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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wallah I'm going through the exact same thing, it gets scary sometimes. Even I am studying something medical related, and I don't know if its gonna get me anywhere as I don't think its my main passion anymore. Just don't let anyone or your family block you from your passions. fee amanillah
  2. I disagree. Parents have a different mindset and views, therefore most of the advice they give tends to be flawed. For example a child would refuse to do medicine and not tell their parents that they're interested in something else because they'd know that they would still be forced to do what they want. As for the OP, if he knows that telling them may cause her to go back to India then he shouldn't inform them of anything. Then tell me how does it work and why is Allah so strict on homosexuals and same sex marriage. this isn’t something that’s made up, if Islam is clearly against it, and for some reason you still have many young Muslims who’ve been influenced say that it’s not haram, where’s the evidence? Sure they may say its not haram to be gay without acting upon those sins, but to actively support it? Its not allowed in Islam periodt. Explain to me why Allah is very strict on this matter. With regards to the story of prophet Lut, yes it may seem offensive but the difference here is that they were engaging in sexual acts, so it wasn’t just that they were 'born' gay, they were simply just bored and curious and wanted something to fulfill their desires. Also those people were not even considered homosexuals, they had wives, kids and family. Yes, I know that there are families nowadays whose father or mother is gay, but we're talking here about the middle ages. Homosexuality wasn't even a thing until the late 19th century. Of course Lut advised them not to engage in those acts and turn to Allah, but they were idol worshippers so they never listened. I agree, but they have more basic human rights nowadays in comparison to Muslims and hijabis for example and that’s a fact. We live in the 21st century and I’m not disagreeing that they still face abuse or bullying but they still have more rights than they ever did before. You do realise that there are people who consider themselves a part of the LGBTQ+ community out of confusion? So yes they can get influenced, and this isn't some false information, I've seen and I've followed some reverts, one girl thought at a stage in her life she was bisexual, another sister thought she was gay but wasn't, if you look at the US, there is a significant number of transgender individuals who regret going through transition only to realise they were confused and grew up in an abusive home. So yes, environmental factors that they surround themselves with have a major impact as to how they feel. Also, LGBTQ+ has placed a bad image on our religion. Take a look at Canada for example, not only did they create a mosque for them, but they also freely allow a woman to be an imam, women and men do not have to be segregated and can pray next to each other, you see how people like this turn and twist Islam? Or that Somali sheikh from Australia who openly said he was gay and was misinforming the media as to how Muslims were dangerous people. I don't blame people for being gay, I blame this twisted society and what it has lead to, not only with this situation but many others.
  3. Salam whatever you do, do NOT tell your parents , she will never forgive you and do not make them send her to India . As mentioned previously , she will live in misery for the rest of her life and in fact she’ll hate Islam even more. if that’s who she chooses to be, then let her, at this point she’s an adult and you can’t really do anything. You’ve already done your part by advising her that it’s against Islam , the rest is between her and Allah. So don’t feel guilty if nothing works out. I don’t know about conversion therapy but it’s best if you try to take baby steps with her and bring her closer to God. Um, nope, pretty sure it would improve their mental health not being told they're degenerates and freaks Improve their mental health in what way ? If they’re being taught from a young age that it’s okay to be gay even when they’re supposedly straight, they can still get influenced to think they are gay. Tell me why r the number of homosexuals increasing in this day and age, in fact there are several narrations which states that this is a sign of the day of judgement. After all we live in the West so they can do whatever they want, but they should not come here and tell our future Muslim generation that it is okay to be gay. You do realise that there are people who legit become a part of the LGBTQ+ because they think it’s some sort of trend? i have seen several Muslims on social media support LGBTQ+, I understand if they are not practicing but even the ones who are practicing will go out of their way to bash anyone who talks against homosexuality and being called homophobic , even if they said the slightest thing as to why it’s against Islam. This isn’t our words, it’s God’s. If Islam forbids same sex-marriage, then why would Allah be so cruel to the ones who were “born” gay? Why would Allah be very strict on homosexuality ? some people need to wake up, every year different signs come up nearing towards yowm al qiyamah
  4. I have read a few of the threads here, and I think some people need to carefully select the right terms. First of all, I have never ever supported the LGBTQ+ community. It disappoints me sometimes to see on social media young Muslims supporting them and calling out on other Muslims who don't, even though their reasons are for it being against Islam. What I don't understand is why some believe that it is not haram to support LGBTQ+ when it is so clear that it definitely is against Islam's morals, just like other things. You don't see other Muslims supporting non Muslims for drinking, eating pork, committing Zina etc., of course not since that's against Islam. Muslims nowadays or anyone who doesn't support it or show the slightest bit of their views get called homophobic. Whilst I somewhat agree that being gay and not acting on those sins are not haram, this whole debate on whether someone is 'born' gay or that they were mostly affected by factors around them, appears to be very controversial and is not something that is backed up by science to prove that there is such thing as a homosexual gene that exists in the name of genetics. What does make me wonder often about this whole issue is if someone ended up being gay, how would he/she get married given the fact that homosexual marriage is clearly against Islam? Would they try to go into conversion therapy, or would they still choose to marry the same sex? And not just Islam, but almost any religion out there, in fact Christianity appears to be more strict about it in terms of homosexuality and zina than Islam is. I have watched a small documentary a while ago, which talks about how most transgender people living in the US believed that they made the wrong decision when going through transition. They say that they regretted transitioning and have done it at a state of time where they were confused about their identity, and most of them came from abusive homes; which is also a pattern I have noticed that there are alot gay people whom come out of homes that are abusive, so it is safe to say that environmental factors surrounding them is also a valid reason. Also what upsets me is when ethnic families disown their kids because they're gay, which is something I would never accept if I were to have a family somewhat in the future. It doesn't matter how they turn out to be, kids are an amaanah from Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى), and to kick them out of their houses because they're homosexual is also haram on them. A good parent would know how to deal with that kind of situation.
