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  1. 3wliya_maryam

    I feel so tired every morning

    drink cuppacino you should also go to the doctor and check your iron, ppl with low iron always feel tired
  2. 3wliya_maryam

    Punishment in donya?

    I don't think Allah is trying to punish us, He is just making us to get back to Him which is why He chooses to put difficult obstacles in our lives the bad things are just tests
  3. Salam alaikum everyone, I have decided to start a thread about this serious issue since no one else has Millions of our Uygher brothers and sisters have been suffering in silence for quite a long time now: https://nowthisnews.com/videos/politics/activist-aydin-anwar-on-chinese-internment-of-muslims The Chinese government have been detaining the Uygher people in concentration camps, forcing them to renounce their faith (not just Muslims, but anyone who follows a religion) practice atheism and give allegiance to the Chinese state, they are forced to chant phrases that go against their religion, and if they refuse, they will suffer from serious torture or beaten up till death. Muslims are forced to eat pork and drink alcohol, their Muslim names have to be changed to Chinese ethnicity and you could be detained for the smallest reasons ever, if you have any contact with any religious person or even if you mention the word God they'll detain you. Many of them have been killed for refusing and now they are suffering from all kinds of torture yet no one is talking about it. Their children are taken to orphanage schools, and are forced to hate their religion and learn Chinese Millions of them are dying and we're not given a clear approximation of how many have died because all of this stuff is happening in secret. May Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى make it easy for these people and give them justice, May Allah free them from this torture and oppression please watch the video guys fee amanillah
  4. 3wliya_maryam


    yes there is, espeically when it comes to raising children as what @Murtaza1 has mentioned Strict parenting can cause the child to have negative thoughts as to why he's so restricted from everything, there needs to be like a balance with disciplining children and giving them some space so they won't feel so trapped i feel like most parents nowadays struggle with this kind of thing, and to be honest its not their fault, the fact that this society/ generation has increased so much in violence, death, and fasaad, they feel a need to be a little more strict or overprotective, so at the same time we can't really blame them since they are trying to look out for us even though we may not like it as much sometimes.
  5. 3wliya_maryam

    Sunni friend

    salam brother Every Muslim will carry the same belief that there is no God but Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى and Nabi Muhammad (sawas) is the Messenger of Allah on the day of judgement and will be judged based on their actions so it isn't right for us to say that this sunni or shia will go to hell However, there are a few narrations that state that if one does not believe in the AhlulBayt(as) and shows their love towards them and follows their pathway, and if they don't believe in the wilayah of Imam Ali(as), they will indeed be of great loss on the day of judgement but then again, we can't just publicly say that to them because it will cause alot of tension so all we gotta say is Allahu alam and may Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى grant every single one of us jannah, inshallah ameen fee amanillah
  6. 3wliya_maryam

    The weight loss thread

    Salam alaikum, May Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى help you reach your goal sister @Islandsandmirrors it requires alot of patience, time and motivation I know how you feel, I've been through the same thing, let me share my experience: I was the type of person to binge eat at night, craving peanut butter sandwiches and milk, which had a really bad impact towards my weight. I have been struggling with my weight since the age of 10, and I would be told that I was fat and had to lose weight at such as young age. But then i realised that the older i became the harder it got yet i tried to ignore it and wanted to still accept the way i was regardless of how much i weighed. My weight was never my biggest concern throughout these years. I mean, i would get a little motivated, work out, go on a diet and limit my eating, but then id only do that for a short while and just give up. Some of my friends would tell me that im not fat and that i was in good shape and honestly I love the positive vibes they would give me to not worry about how i looked and to love the way i was. But despite that, was i truly happy with myself? Whether people said i looked fat or chubby or normal or curvy, what did i really think about myself? Was i comfortable in my own skin? And sometimes i felt like people didnt wanna admit that i was a little overweight I hated my body so much. I would try out these weird diets, do intense workout, and stare at myself in the mirror. I felt so insecure about my body for a long time and for some reason i felt more insecure during the last two years of highgschool. Changing my body was mainly for my health and wellbeing for that is something im gonna carry for the rest of my life. I actually took my time because before i always expected results very soon and never had patience. So i forced myself to have patience. And i thought to myself, for how much longer am i gonna keep trying and giving up? When am i actually gonna succeed for once? Life's too short to make excuses. This time i was dedicated, I didn't go on any diets all i had to do was cut back calories and limit a few unhealthy foods like fruit drinks and those unhealthy snacks. I would even force myself to workout even when i was tired or didn't feel like it. And now look where it got me, Alhamdullilah. I mean it was pretty tough at the start, but when you work hard for something you truly want, it turns out to be so easy. Wallah you can achieve so much in this life when you put your mind and heart to it. I still have a few more to go. I used to weigh around 70-73kg, and for my age and height, it is considered to be overweight (don't know what my height is, but im pretty short) and Alhamdullilah i have reached 64-65kg and my goal is to be 60 Insha Allah fee amanillah
  7. 3wliya_maryam


