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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam alaikum every one Sorry I could not be on shiachat as I was away to my paternal grandparents' for Muharram. Thank you everyone for their input. I have come to the conclusion that I will just ignore these thoughts as it is my mental health that is causing them and not my rational mind...I believe in Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and I always will Insha Allah. Thank you All very much for your inputs. You all will be in my prayers Insha Allah and I hope I will be in yours' too.
  2. Thank you for responding 1)good to hear that I'm not out of the fold of Islam 2) I understand what you are saying...and I do want that certitude..but do also consider that my mind is disordered...I have these thoughts 24/7 and no matter what proof I give myself..my mind is hell bent to ignore it...and produce such thoughts as"you'll become an atheist" 3)so...you are basically trying to say that God is the ultimate reality?
  3. Thank you for replying.. I'm sorry..but I really don't enjoy such thoughts because they up my anxiety levels to infinity...and the more I try to find answers the more doubts arise..it is as if I'm being forced to become an atheist for no reason at all Please pray for me
  4. Salam alaikum every one I hope everyone is doing well. So,as my previous posts reveal, I'm a patient of obsessive compulsive disorder, diagnosed officially. My mind tends to doubt everything under the sky..from the very point of me being awake and living to the point if Allah exists or not.. some days I'm full of conviction in my beliefs about Allah....but as soon as the ocd strikes...it just messes up my head, my heart, my beliefs.. everything...there is just two thoughts in my mind 24/7 "what if there is no God" "what if you become an atheist" It's the beginning of Muharram...and these thoughts are really killing me. I just can't focus in my prayers, while reading the Qur'an or during the Majlis... although I do these things everyday...I feel no. Connection with Allah...I feel lost..in every aspect of Islam that I believe in...there is a" what if" thought in my head...what if the hadiths are all false, what if the Qur'an is man made, what if there is actually no Allah....and the list goes on... whenever these thoughts strike...I search for a solution...I'm compelled to...search the internet..go on atheistc and/or religious sites to reassure myself that my beliefs are true.. I wanted to ask some questions regarding my above condition 1) am I out of the fold of Islam if I have such doubts? 2)can I just believe...as I want yo believe...I love Allah and Islam 3) lastly... please do provide some simple proofs of Allah's existence.. I would humbly request every one to pray for me to Allah..that if he exists I want to be guided.. Thank you so much
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    Salam alaikum I need to help with my question about ghusl..I needed to perform ghusl e haydh and did it...the first time I became really confused about my niyyat...and then the second time I finished the ghusl and was satisfied about its correctness..then after coming out of the bathroom and dressing my self...I was sitting and looking at my hand and I noticed some black colour thing a really tiny thing on my hand ...and I doubted if it was there on my hand during my ghusl or not and whether it prevented the water from reaching the skin...I really don't know what is that thing but suspect that it it a part of the election ink used to mark the finger when I went to vote that is peeling off my finger like skin...but I'm not sure ..and also I don't know if it was there on my hand during the ghusl...I'm confused.... please help ..I became really frustrated with the doubts and decided to pray with that ghusl and also continue my fast....is my prayer fast and ghusl valid? I'm a follower of Ayatollah Sistani Please help me urgently
  7. Marzii


    Thank you brother for responding What does ghusalah mean,? Thank you once again
  8. Salam Un Alaikum every one l was taking a ghusl with water from a big container while standing...some amount of water got collected on the lid of the container as I poured water onto my body ....this same water from the lid fell into the container by mistake when I opened the lid ....did the water in the container become najis due to the water from the lid falling into it.... p.s. my body was absolutely Tahir when I was taking the ghusl of Friday Do respond soon.. is my ghusl valid from that water...
  9. Thank you very much for your input...so...I guess forgiveness due to mercy does not imply injustice
  10. Yes exactly....the authenticity of the hadith is not known....so we can't comment on it really...but still I am curious... As to whether the mercy and justice of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) contradict each other?
  11. But isn't it against justice to forgive a hypocrite who didn't even repent, in relation to people who repent for their sins
  12. Yes I read it in ayatullah dastghaib shirazi's book the hereafter ( ma'ad)
  13. Ohhhh ok...it's fine.. But can you please help me with my confusion here?
  14. Sorry brother...but I didn't understand you?
  15. Alaikum Salaam The hadith is as follows Imam Sadiq (عليه السلام). is also reported to have said that there was a worshipper among Bani Israel about what God revealed to Dawood (عليه السلام). that he ( said worshipper) was a hypocrite. When he died, Dawood (عليه السلام). did not offer prayer on his body. Others went and forty persons prayed for the salvation of the dead,saying:O! Lord we know nothing about this man except that he was doing good deeds and You know better. So kindly forgive him. When that body was given a wash another group of forty persons arrived and also uttered the same words,as they did not know about the hidden matters of the deceased. Then it was asked through revelation to Dawood (عليه السلام). , "why did you not pray for him?" Dawood (عليه السلام). replied, "O Lord! I did not pray, as You had informed me that he was a hypocrite". A voice came from heaven, "Though it is true, a group of people had testified that he was a good man so I also confirmed it, accepted their testimony and forgave him".
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