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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. In battles of good and evil, it's spiritual lineages that matter. From mentors to disciples the deposits of good or evil are made and carried forward. Biological lineages don't matter much here.
  2. I have a weird tale to tell. My entire family especially some cousins are staunch wahabis and extremely non imaginative and unpoetic sort of people. Their grand father didn't even allow TV in their house so there is no chance that child picked up some fantasy stuff from Indian dramas or movies. Even before he was able to talk in full sentences, he used to refuse to be given a bath. Every bath time was stressful physical exercise for my phupho because he kept on crying and saying "but I drowned last time. I was in a boat eating grapes and I drowned, don't make me go near water. My boat will sink " He was only one years old approximately and could speak in full sentences but these sentences he used to utter in full. And he knew couple of sansikrat ashloks as well, which he mumbled in his speech. Anyhow his family managed to beat all previous memories out of his mind, so now he has forgotten everything about it, or so he says. It was some 30 years back.
  3. Sister, your idea reminded me of one Sunni Saint (?) Khawaja Shamus Din Azeemi. Maybe you have heard of him. He says people will live in purgatory in hostels ( for lack of a better word). Men would live with other men and women will live with other women in their own community centers. People will be made to live among those who match them in temperament and disposition. Interesting concept, isn't it?
  4. Nothing. I will not waste any breath in trying to ask Him AS anything. Seeing Him (عليه السلام) will be knowing everything.
  5. In my country begging is an organized and syndicated sort of operations ;well, atleast most of it. Giving them charity will be helping their ring master who has coerced them into begging in the first place. There are beggers who are on the streets with their free will and because of their property, but they are in minority. To answer your question, I do but only when the beggar is an elderly person or he /she mentions the name of any of the Masoomeen AS
  6. Snobs Prigs People who don't give others right to their space and their solitude.
  7. It's both interesting and frightening. I remember once reading about a woman, a young girl actually, who had this vivid memory of being entangled with slippery ropes and almost being strangled by them. Later on she came to know she had her umbilical chord wrapped around her while being born.
  8. No, I don't. But I am the least perceptive person on this Earth. I sometimes get the feelings of deja vu, but that is only because I commit so many blunders and mistakes that they all keep on getting mixed and resurface in my memory. I personally think only very few of us will have some snippets of memory of their life before it began here. But don't you think this idea is a bit similar to reincarnation? I am asking in earnest not to nitpick.
  9. No, it's not about death. He (s) is our lord and Master. We are His (S) humble servants. And it would be our honor to be considered His (s) slaves.
  10. Would you please translate it, even a brief translation would do. TIA
  11. They don't scold me anymore. By not loving type, I think, I meant I tend to let people and things go free an unclaimed by me.
  12. Not the inquisitive type I suppose. I am just not interested in anyone's business. Man, I sound like a dull and dreary person.
  13. Yes, and people should also not take for granted the freedom to follow the religion of their choice. Having the liberty and freedom to follow the path your heart desire is a great great blessing and people should always be grateful for it. You know there are many people who are Shia by allegiance and they never have the freedom to pray and fast they way they want to. Attending a majlis is a forgotten dream for them and ziyarah is out of question, even in their quiet of their hearts they don't mention ziyarah because they know it will never happen. So cherish your freedom. Not everyone has it.
  14. 1. Never happened 2. Some 14 years back 3. No one , I am not the loving type. 4.All the time, 24/7.
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