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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Shi'a Islam and Contemporary Education:


  2. In the name of Allah, I have made a video touching upon my country's education system and how it effectively contributes to Shi'a oppression. JazakAllah
  3. اے ظالموں لعنت صرف مجھ سے ہی نہیں ماں باپ سے نہیں صرف عزیر سے نہیں جن پر کرب و بلا لائے، کل کائنات سے بے شمار کہ خالق نے خود کہا یہ ہے سزائے ظالمین
  4. کتنوں کو تم اس فانی جہاں میں سختیاں دو گے؟ کتنوں کو تم اس زندگی سے جلد جدا کرو گے؟ اے ظالموں سنو، تمہارے تو وارث بھی نہیں مظلوم کے وارثوں کو تم تو جانتے تک بھی نہیں اگر جان لو انہیں تو تم کچھ نہ سہہ سکو گے ہاں اب منتظر سے دُور ہمارا دَور بھی نہیں
  5. سیاہ پوش، سفید عمل، سپاہِ الٰہی مقامِ حق، تو سودا دنیاوی تنہائی گریہِ شاہ پیشِ نظرِ اُلٹ، مگر حملہ تو حاضر شاہِ فردوس اور استقبالِ غازی آنسو و لہو باہم عطا سرِ مصلّیٰ اطمینان تآ اختتام، کہ راہ ہے نورانی ظالم کی صدا صرف پھونک، نہ سدا شرط کہ وقت نہ بعدِ روزِ کمائی واسطہِ عظیم، مصروفِ سجدہِ دعا حاجتِ منتظر ہو قبول بارگاہِ الٰہی
  6. For an open network, I assure you that it is not that easy to rely on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc because of how they lean politically, religiously, morally, ethically, etc... Technically the current Shiachat network is excellent since it has sub-forums for interfaith dialogue as well and is open to all, but there is a catch which may be applicable to any network you might make or use, which is banning. Shiachat itself is "sort of" banned where I live, with the main website being inaccessible often due to censorship (my country clearly fears us Shi'as, even though we gave the most in
  7. MAJOR UPDATE!!!! It turns out the link does work and it's just that it was blocked in my country and the VPNs and proxies I used were not working! This Prophet, who might be the son of Prophet Dhu Al-Kifl (عليه السلام) is indeed this very Prophet! And I made a terrible mistake in my account, may God and those who read this forgive me for it, Prophet 'Isma'il (Sadiq al-wa'd) (عليه السلام) did not wish to be among those martyrs, he wished to be returned to the world with Imam Ab'abdillah Syed us Shuhada (عليه السلام) with Raj'a! For those who also cannot access the link, here is
  8. Hmm, then I guess Iran it is, Qom I believe. Now I need to find a way to enroll. Definitely will have to work there now.
  9. Really? I thought they were comparable in terms of the level of knowledge they'd give after reading about them. Now how exactly to go about enrollment... And yes I've heard about the stipend. Unfortunately I don't exactly have much money, so it seems I'll have to work odd jobs or something, which is really fine since I am doing so the learn in the way of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى).
  10. I hope we are close to the time too... Insha'Allah we will see his return very soon and be his helpers. Dua e Faraj is such a grand Dua, we are so lucky to have it.
  11. yes that much I understood, I just want to play it safe haha. Do you have any links about the description of the Sufyani? Would love to read about that.
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