  5. Salam alaikum, I haven't posted anything for a very long time so I really would like someone to address this. So basically for the past month i have been really contemplating on changing the course that I am in, since my undergraduate degree does not promise a job or anything unless you acquire further study and do a master degree. The course also doesn't give any work experience. However, when I did istikhara (three times), I would get a similar response which i really do not understand. I did istikhara by reading a dua and then opening the Quran to a random chapter and counting seven pages which was surat al nur. The verse explained something along the lines of sin and punishment so i was confused and repeated it again later. The same surah came again and another verse came up which was quite similar. Then finally the next day i did istikhara for the final time, which is the istikhara of Imam Ali where you open the quran and count 7 pages and look at the seventh line at the first letter of the verse. The letter turned out to be wow and when I looked it up it meant that 'good news will come'. So I took that as initiative that now is not the right time to change your course (which i was planning to next year). I honestly am very confused at this point because I know was very sincere in my istikhara and asked Allah to give me a sign if where I'm heading is the right direction for me, because I've already done my research about the course and it got to a point where I am still very indecisive. I've heard stories of people who have done istikhara in terms of marriage for example, some of them came out as positive, but it never worked out between them because the guy was crap. So I don't understand how istikhara works because sometimes the answer you get would either make your life easier or harder. Also living in a Western society is difficult for a hijabi in terms of employment. The city I live in has low job rates so that makes things more difficult. Do you have to listen to what response you get from istikhara and if you don't, will your life be doomed? Also one thing I like to add is that my parents have been pressuring me for some time about pursuing medicine which I know I don't want to, they have finally stopped due to my mental state, and they think I'd be wasting my time if I chose a different pathway. Fee amanillah
  6. I somewhat agree, but please do not generalise. I feel like one of the reasons could be emptiness. Despite being born in a generation where we have everything, more and more youth are feeling nothing but emptiness.
  7. anybody can believe in magic, be it shia,sunni, christian or jew. Many Muslims believe in alot of things that are against islam.
  8. if there were sunni/shia threads more often then sc would be lit imo
  9. So it’s okay to just kill them ? What if the women repents , does she or he still have to go through that?
  10. Salam I hope everyone is doing well amidst these frightening events. I wanted to bring forth what the Quran says about both zina and adultery: "Those who commit adultery, men or women, give each of them a hundred lashes" Qur'an 24: 2. "Those who commit unlawful sexual intercourse of your women - bring against them four [witnesses] from among you. And if they testify, confine the guilty women to houses until death takes them or Allah ordains for them [another] way."(Qur’an 4:15) Now what I don't understand is that why many sharia laws give another ruling of a wife committing adultery, which is killing. Why do we have narrations which also say the same thing, but the Holy Quran says another? For example, there is a narration (i dont have the source with me), but during the reign of Imam Ali (عليه السلام), a woman who committed adultery had to enter a deep hole that was already dug and the people had to throw rocks at her, if she is able to climb out then she is free, but if she can't she will keep getting stoned until she died. Is anyone familiar with this hadith and is it from a reliable source? What does our marja3, like Sayyid Sistani's view on punishing someone by death? Just wanted to hear other people's thoughts on this fee amanillah
  11. salam i read in peshawar nights somewhere that apparently Prophet Ibrahim's (عليه السلام) father was not Azhar because Azhar was a kafir and the lineage of the prophet was pure. Can someone please try to explain this
  12. maybe because they are just tired of being the haram police
  13. Without Imam Hussein (عليه السلام) and his family Islam wouldn't be what it is today. They are human beings but the mistakes they have made weren't just any mistakes THEY WERE MAJOR MISTAKES that divided our entire Ummah. I also get infuriated when I hear some extremist Sunnis say that he shouldn't have fought Yazid, how can they possibly believe that someone like a drunkard and a bloodthirsty animal can rule Islam? Our religion would have diminished thousands of years ago, we would all be disbelievers. Imam Ali (عليه السلام) did help them in some political affairs, but he refused to join them and engage in battles with them, they knew that they weren't fit for leadership, they just wanted the power. If it weren't for Umar and Abu Bakr, Islam would have remained as one till this day. It all began with them, going against the Prophet's (sawas) teachings as well as changing them. Can you justify what you mean by 'Iran biased'? No offence but due to your lack of research and understanding, most of the points that you have made especially in this post are biased. The Prophet (sawas) himself would also cry over Imam Hussein (عليه السلام) because he was already informed of his death. Imam Hussein (عليه السلام) said that we should honour and remember his family's tragedy. Tears are a blessing. Hitting yourself (matam) is not haram either, however most of our Shia scholars have condemned hitting with knives, swords and other objects due to it leading to serious injuries. If I were you I would go and do more research, I was also in a position like you where I was confused of our beliefs. Even a lot of Sunnis (i know youre shia) have done their extensive research and converted to Shiism.
