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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salamun alaikum brother This is a very relevant question for most people in our community. Broader question here is should you choose between your family or your career. This is the question that you have to ask yourself. What are your priorities in life? Is money your priority or family? You are young, you've western country's citizenship so basically you have many opportunities lying ahead of you.You can always go back and start over. On the other hand you are the eldest child, you have responsibility towards your mother and sisters which you cannot forsake. They've only you. In my opin
  2. Salam That's not an easy situation. I believe what makes us human beings different from animals is that we have emotions and feelings that we can express. And if we donot we are actually suppressing our humanness( if there is any word like that at all). My suggestion to you would be to express your emotions as much as possible. If you love your husband tell him. Maybe that'll have some effect on him. I know its easy to say difficult to follow. My best wishes. May Allah be with you.
  3. Salam I think the broader question here is free will and predestination. There are certain things in life that are predestined. And we all know that we don't have any power over those things for example at what place we are born or whether we have some genetic defect or incurable illness or mental illness as someone mentioned schizophrenia. Now the point is. Do you consider such predestined conditions as burden/struggle or a blessing in disguise? So, everything ( in my opinion) boils down to your perception about Allah swt. Do you possess 'husn e zan'( thinking good/positive about) toward
  4. Wa alaikum assalam Homelessnessin this world is because of the widespread inequality created by unjust rulers. Its depriving a person of his basic rights. On the other hand, Allah is the most just! Jannah is a reward. Being homeless in jannah means being punished in reward!! That's illogical. Its good to stress the importance of praying on time or going to ziyarat of imams but in the process if the maulanas are showing Allah in the bad light then it doesn't serve the purpose. Remember, Allah is the most merciful.
  5. " zulmato nafsi", this term used in dua e kumail to indicate the " oppression" that we do on ourself. But that doesn't make us oppressed. Why?( And there is no paradox) Simply because it doesn't involve anyone else. It is a matter between ourself and Allah. By oppressing ourselves with haram acts we have voilated and also misused the blessings that Allah has given us. My point is that for oppression to take place there has to be a doer and a receiver but with the 'self', there is just us. Hence if we oppress ourself, we don't become oppressed we simply become what its called in Arabic '
  6. I have seen this video. He seems to be referring to Iran as those "muslim countries" who are promoting fitna. Its very disheartening to see how followers of Ahlulbayt (as) are indulging in such infighting. Surely they have the best examples to look up to.
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