a lot of good points, thanks. You've cleared my doubt about that stuff I said about the Imams. But what about the other stuff I said about God and Islam being the true religion, have any ideas? Thank you.
  7. thanks for the reply. The reason I said the thing about the Imams was because I recently read that an alchemist known as Jabir ibn Hayyan who had a lot of incorrect theories was a student of Imam al Sadiq, so I thought why would an all-knowing Imam not correct his student, but I guess I don't know the full story so can't really comment. Yh, I just read some article in al-Islam.org about Imam Jafar's scientific works and if it's to be believed, they're pretty ground breaking for his time I guess so I take that stuff I said about the Imams back. Thanks for encouraging me to try and gain more certitude, that's the reason behind my post. If you have some useful counterpoints to some of the questions I wrote earlier please do share them. Also, the stuff you said about certitude, are you implying that people can never be certain about the existence of God and in the correctness of their faith? Because that's really weird. I just want a reasonable amount of certitude to believe in my religion and God, and if you can provide enough reason for me to have that I would be grateful.
  8. Thanks for the reply guys, yh I believe it was created, I've read this whole original cause argument, it makes a lot of sense and to be honest it's probably the main reason I haven't lost faith completely. But at the same time, arriving at such a conclusion is really a big feat, I didn't come to the conclusion that because of cause and effect and all these other arguments about fine tuning, etc that there is one God naturally, I had to read it. My point is that it's not straight forward and I'm sure millions of people throughout history hadn't made the same logical deductions, that's why they worshipped roman, greek and Hindu gods. Why would God base His existence on a complicated reasoning mechanism when it's such a fundamental issue in religion. It's not really an easy way of trying to convince people of His existence because its more of an argument than proof.
  9. Also, if our Imams were so knowledgable and smart wouldn't it have made sense if they make this clear for us future folk. Why didn't Imam Ali (عليه السلام) or Imam Jaffar al Sadiq (عليه السلام) lay out one or more of these ground breaking scientific discoveries/theories/innovations like calculus or something to prove they were divinely gifted for future generations?
  10. Need someone to level with me. Can't get straight answers from clerics who are supposed to be experts. As I understand it the pillars of our religion rests on the belief in God which is based on some kind of philosophical explanation and that Islam is God's religion based on the idea that the Qur'an is a literary miracle. Based on these things, I'm struggling to have faith, cos neither can be said objectively to be 100% true. I'm left struggling on what basis I should believe in my religion, and I want to believe in my religion cos its comforting thinking there's a reason to it all. But simply having faith abject of reason is not going to cut it. Faith in itself implies the lack of certainty, why can't we have certainty instead of faith? I can't base my faith on the fact that the Qur'an has good grammar and flows well when reading it because, as far as I know, no one's claiming shakespeare to be a Prophet. If God wanted us to worship him why not make it clear from the get go. Even if there is a Prophet for every few generations for every community, what about those living in between these generations who did not witness these prophetic miracles to confirm God exists, what about us, why can’t we get definitive proof He exists. 124,000 Prophets is not even enough to cover every generation and community of people in history. Religious arguements all sound like weak excuses based on a narrative that was set thousands of years ago. Why is there no evidence for the moon being split in two, no scientific basis for noah's ark (considering a single pair of each species could fit in an ark and for the species to survive with the lack of genetic diversity), human evolution contradicting the story of adam and eve, etc? So many contradictions and that's just with our current scientific understanding. Need straight answers please, I'm struggling here.
  11. Is it haram to temporarily marry someone without knowing if they are followers of an abrahamic religion and just assume they are?
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