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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Near future visions of an Vita123, Cryptocurrencies will become even more popular and awareness will rise hugely among the masses 2018. Race will go to direction that there will be crypto "Ali expresses" where you can purphace with any given Altcoin. OPEC will change petrodollars OILCOIN markets quietly, and Venezuela will fight against it whith its own Petro coin. USA will win the rally. If USA will loose then it will crash the economy of the USA as a whole and might cause global depression and civil wars. There will be Altcoins to all given minerals markets and they will be tradet trough blockhains. Crisenest countries have most need for their own national cryptocurriencies. Health, IT and services will make new branches of business as they will be combined to mobile apps to serve public intrest in current health trends. General public will use their phones to monitor their own health and pay for the apps. Healt will be most discussed topic 2018 among the cryptocurrencies. Investing, ...To internet markets that can provide blockchain based coins sales for commodities and goodies. ...To IT-companies that sell health apps. ...To new petro and oilcoins and similars with mineral markets, since they are most likely to be near futures petrodollar and exchancge currencies, might be most profitable.
  2. Bismillahi Irrahman Irrahiim Binary Options Trading Is Haram Or Halal In Islam?
  3. My intuition is blinded I dont see my soul. You hear my callings when I am alone. Thousands pieces of darkmud bogs, Covering my heart, with millions of waswas thoughts. Salt water flows in tears of my eyes. I Loose my fears, I loose all my lies. I feel my place, I know You near. I see my soul, Now I am here. Still your light inside me sparks. Your name is Allah, Holy, One. The Rahman, The Rahim, For you is my search. Creator of the Dunya, and countless of worlds. The seed of awakening is like seeds of the birth and Raising from the death is like understanding your word. The Signs are clear, Oh Blessed God, Bless our Imam, and count as part.
  4. Bismillahi Irrahman Irrahiim Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh All, Who is Adam (AS)? How many Adams (AS) have been created in earth, and in whole universe? What is "our" Adams (AS) book called? What does it contains, law, medicine, ethics etc.? What does "adam" mean? What are the names that "adam" know? What was the realm where Adam (AS) was created from clay first time? Is Story of Adam also story of others, meaning does first Adam mentioned in Holy Quran stand for all other Adam sometimes mentioned hadiths, meaning does Quran stand for all extraterestial Adams (AS) also? There is a tradition quoted from Imam Sadiq (A) "Perhaps you think God has not created a humanity other than you. No! I swear to God that He has created thousands upon thousands of mankinds and you are the last among them." "Like this world there are 70,000 other planets with each of their peoples believing they are alone in the universe." "I cannot say that there are human beings in other worlds, but I can say that there are living beings, whom we cannot see because of the great distance between us." -Bihar al Anwar, vol 14, p 79 "Before this Adam, there were a thousand thousand Adams." By Imam Jafar Sadiq -Bihar Al Anwar, Volume 2, Part (Baa, as in the second letter of the Arabic Alphabet) What does thise hadiths means, Before this Adam? Is this some sort subrealm of existence where we are now, no less significant but different in events, or does this mean something like there is alternative realities in countlessly (thousands thousands) ways, or does all these things be true, so that there is Adams (AS) who has been and whoms prodigies are here but also in past, but also present alternative realities and Like this world there are 70,000 other planets also is other galaxies of our own dunya I can say that there are living beings,? Does all Adams (AS) know same names? All hadiths, Quran and insights are wellcome. May Allah hasten reapparenace of Guided savior of mankind from new age of Jahiliyyah. Allahumma sallialaa Muhammed wa Aali Muhammed. Fii iman Allah.
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