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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This is a sunni argument that the this verse says “ALL” mohajerin and ansar were promised heaven , can someone clear this out ? quran 57:10 And why do you not spend in the cause of Allah while to Allah belongs the heritage of the heavens and the earth? Not equal among you are those who spent before the conquest [of Makkah] and fought [and those who did so after it]. Those are greater in degree than they who spent afterwards and fought. But to “ALL” Allah has promised the best [reward]. And Allah , with what you do, is Acquainted.
  2. Asked by a Christian a contradiction: if all praises is for Allah , can we call prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) “the praised one” ?
  3. Can any one show a “link” to either tafsir or Hadith that talks about imams seeing our deeds in verse 9:105 ? I want the exact link, not general pages like this one: http://www.islamquest.net/en/archive/fa12671
  4. 1) The first one Allah is trying to remind them of his favor upon them, later,after their disobedience and killing prophets, the covenant got broken with them and Allah cursed them. ‪Quran 5:13‬ ‪So for their “breaking” of the covenant We “cursed” them and made their hearts hard. 2) the 2nd one says Allah gave the land “conditionally” to them:” if you don’t turn your back on me”, which they did. 3) the last one only says Allah will gather them at judgment day.
  5. Not all of the works attributed to Zayd ibn Ali are the work of Zayd himself, but that does not mean that these works are fake. The second group of works attributed to Zayd are valuable, that is, some of these works are narrations that have been collected in later centuries and attributed to Zayd. In other words, some of these works are narrations collected by Zayd's own direct disciples and attributed to Zayd. These works seem to be important enough and we do not need to consider them worthless. One of the main books of this group is a collection of hadiths - I will not give any name to it - which was collected from Zayd ibn Ali and their narrator is a person named Abu Khalid Wasiti. Abu Khalid Wasiti is personally a Zaidi and is one of the main companions of Zaid, that is, as much as Zararah is known to us among the companions of Imam Ja'far Sadegh (عليه السلام), he is also known among the companions of Zaid and it can be said that no one is better known than him. So because Abu Khalid, who is one of the main students of Zayd, has compiled this collection, this work is very valuable. It is a collection of news and hadiths narrated by Zayd from his fathers - generally from the person of the Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) and the Commander of the Faithful (عليه السلام). Through his fathers - he has collected in one collection and it seems to be a valuable and important collection. This collection has different names. In the Zaydi tradition, this book is called "Al-Majmoo '", but among the Sunnis, because the name of Musnad is very common, this work is called "Musnad of Zayd Ibn Ali". In recent centuries, the Zaydis have preferred to refer to this book as the musnad of Zayd ibn Ali.
  6. Sheikh Mohammad Bakhit Mati'i, a Hanafi Egyptian, wrote in his recitation of the book: "This book agrees with the religion of Imam Abu Hanifa in most of the rulings." شیخ محمد بخیت مطیعی
  7. In the book شرح قاضى شرف الدين by حسين بن احمد سياغى يمنى (متوفى 1221ه) which is one of the detailed narrations on the book on top, he has argued to prove its contents in an acceptable manner in Sunni jurisprudence, that is, he has cited the writings and endowments of the Companions, as well as analogy and the like.
  8. I was having a debate with a Sunni , he asked me that up to how far the “term ahlulbayt” can be generalized to so they would receive the virtues of the term? ( like being considered in the verse of purification, and thaqalayn that says them and Quran are together up to paradise) examples of considerations: ال محمد ، ال علی all of them ? Zaidia included ? Ismaili ? I know our imams clearly announced themselves as members of the term “by themselves”. but, do we have any other “approaches” to find this out ?
  9. Can someone show an Arabic ( English better) website that talks about whether this Hadith of stars is sahih or not ? ( rather to be on Sunnis website to use for debates ) النجوم امان لأهل الأرض من الغرق وأهل بيتي امان لأمتي من الاختلاف فإذا خالفتها قبيلة من العرب اختلفوا فصاروا حزب إبليس “Stars save people from being drowned and my household saves people from disagreements and conflicts.”
  10. I do agree with previous comment , and I want to add this verse of Quran also for completing it : quran 48:13 And whoever does not believe in Allah and His Messenger, then We surely have prepared for the disbelievers a blazing Fire. quran 3:110 ...If the people of the Book had believed, it would have been better for them. Among them, there are believers, while “most of them are sinners.”
  11. I searched by myself and I don’t think you could show a source for your Hadith because it doesn’t exist. Imam Sadiq ((عليه السلام)) says if you take your praying lightly , you are not worthy of intercession. let alone being a disbeliever to prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h). Quran 48:13 https://thaqalayn.net/hadith/6/6/15/19 https://thaqalayn.net/hadith/10/13/8/2
  12. There is an argument that Quran is “ilm ilahi” and his knowledge is unlimited and uncreated. So Quran can not be created. Can someone discuss on this.
  13. Whom he will , would be among Muslims , not other invalidated religions, otherwise it would contradict 48:13
  14. Here is gospel recorded Jesus was not crucified, in the middle of page : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gospel_of_Basilides
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