    I understand where you're coming from brother, you have made good points here But the shaytan can also trigger mental illness, especially OCD like say you have depression or anxiety or OCD and the shaytan is there whispering some nasty stuff in your heart that'll make you feel more angry, sad or depressed and that's the shaytan's goal anyway to make us feel bad or to make us feel like we're bad muslims when were not let me briefly share my experience I had OCD for nearly two years and it was hell, it even lead me physically harming myself. I know it doesn't make sense but thats what i used to do and it was crazy as hell. Whenever I'd pray, work, or sleep or any activity I would get these crazy waswas that affected me on a daily basis. And I never told anyone at first for some reason, not even my parents it was just so hard for me to open up to them about it. Till one night, I felt like i could no longer breathe, it was like all these thoughts consumed me and the shaytan was controlling me. So I broke it to my dad and he literally understood what i was going through because he also went to through the same thing and apparently it was worse for him. So he gave me some advice and it took me a while to get rid of it and alhamdullilah with Allah's mercy i recovered. I mean i didn't get diagnosed or anything, I just had to change my lifestyle bc i was always stuck in my room and i had to be surrounded by people as in family. My parents would even let me do my homework in the living area. Even though you may say that mental illnesses have nothing to do with the shaytan(la), he can still trigger it. Waswasa is very common and it is linked to OCD. And i also read that the shaytan does this to ppl who have strong iman, like because you're refraining yourself from sinning, the shaytan will try to make you feel bad by implementing these thoughts in your head making you think you're a bad muslim or even a kafir. And some mental illnesses do have to do with genetics; I got OCD from my dad, he used to have the same problem when he was my age apparently but not all mental illnesses like depression and anxiety most likely got to do with lifestyle habits. i could write more but i cbs fee amanillah
  8. 3wliya_maryam


    Yes I agree too
  9. 3wliya_maryam


    Ikr tell me about it ; they think all mental illnesses have to do with the shaytan dont get me wrong depression can be from the shaytan, but it also has to do with our lifestyle and how we're living it
  10. 3wliya_maryam

    Husband has a unkind behaviour

    Salam sister I'm so sorry you have to go through this; honestly this isn't how a guy should treat a girl especially right after marriage. Plus three months is quite enough for the married couple to open up and understand one another, so the fact that he would say he doesn't have time or has other things to do yet he won't spend time with you just shows he's careless if he isnt showing you any love or affection, then divorce him; it isn't healthy for you neither it will be for your future kids if he continues being like that also if u dont mind me asking; was this an arranged or forced marriage? fee amanillah and inshallah things will work out soon do not lose hope sister
  11. 3wliya_maryam

    Who is your lookalike?

  12. 3wliya_maryam

    Who is your lookalike?

    bruh u dont have the evidence wheres ur proof u havent even seen me and @Ruqaya101 proof is always biased lol
  13. 3wliya_maryam

    Who is your lookalike?

    bruhhh i look like @3wliya_maryam lolss
  14. 3wliya_maryam

    Who is your lookalike?

    bruhhhhhhh i searched him up he looks nothing like him oml r u okay lol kuche has a longer nose i think i remember someone long time ago said i looked like sophia grace or something
  15. 3wliya_maryam

    The True Toxicity of Social Media

    social media can be a pathway to evil eye.