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  1. Bismillah, salaam. If you would like for your Du'a to be included in a Ziarah of some Harmain of Iran and Iraq, please fill out this form. It will be open till Monday 4 July, 11:59pm Pakistan Standard Time (GMT+5). https://forms.gle/BKXxzhU2F7go3iyH7 JazakAllah.

    1. Hameedeh


      @Muntazir e Mahdi Salam, Brother. Thank you. Safe travels. May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) bless you and your family. 

  2. Bismillah, Salaam.
    Please pray for my academics. University is being very difficult right now and I'm finding it hard to focus after my paternal grandmother's death... Please pray for her maghfirat and patience for my family.
    May Allah reward you Graciously...

  3. Bismillah, salaam. I have university mid term exams going on currently. I have been studying hard for them while trying to manage personal and family matters. I request that you pray these matters improve and Allah gives me success in my exams. JazakAllah. Wasalaam.

  4. Requesting Du'a... Please spare some time to include my family and I in your Du'as... JazakAllah...

  5. Bismillah. Salaam. Requesting prayers. JazakAllah. Wasalaam.

  6. Bismillah, Salaam.

    I hope you have a good day, insha'Allah :)

  7. Bismillah, Salaam...

    Requesting prayers for our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Afghanistan, and everywhere in the world generally. Please pray for the reappearance of Imam al-Qāʾim (عليه السلام) to happen very soon. Please pray with all your being and with utmost sincerity...


  8. Bismillah, Salaam.

    Requesting prayers for removal of worries, resolution of issues, and granting of supplications from mu'mineen. May Allah reward you greatly for your prayers...


    1. inneedofprayers


      Salam, I will pray for you. May God have mercy on you, and all of us

  9. Salaam. Requesting prayers to ease stresses and issues by having needs fulfilled.



  10. Salaam. Requesting Dua. In need of suplications of mu'mineen. Have memorised Dua al-Faraj (Illahi Azomal Balaa...) due to frequent recitations at this point, hence I ask for your help in the form of Dua. Thank you and God bless you. Wasalaam.

  11. "If not today, then tomorrow everyone will say."

  12. Shi'a Islam and Contemporary Education:


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