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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As in originally from? Bulgaria....but I live in Spain
  2. As long as we are sharing I really like Zain Bhika:
  3. Thank you Hamodiii when I was reading the Quran for the first time, at the back of my translation of the Quran (among other things) there was a list of the names of Allah swt. And I can't explain it but I was captivated by this list. I find so much spiritual power just reading His names. I've been looking for something like what you posted
  4. Zdravei, ot Sofia no sega jiveia v Barcelona.
  5. This book was one of the first things that attracted me to the Imams of Ahlul Bayt. I find a lot of inspiration in its supplications and honestly I haven't seen/felt anything like it anywhere else. When I started reading it, I decided that a person who can pray like that is certainly not an ordinary person. So far I haven't seen anything political in it so if there is, it has to be very subtle
  6. @kawther hi just yesterday I listened to a talk and the speaker mentioned a quote from Nitzshe "A person that knows for what he lives, can withstand anything in life". A person of faith is a person of hope. Whatever happens in your life, never forget that Allah swt is always there. He is closer to you than even the closest person in your life. You speak to him at least 5 times day, find strength in that. On a more mundane note, things that generally help with depression (of course everybody's different): find yourself a hobby, go outside for walks, spend time in good company (don't be alone), remember the times that you were happy.....
  7. Hey guys I decided to follow your advice and take the Shahadda. So I guess it's official now, I'm a Muslim not only in my heart but in my confession of faith as well! I guess the difficult but exciting journey begins....I have so much to learn....but following the example of the Prophet and his family, I know I'll get there eventually!
  8. @Hassan- sorry about resurrecting such an old topic and pardon my ignorance, but if for example you used your money during the year for vacation with your family and have nothing or close to nothing in your account on your khums day, do you still pay khums only on what you have in your account (don't mean you in particular but in general)?
  9. I have been thinking for some months now about saying the Shahadah and making official what I know in my heart (even if I only say the Shahadah on my own since I don't have any Shia friends where I live). What bothers me though is the question if I'm ready or if I should wait? I do believe there's only one God, I've studied many religions and I always come back to the Quran hence I would say I believe Muhammad to be the Messenger of this one God....the thing is I'm obviously not going to become in a blink of an eye a perfect Muslim. I know that even in the time of Muhammad it took like what 20-25 years for the Message of Islam to be completed and the Companions of Muhammad had time to adjust and learn....but I'm worried that if I take the Shahadah an prepared, my previous sins will be forgiven by God but I will just keep making mistakes (sinning) because there's so much I don't know yet.... So I'm wondering....is it enough to believe that there's only one God and Muhammad is his Messenger. Should I take the Shahadah and learn as I go? Or is it better to wait (a month or a year or however long it takes) and first learn and implement the necessary changes in my life and only then take the Shahadah?
  10. @DanielSpain hi Daniel just thought I'd ask you....is the mosque in Barcelona that you mentioned the Al Qaim Imam Bargha? Or is it a different one?
  11. Oh Dubai/Abu Dhabi hands down....I was there a couple of years ago and fell in love with Dubai. Such a futuristic/extravagant city and with a muslim/desert vibe to spice it up In a couple of months I'll be going to Abu Dhabi, more relaxed than Dubai and with it's own kind of charm....planning to visit Sharjah or some of the other emirates in the near future as well.
  12. Hello everybody, my knowledge of the Imams is far from perfect but I thought they were considered sinless. However, I'm reading the "As-Sahifa as-sajjadiyah" at the moment and in most supplications Imam Ali Zain al Abidin says how sinful he is, asks Allah for forgiveness for his many sins etc. Maybe I'm understanding it all wrong, can maybe somebody with more knowledge elaborate on this? And sorry if this has been asked already.
  13. @DanielSpain hi Daniel, it's amazing to find somebody from Barcelona on here. I'm originally from Bulgaria but recently moved to Spain (living close to Barcelona). It would be great to maybe meet up in the mosque in Barcelona, never been there yet. Can you maybe PM me (I can't send PMs yet, I guess because I'm new on here).
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