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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. We should help them, not promote homosexuality. We can certainly help them, we don't have to agree with someone to help them, It is called humanity.
  2. But not loving them is like telling Allah I want to disobey, which is shirk.
  3. Well, think like this? If we don't love ahlulbayt that we not obeying Allah, which is following saytaan. Got me?
  4. Who can approve of my posts? Cause I will tag them so they can approve of it faster.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hameedeh


      @Hamodiii Making requests of the Mods within your reply in a topic will cause your post to not be approved because other members do not know that you are on mod preview. That is personal information about you that they do not need to know. Do not tag Mods inside your post to ask them to approve your post and do not post information to Mods to request anything because that makes your post off-topic. Off-topic posts will not be approved. You can post on a Mod profile to ask or request something.

    2. Hamodiii


      Thanks, gotcha. 

      Did not know.

    3. Hameedeh


      @Hamodiii The video you posted is haram music and the topic was removed. How can you say that the lyrics are not sexual? If you google the lyrics it says this:

      "All of your pleasures catching my eye"
      "your temptations making me stay another night"

      @Hamodiii Please reply to this status update so that I know that you saw it.

  5. Talking to men is not preferable, but in such case that duty belongs to your parents. Inshallah you find a guy who suits your needs! Cause in every tear, there is a mercy from Allah. Be thankful that you are alive, and well, surely you have success some don't. I can list you now things you have I probably don't have... But surely with time Allah will provide his loyal servants, Allah is the best provider. Stop thinking forward when you can look into the present and enjoy life, surely Allah is with the patience, you are too hung up in the future and being worried will eat you up. Sabr is the key. @starlight, please help this woman! Thank you in advance. May Allah bless you both. Peace!
  6. Jeans, T-Shirt and a skin jacket in summer. A man has to sweat in the summer, recommending a black outfit, It is a thumps up.
  7. Ever heard the phrase ''You don't understand the oneness of Allah without loving Ahlulbayt.''? How true do you think it is? I find it logical, cause it is our duty to love them.
  8. Quite funny. Problem is, truthful can hurt, which is hard and diffucult.
  9. I hate when people tell you be truthful, but when they hear it, they get mad. Then they ask why do you lie?
  10. @Hameedeh She should have not done that, being overweight is not healthy tbh. That goes for both genders, It is not recommended in Islam. [Edit]
  11. @IbnSina You just answered my question, thank you, brother. May Allah bless you.
  12. Bicycle? I am down to get one.
  13. People tend to say It is all about niyaa, I don't really know the ruling around games, but I hope you find someone to help you.
  14. Is it really lonely? I don't find it lonely when you have Allah as your provider! You are never lonely. We just like to run away.
  15. We tend to talk about marriage, but the question is... What about the single ones? What are the rulings around the non mahram ones? How should we act around them? Or should we even talk to them?
  16. If that is true, then I can't be suprised, could see it coming, hope things change one day.
  17. Question is why do you advance things for yourself? Why should a sunni follow a shia school of thought? He is a sunni, right? Same goes for a shia, I think is absurd. Why go back and forth when you have a choice?
  18. The force of positivity is not an option in all honesty, It is not us forcing him, we just advice him to try to be positive, cause that is the only way to do so, maybe there are fatal ways, but the best way is to stay positive. In fact It is kind of hard to stay positive in a negative surronderings. We are humans, we can't provide to him/her much, but what we can do is pray for him, cause surely Allah accepts all daus. Allah is the best provider, we can even teach him some salat or certain things that we learnt through our experience, but no one can be lead to right path without Allah's premission. Ya Allah, Ya Rahim.
  19. How can you be a mumin and a good person in a society that is sinful?
  20. @Gaius I. Caesar Seriously, a book that explains aklaaq is for me a bit overated, I prefer understanding in a logical way.
  21. That is the problem, the society creates a hungry pixel where people chase this donya, and perfection. Where is that girl that does not care about these kind of things, for what I know, she is sitting home, and we don't know what she is or what she was, I think we need to make a move, from both sides. Allah said he is by our side, but he doesn't help someone who does not help himself/herself.
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