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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ignore the was wasa and khalas nothing to worry about
  2. I was expecting to see a one eyed dude I think it gives a sketchy example of what we would expect to happen when dajjal or Imam Mahdi (ajf) comes. I don’t know if the show intends to depict Jesus or Antichrist, but based on the trailer he seems like the dajjal because who is his father? The messiah never had one. this show gives both positive and negative influence. Positive because we know what’s about to come. It kinda raises awareness because I heard that one of the signs before dajjal’s appearance is that people will stop mentioning his name. But it can be negative too. This is mainly due to the character being presented as someone who is trying to help people so they’re also misrepresenting. It can possibly influence young Muslims into thinking that the antichrist is somewhat good. So it can be problematic. I don’t think it should be considered a big deal. It’s just a series and they did the exact same thing where they spread controversy with this other show called Lucifer because it depicts the Devil and how he controls hellfire.
  3. Salam, I did not quite understand Some narrations, including the ones in Sahih Bukhari. What I don't seem to understand is why do y'all consider bukhari and Muslim to be truly authentic and yet when we pick out these hadiths that contradict towards your beliefs, youse try to find a way to disprove it. Thats your own interpretation. Sayyeda Fatima (عليه السلام) expressed her anger infront of both Abu Bakr and Umar when they sought to seek forgiveness from her, but she turned them down, nor did she want to even look at them. And how would you know that? If Abu Bakr knew that this had sentimental value for her, why did he refuse to give her right? Don't tell me that its because he was trying to do his job as a caliph, because if he truly was a righteous and guided caliph as you say so yourself then he would have known better than to cause her anger. Since when do Prophets do not share their inheritance? Prophet Dawood (عليه السلام) received his inheritance from Prophet Sulayman (عليه السلام). Only Allah knows. If he really did love her, he would have done what was right. Not only would he have given her (عليه السلام) Fadak, but he would also follow the Holy Prophet's (sawas) message. Well you can blame Umar then for the horrible influence he had on his friend. What I meant was that Imam Ali (عليه السلام) didn't side with them. He did everything for the sake of Islam in order to prevent fitnah and bloodshed amongst the Muslims, even if it meant having to help them in situations they weren't able to deal with, after all they were not chosen by the Holy Prophet (sawas). This does not imply that he wasn't against them. An illogical approach Since when did Umar have true love for the Prophet (sawas)? Care to explain why he changed the athan, the prayer, and praying taraweeh jama3ah instead of individual, calling it an "excellent bid3ah!" Care to explain why Umar prevented the holy Prophet (sawas) from writing the will, which was probably the one thing that could have saved our ummah. He calls him delirious, hallucinating. I must say he truly did love the Prophet (sawas). yes they were please read more Just because a person has some good things but has done terrible things that outweigh the good, doesn't make him pious. That's like saying I should consider Saddam to be a good leader because he saved Palestine from Israel, but on top of that he killed thousands of innocent Shias and Kurds, his own people. He hated Shiism like crazy, so how can someone consider an oppressor to be good at the same time? All those companions who were involved in ignoring the rights of the Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام) are oppressors.
  4. @eThErEaL just go read brother a lot of your views are based on your own personal beliefs
  5. Salam, I understand what you're going through and it sucks. Its still something that I sometimes tend to deal with, but trust me if you start growing a bigger circle and become exposed to different people, it will get better. I realised this because most of the times and especially in uni I was always alone. Not only did I find trouble in a presentation but when it comes to communicating with others I get shy and sometimes the things I say will not make sense. It will get better the more exposure you surround yourself with. The last time I did a presentation I could feel my voice shaking and there was only a few people in the room. but then when I went to the middle of my presentation somehow I became more confident and I did manage to engage with the audience. Just don't stress about it too much, because its a normal thing and alot of us had to deal with it. I remember this tutor used to tell us that if we were ever nervous to stand and face the audience, we should just look at everyone's foreheads and not directly into their faces lolz. But it does actually help, because it still looks like you're looking at them. Inshallah all the best with your future @starlight thankyou so much sister for sharing that du3a because this whole time I didn't know how to say it right bcoz our highschool teacher couldn't pronounce Arabic properly.
  6. im confused what are you trying to imply here? So if it was truly her (عليه السلام) right, why didn't he give it to her? What you're implying here about Abu Bakr is completely baseless. And whoever angered Fatima (عليه السلام) has angered the Holy Prophet (sawas) and whoever angered him has angered Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). You are well aware that she didn't forgive him after that Not trying to defend Abu Bakr, but one thing about him was that he apparently showed a side of guilt. As Fatima al Zahra (عليه السلام) refused to forgive him and Umar, Abu Bakr stood outside her house underneath the sun and told Umar that he would remain in this position until he recieves her forgiveness. But it was Umar who was convincing him to not worry being unforgiven by a woman. I normally think that I am the most naive person but then when I look at this im like ..... that is clearly because of Imam Ali (as)' character and humbleness. Doesn't give proof that Shias have some kind of respect for Umar. Imam Ali (عليه السلام) didn't fight the first 3 caliphs and refused to do so especially when Abu Sufyan whom you guys believe was a righteous man was the one who attempted to try and convince him to fight. But Imam Ali (عليه السلام) did not want any war and bloodshed between Muslims and hence he remained quiet. And he did remind the companions many times that Rasullulah (sawas) appointed him as a successor and the events that took place proving it. They knew he was right, but they were all hungry for power. my point mentioned above.
