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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam so I follow this facebook page The Palestinian Information Center. and on this particular post I found this comment So I really wanted to respond but then I figured that this probably is a hasbarah troll from the zionist cyber army division (yes those exist read about it here and here ) and he is probably getting paid extra by any engagement with his words.So I thought why not publish it here and at leats get it off my chest somewhere on the interwebs. you better live the rest of your meager life fully,israelli setller.
  2. first of all, you took one phrase out of context out of a 45 minute video out of ongoing series that has reached as of date 99 videos هذا بهتان و ستحاسب عليه
  3. So whats a a "western" thing then? hmmm...oh I get it ! Colonizing and oppessing people for centuries and usurping their lands and turning them into slaves to harvest their own country for 150 years just like Belgium did for Congo and cut their hands off and leave them to starve if they stopped working from extreme fatigue ? source Or massacre and ethnically cleanse entire regions and villages everytime a band of impovrished and starved resitance wanted to revolt and free their country and then cut off their heads and display them in a musuem as "racial" "specimen" for 150 year
  4. Why Muslims Love Fatima (S) | Br. Khalil Jafar | Must Watch Amazing ! especially the conclusion.
  5. Please read this article.Well though and researched answers on the issue http://www.moonofalabama.org/2018/01/us-government-runs-anti-head-scarf-campaign-against-iran.html#more some quotes
  6. Really ? the dailymail ? the dailymail isnt a reliable source on anything remotly iranian so its not worth any discussion anymore.I hope this discussion ends here
  7. You just made my day with this post. I was scrolling down : ah jayden smith ,aka the guy with crazy tweets ,he has a weird haircut and weird tshirt but meh i have seen worst Another scroll down: eww that skirt,oh woah that skirt is absolutely horrendous and the pose is certainly not helping well at least he is wearing shorts underneath so its not you know....all out.
  8. Look I dont have a clear view on your situation only you know that,But if I were you I would work quietly and steadily on a way out. Perhaps you finished your studies and maybe you could focus on finding work preferably some distance away from him. Or maybe you havent finished yet maybe think about going back to school for degree/certificate that would allow you to work. Also search for scholarships grants etc. Trust the first step to emancipation is financial independance. Another point you should think about : you are 28 years and your mother,that you care for deepl
  9. True. I am not talking about his case specifically, but if someone is willing to be such an extremist in his thinking (as in being an Islamophobic white supremacist) then there is something fundamentally wrong in his thinking independently from his ideology. As you said lets hope he finds the true path and doesn't end up becoming a wahabist or getting shot by his former cohorts.
  10. One word be an unmoveable object.Your faith is an unmoveable object. I am currently studying in the West and I am a visible minority.Not only am I a woman wearing a hijab but my field is also predominently male. In your third point you said : first of all :its a sin.So honestly I dont care two cents if its normal here or not.What I realised after coming here is that it depends on you and solely on you.For me I do not shake hands with men and when one presents his hands I just say no.yes simply no.usually they look at me for a few seconds and they get embarassed and then they
  11. Alsalamu alaykum , My brother is thinking about contiunuing his studies in Canada, as he might receive the funds to study a subject he is really interested in. But he is rather hesitant as it will be his fist time travelling and living on his own.But we talked and I convinced him that choosing an area where there is a strong involved shia community might ease the transition (my brother is really involved in our local community but hates change). So which area would you suggest? جزاكم الله كل خير
  12. for those who can read arabic please take a look at this ALMAYADEEN article https://www.almayadeen.net/news/politics/850229/إيران-في-عين-العاصفة-الأميركية-عداء-تاريخي-ورغبة-جامحة-بالان/
  13. hey guys Islamic Pulse posted a video answering all our question and clarifying the issue as always.I think we can all agree that Islamic pulse is a trusted and reliable source The Reality behind the Iran Protests | Backfire Islamic Pulse
  14. guys I find that these articles explain the situation really well. http://www.moonofalabama.org/2017/12/iran-early-us-support-for-rioters-hints-at-a-larger-plan.html#more http://www.moonofalabama.org/2018/01/iran-protests-decrease-riots-increase-us-prepares-for-the-next-phase.html#more For those not interested in reading them here are some excerpts and this The small groups that hijacked the protests against Rouhani's economic polices were heavily promoted by the usual suspects of U.S. influence operations. Avaaz, the RAND cooperation, Human Rights Watch a
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