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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. A friend of mine mentioned that Zoraster , the founder of a monesthetic religion in what is now modern - day Iran , has a lot in common with Prophet Mohamad (Pbuh) . I came across an article written in arabic mentioning events similar to esraa and miraj in the Quraan . They even mentioned that the followers of his religion prayed to god 5 times a day and that they also believed in martyrdom and hur aleein in heaven and all that ( sorry couldnt find the page afterwards so I failed to provide a link ) .I have some questions regarding what I read . First of all , do other Abrahamic religions(Judaisim and Christianity ) believe in martyrdom and its heavenly rewards in the same way ? Im also skeptical about who Zoraster was. Is it safe to say that Zorasterwas a prophet from God due to the striking resemblance to Islam ? Im not sure if other Abrahim religions demand there followers to pray to God 5 times a day or maybe Judaism and Christianity's teachings concerning the way of prayer got corrupted over time . Also, Was prophet Mohamad the only prophet to visit heaven on the buraq ,or did previous prophets reach heaven in a similar way ?
  2. I have some questions regarding how the bible was corrupted . Is there any evidence besides what's mentioned in the quraan ? I have previously thought that the bible was corrupted because there were 4 different versions of the bible , but then my Christian friend mentioned that the bible was compsed of many texts written by the different companions of Jesus and each had its own stories about Him .How do we know as muslims that the scribes and priests changed the intial words of god ? Is there any proof?
  3. You shouldn't think of your identity issue in a way that puts a lot of pressure on you. I used to keep on trying to evalute each and everything going on in the West or even internationally . I was brought up in the Emirates and lived for some time in France so i could relate in a way. Trying to put lots of mental effort on the hopes of finding a balance between Islam and the way everybody else thinnks wont work . It's better not to think about every new idea that you hear about inorder tonaccept or reject it . What is just weird or haram will stand out almost instantly .I do just that . No need to make a big deal out of it . As a 2o year old I believe it's not that hard to judge whats going on worldwide .Being muslim does not contradict with most of what u said above with respect to freedom,property rights etc .. So stressing about wanting to know who u are as amuslim is just a waste of time .I believe that you're sort of disappointed with the way muslims espicially arab muslims sometimes deal with everyday topics with ignorance stemming form their culture and what they're used to ,and not with respect Islam and the teachings of the prophet .Islam is about respect, love , and tolerance . Dont let the West fool you with their fake promises of freedom and equality . Life isnt just about that . Theres more to it . But as a matter of fact ,we do need the implementation of such values in our Muslim world so that the younger generation wouldntfeel lost between modernity seen in the west and social ,political , and scientific ignorance in the East . Same goes for muslims living abroad .
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