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  1. Is it safe and effective? Not, according to this article. It's a confusing world. So how do we judge who's right and who's wrong? Do bear in mind Quran [4:83] “...and if they had referred it to the Messenger and to those in authority among them, those among them who can search out the knowledge of it would have known it,…”.
  2. Alaikumussalam. Did you mean, 2 stayings in Mash’ar dan 1 staying in Arafah?
  3. Salam to all. Any ideas what are these 3 Sacred Monuments mentioned in the hadith below and where are they? TQ. Al Kafi – V 4 – The Book of Hajj Ch 171 H 6 Ali Bin Ibrahim, from his father, from Ibn Abu Umeyr, from one of his companions, (It has been narrated) from Abu Abdullah (asws) having said: ‘Do you know why three (Sacred Monuments) have been made to be over there?’ I said, ‘No’. He (asws)said: ‘So the one who accomplished anything from these, so he has accomplished the Hajj’.
  4. I’m sorry for your difficulties … Maybe intermittent fasting could be of some help.
  5. Don't worry bro, just to expand my horizon. Anyway thanks for the reminder.
  6. Just to be fair. I found this article defending the position of frameshifted ribosomal translation. It’s not uncommon in nature, especially in viral genome, so it says. It’s still a mystery to me the writer did not explain what happenned to those body cells that produced non-self spike proteins and non-self frameshifted proteins, as a result from T cell immune response. It’s disastorous, according to one german micro biologist. It’s really a very confusing world.
  7. and reduce immunogenecity of mRNA injection, as some people said. I’m thinking and I hope I’m wrong, these people fit the following verse: [Shakir 4:119] And most certainly I will lead them astray and excite in them vain desires, and bid them so that they shall slit the ears of the cattle, and most certainly I will bid them so that they shall alter Allah's creation; and whoever takes the Shaitan for a guardian rather than Allah he indeed shall suffer a manifest loss. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. salam bro @Hasani Samnani N1-methylpseudouridylation of mRNA causes +1 ribosomal frameshifting https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-023-06800-3 can you pls share your take on this: should this be of any concern to us?
  9. De-Dollarization Watch: It's Definitely Happening But slowly, once piece at a time De-dollarization events that would once have been a big deal have become common lately. Some examples: UAE officially stops using dollar for oil trades (Watcher) - The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is asking BRICS countries to settle oil trade in local currencies and not the U.S. dollar. The Middle Eastern nation is aiming to diversify its economic partnerships by renewing payment methods for oil trade deals. The UAE is approaching China, Russia, India, and Egypt, among other nations to pay local currencies for oil settlement and sideline the U.S. dollar. According to reports, the UAE is in talks with 15 countries and is promoting local currency payments ending reliance on the U.S. dollar. The realigning of bilateral strategic partnerships could lead to a paradigm shift in the financial approach of BRICS countries. Controlling the global oil sector by ending reliance on the U.S. dollar could make BRICS turn into an economic powerhouse. Russia-China de-dollarization almost complete – deputy PM (RT) - 95% of trade between the countries is now settled in their national currencies, according to Andrey Belousov Western currencies have been almost completely phased out in Russia-China trade, as nearly all payments between the countries are now carried out in rubles and yuan, Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov announced on Monday. Since the introduction of Western sanctions on Moscow, Russia and China have accelerated the use of their own currencies in trade. According to Belousov, 95% of all transactions between Russia and China are now carried out in one of the countries' national currencies, and given the rapid expansion of mutual trade and cooperation, this percentage is likely to grow. Speaking at a meeting of the Russia-China intergovernmental commission in Beijing, the deputy prime minister said bilateral trade between the two countries will exceed the target of $200 billion this year, and may reach $300 billion by 2030. source
  10. Key takeaways The U.S. dollar’s hegemony is in question due to geopolitical and geostrategic shifts, including the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis. While the dollar has maintained its transactional dominance, some de-dollarization is taking place in FX reserves. The greenback is also losing some influence in oil markets, where more sales are now being transacted in non-dollar currencies. However, rapid de-dollarization is not on the cards, especially as the U.S. has a long-standing global network of alliances and partnerships. source
  11. 10 years ago, none of these things would have happened. But now change is happening at a pace that is absolutely breathtaking. At this point,John Carney is warning that a fracturing of global currency reserves is “inevitable”… “[It’s] not only a serious threat, I think it is inevitable. We went through three stages, as you said, after World War II. The U.S. was the biggest economy in the world. In the 1970s, global banking became basically dollar central. With the fall of the Soviet Union, the entire world, more or less, came under the domination of the U.S dollar…” “That is now drifting away. China and Russia are starting to build an alternative block of currency,” John Carney explained Sunday. Sadly, I agree with him. source
  12. There is a lot of worse things than dying and living like a slave is one of those, so says one US 2024 presidential candidate. source
  13. Don’t kill the messenger and nothing to do with masking but just an informal twitter survey related to autism. You can read more here
  14. Court awards over $20 Million for Vaccine-Caused Autism https://www.fiercebiotech.com/biotech/court-awards-over-20-million-for-vaccine-caused-autism The National Autism Association joins thousands of parents nationwide in support of the federal claims court's decision acknowledging that vaccines were responsible for the development of autism in Hannah Poling, who regressed developmentally after receiving nine vaccines on the same day. Just 18 months old at the time, Hannah's health also declined dramatically in the aftermath of the shots. In what many parents are referring to as Orwellian doublespeak, the government determined that the vaccines Hannah received triggered an undiagnosed mitochondrial disorder that didn't "cause" the onset of autism but "resulted" in it. "These word games fool no one," according to NAA board chair and parent Lori McIlwain. "It's time for the government to admit that vaccines can and do cause autism in some children. We need to learn from children like Hannah Poling and develop strategies for the prevention of further needless injuries."
  15. Thanks bro. I’m a bro too. I came to know a real story where this adulterous husband was trying his best to convince his wife (now ex-wife) that she should obey him by accepting his adulterous partner (now his wife) as a second wife and not filing for divorce. He admitted so during a hearing in a shari’a court. What was not revealed during the trial, is the fact that his second wife gave birth to a baby after 5 months of their official marriage. Do share the evidences from islamic point of view. Is verse Quran [76:24] one of them? Instead of repentance, now he’s suing his ex-wife for nushuz. well said bro. The problem is that where I come from, cheating husband psyops their unsuspecting wife that husband should be obeyed, no matter what.
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