  14. Salam, I understand your point of view. Sunnis also believe that Shias are a political sect. It was indeed wrong that Umar and Abu Bakr ruled because they did go against the Holy Prophet's (sawas) command, and we don't 'think' that Imam Ali (عليه السلام) should've been the rightful successor. It was already proven in both the Quran and various narrations. They did not achieve great things besides destruction and war in the name of Islam. Most of their actions are even mentioned in Sahih Bukhari and Muslim. They weren't true companions either especially when they left the Prophet (sawas) in the battlefield. When Uthman was murdered, Aisha and a group of others blamed it on Imam Ali (عليه السلام) for his death when really Aisha was the one who wanted him killed because Uthman refused to give her father's inheritance. This disunity led to bloodshed, where thousands of Muslims were killed because of her and Imam Ali (عليه السلام) tried to convince the people not to fight. Most of the hadiths present in their books contradict their own beliefs, but they refuse to see that. When the Abbasid caliph took over, how would it go back to normal when majority of the Muslims weren't following the Ahlulbayt (عليه السلام) at the time? They were brainwashed by their past leaders. The disagreements of the past is what lead to the division of Islam and no one can reverse that. How can you possibly think that with all of this bloodshed, war and chaos things would suddenly turn back to normal? The Imams (عليه السلام) themselves have tried to create peace between the caliphs that have ruled and yet they still poisoned them because they were a great influence towards Islam, they worried that their power of being a leader would diminish. The truth will never stay hidden even if only a few people can see it. Our beliefs do not revolve around politics, it sticks to Prophet's (sawas) two commands, the Quran and the Ahlulbayt (عليه السلام).
  15. This is wrong on all levels. I have no words, you should be ashamed of yourself
  16. If one chooses to look for a spouse online, they need to be intelligent and wise into what they are really putting themselves in. People are given the opportunity to use these online platforms because it is hard nowadays to find someone suitable in this society. So it does benefit in a lot of ways. Long distance relationships can work too, but that's where maturity comes into place. If you're serious about getting married to someone you met online, you need to defy all the odds of what could happen if she/he came, how would you tell your family, what are the risks, etc. Marriage does not come easy, but I don't know how difficult it can be either because I myself have not been in that position yet. its about not scratching the surface and actually looking deeper as to how such a marriage would work, whether it is someone from online or in person, you still need to face the same consequences and all the ups and downs that comes with it. I do agree people can catfish, but that's the part where you need to be smart enough to realise whose fooling you and who isn't. And no offense to @ali_fatheroforphans but alot of the points that you make are somewhat right but at the same time very contradictory. You are saying these things based on your own experience (you should have made that clear at the start too). Not everyone can meet up face to face with who they desire to marry, because they most likely aren't able to leave the house or they may live in a different state, their community may lack Muslim girls who have strong faith. You never know, there are people who are not only older but also more mature to make wiseful decisions and find other alternatives to get married. I agree with everything you said in your post, but this, you really should take that back. You're making an assumption and also attacking his sister when you know nothing about her. Imagine someone degrading your own sister like that.
  17. I had a friend who used to live in Iran, and she used to tell me about the discrimination she faced there where she had to hide her identity , and the moment her friend found out she was afghani she left her. It’s really sad, racism is everywhere in every place, racism has been rooted deep into this society
  18. People like you will do anything to defend Iran unfortunately
  19. Through his increased level of faith and him being able to stand up for his past actions, there is also a period where you get to know him before marriage.
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