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  1. And who said im dating her? Instead of saying irrelevant stuff why don’t you answer the question?
  2. Salam, ive met this Christian girl and we both have agreed to start a relationship, since my marja is sayed Sistani im only allowed to do mutah with her. My question is, is she required to take permission from her dad? And if her dad doesn’t agree because of invalid reasons, can she do it without his permission? She is not a virgin, she’s had sexual partners before. Thank you.
  3. Whats better reciting a dua in Arabic without being able to understand what you’re reciting or recite it translated to english so you can understand what you say?
  4. I have the same problem brother, my parents are Christian and it would be so hard for me to marry a Muslim girl coz the girls at my modque don’t want to marry at my age and marriage sites really don’t work for young people, ive also been thinking about doing mutah with a Christian girl of my culture
  5. I’m sorry to everyone if the question may have offended some people maybe I should have worded the question better please forgive me but its quite disappointing that just because I asked this question people think I have a problem with women who aren’t virgin, I personally would not have a problem if I married a girl who isn’t virgin but a man who has never had sex before has the right to marry someone who hasn’t had sex neither and u should not call that man “obsessed”, would u call a Man “obsessed” if he wanted to marry a woman from the same race? And I know some women are born without hymen but that’s not the point, the point is marrying someone who has already had sex with someone else before you. Some men as well as women do care about this especially young people who haven’t been married before
  6. So do you all think is better not to ask and just assume she is virgin if when I talk to her she seems to Be a religious and modest person who would seem to still be a virgin? So Basically should I just choose to make an assumption based on her values or just directly ask her the question no matter what I think about her. Also I ask this question coz I’m 19 and I would be approaching women of my age who most likely wouldn’t have been married before.
  7. Assalamu alaykum I have a question for the sisters, would you find it disturbing if when meeting someone for marriage the potential spouse asked if you are still a virgin? Would that be a turn off for you if he asked that question? Thank you
  8. The prayer timetable for Ramadan came out today in my local mosque which is a Sayed Fadlallah institution, I want to know if I can follow that timetable if my marja is Sistani and not fadlallah
  9. I think one has to understand the wisdom behind such punishments as demonstrated through hadiths, the Prophet and Imams (peace and blessings be upon them all) were merciful towards these offenders possibly meaning that these punishments rather act as deterrents AND also something very curious is that someone who commits murder can be forgiven by the family of the victim and he would not be punished for it then why wouldn’t Allah the Most Merciful forgive someone who commits a less severe sin than murder such as a homosexual act
  10. Here is a Hadith I found in the website of a local mosque which demonstrates that burning was the most severe punishment however Imam Ali as forgives the offender in this case Imam Sadiq ((عليه السلام)) narrated: “A man appeared before Imam Ali ((عليه السلام)) while he was with his companions, confessing: O Amirul-Mo’meneen I have slept with aboy (I.e homosexuality), please purify me. The Imam said to him: Go back home, I’m afraid you have lost your sanity. The next day the same man appeared before the Imam with the same confession, and Imam gave him the same reply. It was until when he appeared before the Imam for the fourth time that the Imam replied: How would you like to be punished? The man said: in the most severe way. The Imam said: that is to burn by fire. He said: I choose that. He then offered two Rak’at prayers and in his Qonoot said: “O Allah! I’ve committed a capital sin and I am concerned about its consequences. O Allah! I came to the successor and the cousin of your Prophet to purify me, and I’ve chosen the most severe punishment. O Allah! I beg you to access this as my retribution and do not burn me in the Hell-Fire in the hereafter. He then finished his prayer and stepped into the punishing pitch while he was crying. Observing the scene ImamAli ((عليه السلام)) and his companions were all in tears. Then the Imam said to the man: Come out! Indeed you made the angels of heaven and Earth cry for you. Lo! Allah has forgiven you, but never do such things again.” (al-Kaafi 7:202).
  11. I want to know according to Imam Khomeini’s view
  12. Salam, would the Guardian Jurist (faqih) of an Islamic state like Iran be the leader of all the Muslims or just the Muslims living in the country he governs?
  13. I think Muslims should let off their culture when they’re around converts because it’s only Islam which unites us so if one tends to follow more his culture than his religion it would be very problematic when dealing with converts. Also mosques in the West should be ‘naturalised’ into the society and be able to serve the people from the society not just the Arab community. How can a non-Muslim or a recent convert learn about Islam in a mosque where everyone is speaking Arabic, all the books are in Arabic and the sheikh doesn’t even speak English.
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