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  1. Wow Khameini lovers on this site call them masons, zionists, jews, shah lovers,satanists but I'll give you credit for calling them something new now they're "liberals". Also to be fair towards both of us suicide data is always changed as sites can't even agree on which country takes first place, Sri Lanka, Lithuania, Guyana, and South Korea. But to deny that despite Iran being a so called "Islamic Republic" has a high suicide rate among Muslim nations even admitted by them https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5425355/ just because you don't like the data shows what type of person you are. I guess I'm done with you and you are done with me we won't get any where because we can keep going forever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Khomeini and his prime minster that went to the UN in 1980 spoke of how Baathism is a Zionist anti-Islamic ideology so why did the so called "Islamic Republic" ally themselves with a country that is based on a Zionist anti-Islamic Ideology which is Syria? This proves that so called "Islamic Republic" just looks after its interests like any other government and is using religion to further its cause
  3. I quoted a scholarly article written by Iranians but I guess it's Zionist propaganda if it's something negative about Iran. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5425355/ "It seems that Iran has the highest rate of suicidal death growth among Islamic countries during the recent decades. Considering young population involved, more years of lost life would be concluded in this country"
  4. As you can tell I hate the Assad regime more than anyone on this site but explain what you wrote.
  5. WHAT? You made me laugh so hard! Secularism is evil? Iran's closest ally since day one of this regime is a secular nation, Syria. The so called "Islamic Republic" has the second worst opiod crisis in the world congrats the so called "Islamic republic" is catching up with America. Due to sharing needles this has in turn lead to a increase in HIV rates https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4539585/ Iran has one the worst suicide rate among Muslim nations. Estimates say the 3rd highest among Muslim nations. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5425355/ Lost of interest in marriage among youth is a growing problem https://www.latimes.com/world/la-fg-iran-unmarried-snap-story.html Almost half of all Iranians believe that hijab shouldn't be mandatory. Even though this isn't majority we can absolutely see a increase in the following years. https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/iran-womens-rights-hijab-protests-rouhani/ You face no different problems from the west the Iranian government is like all governments with interests and looking after them. It just uses religion to further it's needs. Go try to refute this while saying how great the so called "Islamic Republic" is while living in the evil masonic Zionist west.
  6. Every single nation based on religion will become corrupted overtime and give their religion a bad name. Only Imam Al Mahdi (ajw) can establish such a state. For now secularism is the only system that can work for those that want to practice the faith let them, if they don't want to practice the majority religion it's between them and Allah not a sector of a government that should be running a country not interfering in personal lives. Also if Muslim nations don't need elections, why does Iran offer them and rig them?
  7. Torture, execution, and rigged elections. I'm proving that the so called "Islamic Republic" is just another dictatorship.
  8. Lets ignore how Iran ridged it's elections in 1979, 99 percent of all Iranians wanted a Islamic Republic just as how 99 percent of all Syrians want Assad and 99 percent of all Iraqis want Saddam.
  9. @shia farm girl Have my thanks applause for what you wrote
  10. Militarily wise, Ataturk was one of the greatest military leaders and geniuses in modern warfare. He secularized his nation and made it developed near a first world nation. However his dark side includes ethnic genocide against Armenians and Assyrians. Despite his flaws he needed to be a dictator at the time, Turkey just came out a long six-seven century monarch and the transition needed someone strong to guide it. Despite his flaws if it wasn't for Ataturk Turkey would be like other surrounding Middle Eastern nations, run down, poor, sectarian, migrants leaving. Turkey even right now has better living standards than many Eastern European nations. If Turks like him I don't blame them. But they need to admit his flaws.
  11. https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/americas-heroin-epidemic/born-addicted-number-opioid-addicted-babies-soaring-n806346 This article shows what happens to babies born when they were in their mothers wombs and they used addictive narcotics and how they're increasing. If the laws I suggested were put into places these kids wouldn't be living miserable lives they didn't ask for and this wouldn't be a problem. Drug addicts shouldn't even have the right to have kids.
  12. There are many unqualified couples I see that have kids. They're too poor but have kids. Physically some people have physical conditions that shouldn't be passed down. Mentally some people have terrible conditions like depression. Should couples be analyzed for economical, physical, and mental tests before they're given the green light to have children?
  13. It absolutely is, even in developed first world nations there aren't enough jobs for the youth but many couple keep having more than 3 children. In less fortunate nations it's even worse as people are bent on survival for resources.
  14. Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr (Allah rest his faithful and rightful soul) said to condemn Shia oppressors (Assad) and Sunni oppressors (Khalifia, Al Saud families) equally Huge loss he died, he was pretty much the only good religious leader in Shia Islam with Sistani as Khameini decided to ignore this message for his weapon line to Hezbollah, sick. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zur5NiGalXc&feature=youtu.be Also Assad isn't even Shia let alone Muslim he's an Alawite he's just called Shia due to close ties to Iran and Hezbollah.
  15. @abuhaydar We all know Saudi Arabia is barbaric, evil, and genocidal and I'm happy everyone on this site condemns them but the problem is Assad is no different but you guys defend him on sectarian grounds and basis. So what do you want me to say about Saudi Arabia? Everyone else already said it.
  16. Choose him? What do you mean chose him? He inherited power from his equally abusive father. He's no different than Saddam you only like him becasue the so called "Islamic Republic" does. Don't make me laugh Assad's elections just like Saddams is a complete joke. No he isn't Israel wants him to stay in power and he's a Zionist stooge he just hides it very well I made multiple topics about him being a Zionist before I'm too lazy to go find them so here's the main article we focused on in those discussions An Israeli professor wrote this for the Israeli government for political advice https://besacenter.org/perspectives-papers/the-alawites-and-israel/
  17. We disagree on everything but I can agree with you here. Except for the WW1 part as it collapsed the oppressive Ottoman power and Iraq lived under a fair monarchy that developed Iraq until their unfortunate overthrow.
  18. Unknown, he survived assassination attempts on him by the regime and mostly Islamist groups, but it's probably pinned by a Islamist group that hasn't taken responsibility. So it's anyone's guess
  19. True the elite in the United States are into some freaky stuff, if the common people knew they couldn't look at their favorite politicians the same way again.
  20. Syria was NOT democratic before the war that's why the revolution started. The minority couldn't tolerate the need for change so they responded in a animalistic way by killing protesters which started the war. It's been near 50 years and in these years this regime plunged Syria into the ground, he couldn't just given someone else a chance? What does this mean? I've always thought like this, is this the first time you've read my posts?
  21. @Mohammed-Mehdi Not really, Hezbollah nowadays doesn't use suicide bombings but its no denying that during the 80s and early 90s Hezbollah used suicide bombings as a common tactic. The video probably shows actual suicide bombers as its from the 90s a time in which they used this tactic. Even if the pictures aren't from the 90s they still elude a time in which Hezbollah used these haram tactics.
  22. https://www.economist.com/obituary/2018/12/01/obituary-raed-fares-was-shot-dead-on-november-23rd He was against both the Assad regime and many Islamist groups and asked for a democratic Syria for all it's citizens May Allah grant all martyrs against oppression paradise and humiliate all oppressors
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