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  1. Learn Arabic and you become an Arab, like Lawrence of Arabia.
  2. What would you suggest, non-Western Muslim girls living in the West do then? Or you think they are not compatible to get married to a non-Western man who are usually lower in social status than themselves? I agree that non-Western Muslim women living in the West need too long to get married, also due to social and cultural reasons. They are usually better educated and earn more money than their male counterparts, hence no urge to get married... But they need a solution as well to get married, don't you think so? The West has put things upside-down for Muslim society. And Muslims need to adapt new methods to survive there. The situation is somehow similar in Iran, with similar number of unmarried women who want to explore the (Western) world!
  3. We need another Alevite Attaturk in Turkey to clean up this Erdogan "Ottoman" mess.
  4. -'Quite a lot in number' does not mean 'majority'. Where did I say majority? -So he is an Alawite always praying with closed hands? Come on. Try a bit harder. And we are not talking about Taqiyya here, we are talking about facts, things we can see(how he prays and what he tells), not the things we don't know. What is wrong with praying like Sunni anyways? I though we are all one? And even if he is Sunni, politically he is on your side, like many other Sunnis also(Syrian soldiers etc.).
  5. What is a Sunni government, a Caliphate you mean? If you mean secular Sunni government, Bashar Assad converted to Sunnism years ago after marrying his Sunni wife(see his prayer). Also the key government figures are Sunni, including majority of his army.
  6. Is it an Islamic Revolution or more a Caliphate, that Sunnis want, supported by Saudis and Qataris? So if it is a Caliphate why don't the Sunnis establish it in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE etc.?
  7. There are Sunnis in Lebanon -and quite a lot in number- which are of the worst kind and Shia-hating in the world. To say all Lebanese Sunnis are good is nonsense. Nothing wrong with the title, it doesn't say anything against or for Shia-Sunni-conflict/unity. And no, I think no Shia here wants a civil war in Lebanon or anywhere else, may God forbid it.
  8. That is so typical about 'religious' girls. But to be honest the same is what 'religious' men want, not masters education but they also wouldn't take daughter of a peasant. Or am I wrong?
  9. And yes, I am angry at the Malaysian government because of their injustice(arresting Shia) and incompetence(not being able to maintain security), and not at the Malaysian people(who have nothing to do with any of the two)!
  10. Could you please quote the 'racist' part of this thread? Besides that you think it is racist? Your and Fatima Hussein's claim are just ridiculous. Only because this time it goes against Western 'science'. And if you read my first comments, I wished all the pessengers to be save. Only the Malaysian government must feel ashamed. What do the Malaysian travelers have in common with the Malaysian nasibi authorities, besides their nationality? Where in the thread does it say they have? The plane is Malaysian. And the Malaysian authorities are meant to control their planes and security instead of persecuting Shia. Come on brother. Do better next time. Of course you can discuss whether it is God's sign or not, as stated in the thread title through a questionmark. Other than that I could as well call your Mahdi threads as racist, as they call against Sufiyani, Persians(flag of Yamani, flag of Sufiani from Sham, flag of Khorasani etc.), or the Hadith on Najd and all the other stuff, would be borderline racist as well.
  11. No sis, Westerners don't suck. See your prejudice is that Easterners jump to conspiracies and the prejudice on Westerners is that they emphasize on rationality instead of signs, culture, etc. Easterners are called gullible while Westerners are called scientists. And oth have advantages and disadvantages, and IMO they can complement each other as state in the OP.
  12. I don't think the brother has little compassion towards Muslim sisters. He tries to understand both sides and why so many brothers and sisters are unmarried. IMO there are two issues which he combined into one: -parents not letting their daughter choose -multi-cultural marriages As for the first issue, parents are also under pressure from their own extended families and gossip and being rejected by them. And they underestimate their children. They think, their children are not mature enough to make their own decisions. But usually if you let them decide on their own they know how to decide Second issue: Many daughters wouldn't choose a man from another culture themselves, because they see some major differences which is not a big issue IMO. Everyone should be able to decide whatever she/he wants, and then be able to live with that decision. So the major issue in here is not multi-cultural marriages but why parents don't let their daughters decide for themselves, two reasons pointed above.
  13. (wasalam) Brother Inquisitor, I don't seperate between technical and natural catastrophes. I give you an example: A flood hits Central Europe and Eastern Europe. But for technical reasons, the demages in Eastern Europe are far more grave than in Central Europe. More dams break there etc. Is it a human/technical disaster or a natural(by God)? Clearly Eastern Europe is less developed than Central Europe, so it is a human issue, isn't it? All catastrophes are signs of God or not-depends on how you view it-whether it is technical or natural. Even natural disasters can be minimised by humans, and they can reduce damages to zero. Want to philosophise about this brother?
  14. Really, if I was a girl I would not decide for some guy holding for my hand and losing my family over it and later have the risk that the man finds a better one. There are families who accept multicultural marriage and as a guy I would go there if I insisted on marrying someone from another culture. That's it about marriage, nothing more nothing less.
  15. Your answer: That is the connection between the two incidents. Corrupted Malaysian government isn't capable of finding a lost airplane or arresting possible Wahabi hijackers. But it concentrates all its security on some Shia who celebrate some birthday. Might be as well, a sign of Iblis. Also a good theory. But among all this mess, isn't it amazing to know that at this moment only God knows what has happened to the plane? And to Inquisitor and all the others who question this as revenge of God. No I don't think it was revenge of God. Do you call floods(India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Europe etc.) or earthquakes(USA, Turkey, Iran etc.) in which also many innocent people die as revenge of God? It might be a sign to wake people up from the corruption of their governments, like the Malaysian government. Or to free them from the chains of social corruption, racism and injustice. Who would call natural catastrophes as revenge of God?
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