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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    TheSpectator reacted to Silas in Another False Flag Chemical Attack In Syria   
    BOTH America AND Russia want to control major areas of the Middle-East
    Don't trade the devil you know with the devil you don't know. Putin's efforts against the Jihadists are simply to keep them away from his naval base in Syria --he doesn't care about what happens to the victims of ISIS. He might be concerned if fundamentalist violence were to spill over into Russia, but that is about it.
    He isn't some kind of ally, and he isn't reliable. 
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    TheSpectator got a reaction from Ibn Al-Shahid in Petition to change google results   
    I believe the website to use to make a petition is:
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    TheSpectator reacted to iraqi_shia in Do we know who volunteered to be crucified?   
    Hold on.
    In the quran our position is clear. Prophet Jesus AS was not crucified. 
    Obviously this doesn't fit with those that call them selves Christians today. However their views are not a reference point for what is acceptable or not.
    Its important to note that the Bible we have today is not claimed to be written by Jesus by the Christians. It is not the Injel of the Quran. It is simply what some companions and others of Jesus heard. If you ask a Christian if Jesus narrated the bible, or organised it, or even wrote or said one letter of it, the will say no. 100% of the content is either from the disciples or unknown authors. The compilers of the Bible also selected which gospels to accept and reject, therefore a circular logic of what their viewpoint actually is. Hence the rejection of the gospel of barnabus etc.
    Some of the Bible of today may reflect the genuine message that Prophet Jesus AS, and you can tell when you read it, but there is a lot of contradictory content and some content that is just difficult to accept as a rational person. 
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    TheSpectator got a reaction from humanbeing101 in Ufo sightings   
    I'm not saying that I think you are wrong (I think there is a chance there is life apart from us), but some people may say that  by "worlds", it may just mean the heavens and the Earth, so it is not necessarily proof.
    That said, you could be correct.
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    TheSpectator reacted to Laayla in [Closed/Review]What is everyone’s problem with homosexuality?   
    This is actually a case pending in the Supreme Court. 
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    TheSpectator reacted to Haji 2003 in Analysis of the Music Industry (video)   
    This is a hearth :

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    TheSpectator reacted to ali_fatheroforphans in Analysis of the Music Industry (video)   
    The music industry is horrible and disgusting. 
    Harram music fools you - to an extent that you are okay with what is being shown. Music has a very simple method of poisoning you. I'm sure everyone in the music industry knows this.
    There are two aspects when it comes to harram music and both work hand in hand to misguide literally anyone.
    (1) The rhythm/catchy tune which anyone can easily be attracted towards. Our dopamine is released and it is the short term pleasure which sucks us into a deep hole.
    (2) Explicit lyrics/video full of abuse, profanity and vulgarity. These are the values that are thought well before, which society wants to instil into the minds of innocent people.
    You get desenstized by (1) and all of a sudden you start to lose your rationality.  At this state we become more emotional and start developing strong feelings.
    When (1) does its job, then our rationality clogs up. We start viewing sex, alcohol and vulgar scenes from the lens of our emotional and irrational state. We don't care about Ahlulbayt (as) and Prophets (as) at this state. All we care about is the beats and how to wiggle. All we care about is our desires etc.
    No matter what harram song is on - we do still have a conscious which to some extent tells us "what if you die right now", "will Allah really be pleased with you". Unfortunately we keep ignoring that conscious and music is a weapon shaytan uses to make us do so.
    It is an internal battle we all are faced with. The conflict between truth and falsehood, rationality and emotions, desires and divine motives etc.
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    TheSpectator reacted to S.M.H.A. in Is God completely good in Islam?   
    I am a Virtual Entity & Layman. I can’t answer any of your Religious questions. I can only give you my understanding.
    When I asked:
    A simple basic logical/rational/academic/intellectual question.
    1) How is your inferior intellect able to question, demand and judge the  Higher Intellect?
    Here “able to question” means Challenge, deny etc.
    Above Has nothing to do with asking a basic question to clarify or to better understand something. No one is saying that people can’t ask basic fundamental questions to clarify their understanding.
    Another thing is that most of your arguments here and other places are classic red flags- You may have been reading these on the net,
    Atheists can't Deny/Disprove God.
    So, they usually go with attacking the attributes ..usual song is omnipotent, Omniscient, All Merciful, Benevolent so how come ……can't do this or that ...why Evil…..
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    TheSpectator reacted to S.M.H.A. in Is God completely good in Islam?   
    Above has no logical/rational basis. Its pure rhetoric.
    Fact that God is not you, and he is  your Creator. Its illogical to impose your mentality/entitlement  on someone you acknowledge is your Creator - Higher Intellect. 
    You need to come to grips with a fact that, (this false notions/practice)child does not   run mommy/daddy life. My demands are not met. I am entitled to this kind of treatment, My expectations are such and such ..My Parents are not the way i want them to be, so I will rebel. I will only believe and love if you were the way I want you to be....
    Parents do what is good for the kids. 
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    TheSpectator reacted to Soldiers and Saffron in Is God completely good in Islam?   
    Who is the causer of suffering and is suffering always a bad thing?
    Is it suffering to be sitting in economy class with a kid behind you kicking you in the back on a flight when your heading to a paradise island for vacation where everything is for free?
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    TheSpectator reacted to Ashvazdanghe in Confused about my Beliefs.   
    Reasons and Philosophy of Occultation
    1. To Test the Faithful
    First: When the period of occultation becomes lengthy, many people will face doubts and uncertainties
    Second: The troubles and pressures of the end of times will change the people to the extent that preserving faith and religion shall be a hard objective to achieve. The faith which the people hold will be seriously in danger[7].
     al-Kulayni, Vol.1, P.337;al-Tusi, P.202
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