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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I disagree, sorry, but no! If you are that bad, Allah would not have guided you. Stop lying to yourself. Inshallah you are loved by Allah, closer to Allah than any human being. Respect. Repenting ain't easy.
  2. It is a test from Allah, testing you, stop worrying, and its time to be pious.
  3. The benefit of Polygamy is that the women tend to work harder to satify her only husband, It is in her nature, kind of cute tbh. But putting that aside, since when did women want more than 4 males to live with? She is usually attached to one character, that is in her nature. She can't let go, but when she does let go, she never goes back. Women are really independent, I can really see that, that is why they are always chasing, been there, gone through a lot. They can supports themselves but they need this manhood in their life, that is what life is all about, the marriage is perfect in that way, and she only needs one, but the man tend to like to have more than one, but that is just who we are as men, but that does mean we should get more wives. Polygamy exists even cause to protect the women who does not have support, secondly it exists cause to protect the men to do zina even though they have a wife, we have a high imagination, imam khomeini told the truth when he said, if women knew how we see them, then they would wear a suit of armor.
  4. Agreed, but if we do wrong, Is it ok for you do wrong as well? :O Just cause one sins, you should not follow him, right? That is childish thinking. Both genders are wrong. Men have desires that women needs to accept, and men need to accept the women for who they are, If she says no, then its a no, but that does mean she should say no all the time, then what is the point of marriage? I rather be single than having a wife who does not listen.
  5. The question is... Is this even possible? Women are senseitive, and gets jealous easily. It is not possible, only if you find two pious women, or serval.
  6. Brother, you can get all my money for free.
  7. Why do people hate maliki? Only cause he agreed upon the death of saddam? If you hate saddam, you should love him? :/
  8. DUDE DATES! EAT A DATE! Highly recommended.
  9. Brother, you never find a better name than Ali, or mahdi. God bless you.
  10. It is usually the opposite, where the men tend to leave the women! You found a daimond, and you want to lose it for silver only cause you get bronze with it for free? That is what I am reading. Meaning your furture husband has probably judgemental thoughts about you when you talk to him, and this will affect your life further on. D What would Fatima Zahra do? What did Imam Hussein do when he was against Yazid? I wanna run cause I want to survive? No! Sayida Zainab said if this pleases you to Allah, then take more. And I think stop complaining, and start seeing the good things.
  11. People seem to forget the month of shabaan and the month of Rajaab, they are important stage to ramadan. People only put effort to remember imam Hussein in muharam, but what did I hear? Every day is a ashura, people will soon realize that life would not be about complaining with time. Months are there but people fail to realize the meaning of the months. We cry when we fail a test, and we have parents whom care more about status, but what if we for once look at Imam Hussein, what was his agenda? What was he fighting for? Cause If he was fighting for fame.... Then dude, then you should not consider to be muslim.
  12. Women should look at themselves in the mirror thinking I am looking nice instead of looking at themselves, and thinking I am ugly. Secondly instead of thinking this is my body I can do whatever I want with it? Think like this, this is my body and I am beauitful and no one can touch it only the one who deserves it, in this case your husband, you have a power, don't ruin it. May Allah be with you. Men should look at themselves in the mirror and instead of having low esteem, they should feel confident cause surely Allah loves the strong, and in the mirror remind yourself you are not an animal who rushes to animal desires, cause surely they are vain desires, and surely women are not objects that belongs to you, surely we all belong to Allah, the one true God. Thank you, ShiaChat.
  13. Why are people not grateful for what they have? Me included. May Allah change every ungrateful person.
  14. I wonder if your heart as black as your profile picture.
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