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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @Yasmin P why do u believe in quran ??not in any hadith how do u interpret quran
  2. Ty for this And i also just heard some more thing that hazrat Ali a.s was tied by ropes Is it or not???
  3. A/w why didnt hazrat ali did anything when umar came his house and fired his door and all that why he didnt fight to save that miscourage(mohsin) provide me some proof of this event and is he fought on that day or not ???
  4. @Doctor Tareen if the prophet said ali is mawla in front of only one person that means there is revealed of words it didnt matter how many people and where he said the word where revelaed by him mean he didnt did by himself Allah is the one who command And you were saying you accept these words so is there any of your fake writers had said that there was a word revelaed for sunnah befor this
  5. A/w https://youtu.be/4uQaa2bOwmA this is a shiakh vedio he was saying that bibi maryam s.a is a hermaphrodite(means both male and female ) by doing quran tarjumma plzz help
  6. @Hameedeh i think @just a muslim has a good point and we see our first imam as mushkilkusha and i think we ask help from ali by saying ya ali madad
  7. Ty @Hameedeh And we often use ya Ali madad??? What is it
  8. I need help one of my sunni freind ask that why u ask help from imam ??? And he said u should ask only from Allah ? What shpuld i reply help
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