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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, Just very quick and to the point; how does one know what their dreams/ passions are? How long does it take for one to realise this? I feel like I'm wasting my time doing this course (biomed sci) if I feel that it won't get my anywhere, and at the same time if I leave this degree and not finish it (is a 3 year undergrad and i have a year only left), I will also be wasting my time. The only positive aspect is it opens several doors; and I've looked into each one and I found a few which seem to be good. Nevertheless I feel like i am being too indecisive and I can't make up my mind. I
  2. Salam Rasullulah(sawas) wrote a will and is authentic as it is famously narrated in ghaybat al Tusi. Because he couldn’t write his will it was narrated by imam Ali (عليه السلام). If you think from a logical point of view, a Muslim cannot leave this world if he doesn’t leave behind a will, and as narrated by rasullulah (sawas) if you die without a will it is as if you died as a jaahil. Sure the so called companions prevented him but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have a will. How? It emphasises on how it’s compulsory to leave behind a Will. It is prescribed that when
  3. I don't believe this is the full narration This somewhat contradicts the previous narration you just quoted. Yeah and majority of them don't. Event to the ones who are evil? There is a narration by the way if I have the source I will give it, but that in the end of times the Holy Prophet's (sawas) face will be bowed down and he will be saddened and dissapointed because of his children, so all the narrations you provided literally contradicts this one.
  4. Salam alaikum, This is a topic I would like to openly discuss. It is a very unfortunate thing where we have most families in which their nasab goes back to our Holy Prophet (sawas), have extreme pride and arrogance. Where I live I hear alot of families not choosing to marry saadeh for that very reason, along with conservatism and close mindedness. They choose to be boastful about their lineage and that they deserve all the respect and entitlement, that they're always the right ones and everyone else is wrong, that they're supposedly more pious than others, and the list goes on. I am
  5. 1. Mutah is a complicated and twisted thing nowadays, so i understand why your mum is against it. Alot of men take advantage of it too. 2. Same reason as the first. Men cheat on their wives because apparently its islamically allowed and marja3 say you can marry a woman without your first wife's permission or knowledge. 3. Agree 4. Agree 5. Agree 6. somewhat agree 7. somewhat agree, and theres nothing wrong with it but islamically the male is responsible over the house and he provides for the wife and kids. Doesn't mean the wife isn't responsible, she can still wor
  6. salam This question is directed to everyone is this what you'd consider to be halal or harram music? its very classical and only has a piano background, and it has serene and peaceful tune. it makes me relax, it doesn't give me adrenaline.
  7. salam alaikum, I am very confused by all these rulings by different maraji3 when it comes to mensutration and istihaza, although i don't follow sayyed sistani my mother does and I would like a clear and concise answer on this matter. So basically I got my period, and normally my period lasts seven days max (including the brownish discharge on the last days). Now, I was told that according to sayyed sistani, if its spotting or brownish discharge, that is considered istihaza and not part of haydh. Howeverr, my mum says otherwise as she believes that the menstruation lasts up to ten da
  8. Most maraji3 believe in the same thing. neither Salaam bro, Where has this been said? From what I know we only have ages for consummation like 9 for women Well according sistani and others you can do lustful acts with them when they’re babies. That’s not an excuse. None of what the office staff or the marja is saying are good excuses. every generation is different, if it’s not relevant why would he put up such a ruling In the first place? And if we focus on the old times, you think Rasullulah (sawas) would marry off his beloved daughter sayeda Fatima
  9. Under any circumstance he can’t force her into something that isn’t wajib. He shouldnt force her into anything. If it’s something for her own good like for example she stopped praying and prayer is wajib, he should encourage her to get back praying without actually forcing her. Again, it’s her choice. If SHE thinks she’ll fall into sin, not what her husband thinks. I think a lot of people do not know what the main reason of the hijab is,and they think it’s main reason is to cover ourselves from men. Sure it’s one of the reasons but That isn’t even a main reason let alone O
  10. And... how is that a bad thing? Who said that is haram? You think your wife is not seen by many non mahram nowadays when she walks into a mall or her workplace? In that sense I. Think you are being picky and asking too much. If she has a job depending where she’s working, she’s gonna have to interact with a lot of men and women, based on your post you don’t seem too keen on that. Even this is being picky, unless the wife genuinely doesn’t like social media than that’s different. She’s still observing the hijab, so I don’t get what you mean because she’s still covered. What if her foll
  11. Salam, There was a thread a long while ago back about this issue. And yes Sistani did mention it as well as Khomeini (or Khamenei not sure). But this is the first time I'm hearing that he removed it recently. Honestly, I don't care marja3 or not, it is absolutely disgusting that he publishes something like that, so how could he not recieve backlash for it? To all the people trying to defend him here, I don't understand how people can 'misinterpret' such a vile thing. You think men don't take advantage of this? What about young minor brides in many of the Islamic countries?
  12. Preach. I could write all day about this issue Unfortunately the Muslim community today have too much pride and arrogance. Especially when it comes to Saada, it really pisses me off why they view themselves so high just because they are a direct descendant of the Prophet (sawas). Its disgusting and I remember making a thread similar to this a while ago, how alot of people claim themselves to be 'believers', when there is literally a guideline from Imam Ali (عليه السلام) for becoming a believer and unfortunately most of us (including myself) don't adhere to it, yet they have the audac
  13. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this. It can be debatable. First of all, yes I can agree that majority of our youth are going through a crisis in terms of handling their desires, especially in this generation. However, in terms of marriage being far less accessible and because of lack of knowledge, that can be debatable. For example, there are many girls who don't wanna get married because based on what they've witnessed and experienced for themselves that to find a good decent man can be troubling. (Idk if youre mainly referring to men in this situation but since you said youth im a
  14. Marriage completes half of the man's deen not the woman.
  15. salam Actually that's what happened, someone from their family reached out to the girl's mum first, and she basically turned it down. The girl ended up finding out about this through a friend and she was torn, not because she wants to get married but because the fact that her parents hid something like that from her is not okay. And they made a decision for her when she couldn't make a decision for herself because the guy turned out to be supposedly good. they turned it down because his family apparently were "me3dan", which is an iraqi way of saying that they're "chill", its hard to e
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