  7. There is no real and objective truth / reality except God Himself. Shias tend to emphasize the principle of justice (adalat) to such an extent they attempt to take justice in their own hands by doing something humans are not meant to do, judge someone else’s heart and intentions. The truth is that they fail to comprehend the limits of human reason when it comes to judgments. This is the weakness of Shias. Sunnis should not be so quick to judge Shias and call them Kafir unless they want to share in the same fault as the very ones they are accusing. Majority of Shias are simply taught from Avery young age everything negative about the revered companions in Sunni Islam. There is not a single praiseworthy trait Shias can imagine or think about and this is a sign that they brainwashed. They cannot be blamed for their ignorance but they should be blamed for their laziness and apathy when they insist of their views without question and especially when confronted with a competing narrative of events. They have a bad a opinion of everyone they don’t agree with. Their minds will creative all kinds of conspiracies just so they can justify their false beliefs The only guys that are clearly brainwashed are you lot. Seriously ? You can take back what u said about conspiracy theories because every single belief of ours is not only backed up by narrations but also the holy Qur'an itself. But most of youse don’t bother to read and conceal the truth. Those narrative of events are mentioned in your own God damn books. Or do y’all keep using the same excuse “they’re the Sahaba no matter what, we should still respect them”. While I agree that we shouldn’t judge one’s heart and intentions, the vile actions these so called companions have committed are already proof enough of what their intentions were. Stealing the rights of the Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام), is that something that can be ignored just because we can’t judge someone’s intentions? So tell me what other purpose was it ? That’s like saying we shouldn’t judge a thief’s intention of stealing despite him stealing . The weakness youse probably have is lack of logic . No, that’s an issue you guys have. Your beliefs literally make no sense. You call us lazy when in fact we are the ones who Have to explain thousands of times why those false beliefs y’all have created about us contradict to what we truly believe in. And we use the Qur'an as our main source, then we back it up with ahadith. The problem with youse is that you refuse to go on the touchy subjects like the Wilayah of Imam Ali (عليه السلام), or the even of Ghadir. Because y’all know that it will stir up a lot of questions.
  8. its bc men come from trash p e r I o d ttttt
  9. Insha Allah when I grow up and if I ever have kids I will make sure they can open up to me as well as trust me. Now with your question, absolutely not. Highschool love is a huge NO. Young boys are absolute trash and make stupid promises to the girl, breaking her heart in the end. I will make sure she stays away from that. However, if she has a crush or deep feelings for someone, I wouldn't be hard on her, rather I'd guide her and give solid advice as to how she should deal with it. Also to avoid crossing boundaries. If she is interested in getting married to him, then obviously I need to check if he is the right guy for her, cause alot of men are players and only want to satisfy their desires. Insha Allah I will also make sure that she has the full right to find out if he's suitable for her or not. just as long as she does not cross her limits and that I am fully aware. Think about it, certain things in Islam are forbidden for a reason. When being in a haram relationship, bad things happen. Heartbreak, unwanted pregnancies, STD and AIDS. Allah doesn't want us to go through that. in a relationship, the guy can just leave her whenever he wants, however marriage is when both parties have given rights to eachother through signing a contract along with commitment, so its not so easy to just simply walk out the door and leave your wife and unborn child behind. the man has to fulfill his rights to the woman, thats why marriage is important.
  10. Go read Bukhari and sahih Muslim in depth then u can judge
  11. It only annoys me when some of them somehow start to judge other girls because they’re Shia and I’ve noticed this within my highschool. I’m not one to judge but you know what I mean. Some girls who had boyfriends or did stuff still would point out that we’re different bc were Shia. Why would you be annoyed and sad? It’s not like everyone’s perfect, even if we were to strive to be the best at the end of the day we’re still sinners. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be sad at the fact that the ummah has gone corrupt, but at the same time we shouldn’t judge and feel annoyed because we too have flaws. In my community, even if a girl wears normal clothes that are considered modest, they will still judge her based on other things and this really pisses me off. This is what I mean by judging. A lot of young men are just as bad. Skinny tight jeans Mohawks, alcoholic drug addicts. Drug dealers. And yet parents still have it easy on them.
  12. I remember back in my old Sunni school we used to recite it every morning in assembly. It went something like التحيات و بركات و صلوات طيبات لله السلام عليك ايه النبي و رحمة الله و بركاته السلام علينا و على عباد الله الصالحين اشهد ان لا الآه الا الله و اشهد ان محمد رسول الله That’s all I remember forgot how the rest went but I think theirs is longer
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