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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Bismillah i Rahman i Raheem Salaam un Alaikum I was recently told that the proper time to perform the Asr prayer is 2 hours after the Zuhr, according to Ayatollah Sistani. However, many Shia apps often tell me the time for Asr, about 4 hours after the Zuhr. I would like to know for sure what Ayatollah Sistani says about the timing of the Asr prayer. JazakAllah Alaikum us Salam
  2. Could you link such a copy? I'm having trouble finding one with the wasiyat.
  3. Salaam un Alaikum I am searching for an app for Android, which word allow me to read the Nahj al-Balagha, translated in English, with the wasiyat/will of Imam Ali a.s included. Would anyone be kind enough to link such an app to me? JazakAllah Alaikum us Salaam
  4. Salaam I have a simple question to ask. Is it alright if one cries while performing their prayers (Salaah)? As in, does it invalidate the prayer or no? JazakAllah W. Salaam
  5. Bismillah Salaam JazakAllah everyone for your contributions. May Allah reward you for your efforts. Verily I am grateful. W. Salaam
  6. Bismillah Salaam Unfortunately, my family is in a sort of turmoil like state, due to parental issues, and "grand-parental" issues... As the middle child and the first son, bearing the burden of studies and social life is already very painful. With the addition of dealing with the psychological pain caused by family issues, life has become indeed very much painful for me. Due to having a lot of empathy, I often hurt a lot due to parental issues and issues of siblings... Sometimes it gets out of hand, and I utter something unpleasant in front of them, even if it is the truth, as I my mind wants someone to listen to me so they can stop being part of the problem. This is exactly what happened very recently, and it has caused great pain to my parents and to me as well, to the point from which there may be no return. I have turned to Allah for help, and to the Prophet SAWW and his progeny AS. I have prayed quite a bit for swift betterment, and am now in search of a Dua that can help resolve such family issues. Therefore I am here to ask you all, if you know any Dua for the resolution of family issues, as I am in dire need for one. JazakAllah. TLDR; I need a Dua to solve family issues urgently. JazakAllah. W. Salaam
  7. Bismillah Salaam Brother, I give my condolences to you. What everyone before me has stated is absolutely correct. I understand your pain, it is indeed hard to lose someone you love dearly. My father taught me that we must make the thought clear in our small minds that nothing here lasts forever except what Allah (S.W.T) wills, his father passed away when he was a mere toddler. My mother has taught me the same, when her father passed away decades ago. You must put your trust in Allah (S.W.T), and thank him for what you currently have. Know, that He knows better than anyone everything that happens is because of his will. You should place your trust in him to give you happiness. You should also pray for those who departed this world, and for the Hidaayat for those who left you for wrongful reasons, and for yourself as well, you should have the Prophet (S.A.W.W) and his Progeny (A.S) as a Waseela, and InshaAllah your prayer to gain happiness will be answered. A way to realise how fortunate you are, is by thinking about the Ghurbat of our Masoomeen, how they passed away, how their Sahabah and Progeny passed away, especially for Imam Hussain (A.S). Think of the Ghurbat of Imam Musa Kazim (A.S), whose whole youth was trampled by the Zulm of those who were against what Allah (S.W.T) wanted. Once you think of their plights and lives, InshaAllah you will feel better. I hope you use this feeling of sadness to get closer to Allah (S.W.T). Another way to vent out your sadness can be by doing something you enjoy. You should also consider writing about your tale, whether in prose or poetry. InshaAllah Allah (S.W.T) will answer your calls of distress. W.Salaam
  8. Bismillah Salaam Perhaps it would be appropriate for you to simply treat her as a friend. The nature of human beings is unpredictable... It may in fact be true that she may be doing this in order to simply annoy you. It may even be that she may "like" you. In either case, I do not recommend faking any feelings for her, or telling her to scurry off. In my personal and perhaps flawed opinion, it would be better for you to possibly just remain as friends. Chances are that eventually she will stop "chasing" after you. You must remember always good sir, that what your faith has taught you. In some cases, a choice may be difficult, such as if she say, wants a "hi-five". It would be better for you to come up with any excuse, but please avoid lying. I do understand such a situation may be tough and/or awkward, but you should remember that Allah (S.W.T) is the giver of everything you have, so His commands must always come first (this does not mean that you should be an extremist, Allah dislikes extremism). Though, if such an act happens that is against Allah (S.W.T)'s commands, you should ask Him for forgiveness, as he is the most Merciful. TLDR: Just play it cool and act as a friend. Avoid touches, and if such a matter happens, then ask Allah (S.W.T) for forgiveness. May He help you in your situations. W.Salaam
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