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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. as salam wa alkium brothers and sisters, i just want to ask a question that i got different answers for when i asked the people around me. There is a masjid near my house only 5 minutes drive from my house and i can walk there in a few minutes, its mostly sunni people there and i was wondering is it okay to pray with them ? like when they have their gathering prayer and Friday prayer is it okay to pray alongside them,i do my own wuthu i don't put my hands up or anything my hands are still on my sides and i say "Allah huma salli ala muhammad wa alaa muhammad" when it needs to be said during prayer silently though so they don't hear out of respect. i told some people that live near me and some said its okay and some said its not okay. the problem is the shia masjid is 30 minutes away from me and i cant always go there. this one is closer to me and its easily accessible, and i been going a few times and the people are very nice and knowledgeable, can you please answer with some sources or hadiths if not any common sense will do.
  2. as salam wa alkium brother, what you must know is that Allah s.w.t has put in our body a brain and this brain can do many things, one such thing is to question even Allah s.w.t himself, so if you asking is it okay to question Allah s.w.t yes it is okay, because we need to question things to seek out answers, therefore we wont find answers unless we begin to ask questions about Allah s.w.t and anything we need information about. ill give you an example from the quran however i do not know which surah it is in and what wording it came in. Allah s.w.t told the angels he is going to send a prophet to mankind and the angels questioned Allah s.w.t saying something on the lines of that shouldnt you send one of us to guide mankind we are better and worship you more, Allah s.w.t replied something on the lines of i know better than what you know. another example is prophet ibrahim, prophet ibrahim was looking for god, when the sun rose he said that is god and believed that was Allah until it set, that means for a whole day he thought the sun was Allah, then he said the moon was Allah that set too that means for a whole night he thought Allah was the moon then he thought the stars were Allah then they disappeared and he then said i will only find Allah if Allah lets me find him. what you can take from this is that even if you make a mistake and question Allah and live with the answer you recieved from someone for a while if you keep asking questions you will get the right answer and only Allah will guide you to that answer. so its okay to question Allah and his methods this is why Allah has given us the questioning ability to seek out answers. i hope this helps.
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