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  1. 3wliya_maryam

    can’t I grow a little more confidence

    Am I not allowed to grow a little confidence? To get past my self consciousness? Why youse gotta restrict me From getting rid of my insecurity Youse will never understand why I keep disobeying Youse may think I'm selfish, but I keep praying Hoping for a miracle to pass by and change your minds I know that it's for my protection But I'm old enough to depend on my own Everyday I keep staring at my reflection Wondering when youse will leave me alone. But seriously though Am I not allowed to grow a little more confidence? To get past my self consciousness?
  2. 3wliya_maryam

    society is a criminal

    I'm only pretty if I have enough likes I'm not so pretty if I only have five I'm only popular if I have many friends I'm only special if I start to follow these trends I only get noticed with makeup Without it I'm no longer recognised You need that flat stomach and those fine curves So you choose to put yourself through that pain you don't deserve Starving yourself till your rib cages begin to show You want to be like the rest, because your self esteem is so low Society is committing a crime With how they define beauty Girls can no longer be themselves 'Cause they fear society's judgements. Society made you forget your true beauty That lies beneath all those flaws. "And you don't have to change a thing the world can change its heart" ~ Alessia Cara
  3. 3wliya_maryam

    Why do some sunnis hate shias?

    What are you talking about? Could you please elaborate Yes, alot of them especially the wahhabis rhink we are mushrikeen. because of our immense love for the Ahlul Bayt, and us performing tawassul, they think its a form of shirk. Not only they call us mushrikeen but kuffar also Yes I get it how some youtube vids show Shia doing some strange things, but do you ever think whether these vids couldve been edited out?
  4. 3wliya_maryam

    Why do some sunnis hate shias?

    It’s normal for them to hate us, they’ve hated us for centuries now yes I agree we’re both Muslims with many similarities but at the same time we have a lot of differences. They think we’re mushrikeen because of our immense love for the Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام)
  5. 3wliya_maryam

    Please let me help you

    Please let me help you Let me help you get this through We share the same blood And I want you to be loved Look I know that you're depressed And I know that you're in distress But I wish you could open up Instead of always shutting up You choose to conceal yourself And I still don't know why sometimes I hate myself For even having to try To make you fess up I know you don't want my help Maybe I do suck at giving advice But why should I leave you to silently yelp When I'm here for you, but you're just like ice I am always contemplating And always wondering Whether I've done more than enough I want to be there for you But you keep pushing me away So I chose to do the same Please let me help you Let me help you get this through We share the same blood And I want you to be loved.
  6. 3wliya_maryam

    You say I’ll be okay but you’re still not

    When I'm in pain you say it won't last But I see you still paining about the past When I'm in tears you tell me to keep smiling But I still see you curled up in the corner crying You tell everyone it'll be alright But the space around you is tight You tell everyone you're fine But I already know that's a lie It's never that easy to let go That strong feeling of betrayal But one day they'll know Just how much they left you in denial . "It's never easy to walk away, let it go Nothing heals the past like time" ~ Dean Lewis
  7. 3wliya_maryam

    its not a curse

    You say it was a curse 'Cause I became worse You say I am being punished 'Cause I caused my old self to be diminished You say I am beginning to deteriorate As time passes by I don't know how much longer I can wait As I sit there and cry Staring at the blank wall Hoping for a miracle You say it was a curse But I believe it was a test You say I became worse But I am trying my best To return to where I was.
  8. 3wliya_maryam

    One Debateable question.

    salam brother, Umar not only rammed the door of Sayeda Fatima (عليه السلام), but he also changed the azan and other Islamic rulings, its even cited in Sunni sources Uthman drove people to luxury and wordly possessions, he sided with Muawiya(la), and kept putting his hands on the Bayt al Mal, he was also the type of man who never used to keep his promise Abu Bakr, stole Imam Ali (as)'s right by snatching the caliphate aswell as refusing to give the Fadak to sayeda Fatima (عليه السلام) And Fatima (عليه السلام) never forgave Abu Bakr or Umar, its even narrated in bukhari that she died angry with Abu Bakr, yet for some reason Sunnis still say she reconciled with him
  9. 3wliya_maryam

    shes been throug hell

    She's been through hell But everytime she fell She got back up and praised the Lord For she made it through that narrow ford Instead of sleeping She kept on weeping Instead of dreaming She kept on thinking Too many thoughts right now That's keeping her up tonight She can't seem to break this fight A fight of clashing thoughts She got caught in an accident Yet she still thanked Him 'Cause she knew that not everyone's lucky He chose to put her through a calamity Out of his sincere love and mercy So she refuses to question herself Why she faces such calamities 'Cause she already knows the answer Everything happens for a reason through His will She's been through hell But everytime she fell She got back up and praised the Lord For she made it through that narrow ford.
  10. 3wliya_maryam

    Help me narrow down which Marja I should follow

    You know this confuses me alot like how does someone get to choose a marja'a? And how do they know if they're making the right choice? And can someone be able to change their marj'aa it confuses me because I mean like they're all Shia ithna asheri yet they still have differences when it comes to fiqh and other things but if we all say we're followers of the Qur'an and the Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام) then why do we still have these differences
  11. I don’t see why there would be anything wrong with it I have came across alot of Sunni traditions that Sunnis often refute
  12. 3wliya_maryam

    How to remove toxicity at our homes

    I can’t even describe just how much I can relate to this lol
  13. 3wliya_maryam

    Punishment for talking to non mehrams in Islam

    What do you exactly mean by talking to non mahrams? U mean just generally talking ? Or by laughing and flirting?
  14. 3wliya_maryam

    couldnt control it

    I would give way to the guilt That let those trapped thoughts and emotions get built Awake all night, contemplating whether I was a bad person And this only made my condition worsen Couldn't tell anyone what I was going through And even if I did, I felt like there was nothing they could do Compulsive and uncontrollable It felt so unavoidable Trapped inside my own hole, not willing to escape Something just kept pulling me back, Why couldn't I control it, was it that powerful? That would leave me with visible marks the next day Some questioned it, but it didn't bother me anyway 'Cuz they ended up believing my excuses It was the same thoughts on repeat Like a rewind tape that I couldn't delete.
  15. 3wliya_maryam