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  1. Ali Al Kashmiri

    What about Kashmir?

    The only viable solutions to end this madness is a referendum in which Kashmiris on both the sides of border participate. Majority of Kashmir’s on the Indian side would vote for independence rather than merging with Pakistan.
  2. Ali Al Kashmiri

    What about Kashmir?

    People in the Kashmir region support any group that bears arms or raises voice against the occupation. Personally I believe any kind of armed resistance is futile.
  3. Ali Al Kashmiri

    What about Kashmir?

    Must have been some lazy journalist.
  4. Ali Al Kashmiri

    What about Kashmir?

    Wahabis & Salafis have nothing to do with the killing or demonstrations.
  5. Ali Al Kashmiri

    What about Kashmir?

    They might be terrorists for India but for us they are martyrs who chose to fight the illegal occupation by raising arms against it.
  6. Ali Al Kashmiri

    Noam Chomsky: 'Controlling the Oil in Iraq Puts

    First you said Noam Chomsky’s words made USA attack Iraq & now you are saying that he is interfering in the internal affairs. You seriously have no idea whatsoever about Noam Chomskys.
  7. Ali Al Kashmiri

    Noam Chomsky: 'Controlling the Oil in Iraq Puts

    Noam Chomsky is considered to be one of the greatest intellectuals of 21 century, he turned 90 few days back. Have read half a dozen of his books. Listen to hundreds of his speeches & interviews. He has always been critical of American foreign policy. You are probably confusing him for someone else.
  8. Ali Al Kashmiri

    Bake the cake or get fined/sued?

    @Sumerian The podcast below goes into the details of one such case in USA. The case is regarding two homosexual men who had filed a complaint to Colorado civil rights commission against a Christian baker. The civil rights commission & the state court had given a judgement against the Christian baker but the Supreme Court reversed the decision in favour of the baker.
  9. Ali Al Kashmiri

    Dr Jordan Peterson thread *Change your life*

    This is hilarious.
  10. Ali Al Kashmiri


    The shia scholars differ on Immamah as usul e din or usul e madhab, most of the contemporary scholar consider it to be usul e madhab. As far the evidence click on the link below. The article below was written by one of the most knowledgeable brother on this website.
  11. Ali Al Kashmiri

    Food cooked by a Hindu

    Your revert story would be interesting.
  12. Ali Al Kashmiri

    How old are you?

    Well, I am too old to be young & too young to be old.
  13. Ali Al Kashmiri

    Shaykh Muhammad Yaqoubi,Shia Opinion

    I think he is asking about the Syrian Sufi scholar Mohammad Al Yaqoubi. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_al-Yaqoubi
  14. Ali Al Kashmiri

    Dangers of Wahhabism

    @Sumerian You are right ikhwan did backstab Iran over Syria. Hamas leader Khaled meshaal used to live in Syria till 2011. Ikhwan has for decades had a strong presence in Syria, in 1982 hafiz al asaads crackdown was primarily against members of ikhwan. When the Syrian uprising started it was primarily qatar who supplied arms into Syria through turkey & Jordan.
  15. Ali Al Kashmiri

    Dangers of Wahhabism

    The ikhwan may be inclined to the salafi ideology but they are not wahabis just like Hizbu tahrir. The most well known present day ikhwan leader is yousf al Qaradawi who has been a staunch critic of the wahabi movement. I don't think shirazis have anything to do with them. Syed Ali Khamenaie ( may Allah lengthen his life) has translated Syed kutubs books.