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  1. Completely Agree
    funklebits got a reaction from TheAnticipator12 in Plastic Pollution   
    If you can, buy clothes made from natural fibers instead of synthetic. 
    Clothing with synthetic material bleed micro plastic into the water when you wash them.
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    funklebits got a reaction from feefee_xx in The End Of The World//Day Of Judgement   
    I would caution not to jump to conclusions. As long as I have walked this Earth (41 years) the world has been ending. If you look at the data the world is in a better place than it has been in a long while. The Ummah is bigger than it ever has been. There is less war. 
    If I could be so bold, I think two things are in play, the first being the ease of access to the world and events and two, the unfamiliarity with natural geologic, atmospheric and astronomic sciences. I ask again for your forgiveness and mean no offense.
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    funklebits got a reaction from Berber-Shia in Quantum Jumping and Islam?   
    Please forgive this reply as it is not my intent to insult, but I would be wary of anyone claiming to have successfully made a Quantum Jump. Quantum is the latest buzz word for the current "science like"(in popular culture) culture. 
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    funklebits got a reaction from Sirius_Bright in $999 Monitor stand - gone too far?   
    I was part of a small discussion that talked about the direction tech companies are going and someone said, Apple isn't really a tech company anymore, but a fashion company. I can't remember the gent's name, but he's not lying. 
  5. My Prayers
    funklebits got a reaction from OrthodoxTruth in eHawza   
    I just enrolled and have made it through almost half of the first course of the semester and I can sum up my experience with one word,
    What a blessing it is to Learn from Sheikh Leghaei. With each lecture I grow and learn. 
    Inshallah once I am done with all of my studies I can become an asset to our community and to humanity.
  6. Completely Agree
    funklebits got a reaction from AmirioTheMuzzy in I need help with a Sunni/Shia debate   
    This is quite possibly one of the best things I have read in a long while and I hope you don't mind, but I may be using that phrase.
  7. Thanks
    funklebits got a reaction from AmirioTheMuzzy in Alert: l Have a Hindu Site Ghosting on my Computer   
    Thank you for the question and yes, Absolutely.
    The short version is,
    99% of exploits are based on unpatched (un-updated) vulnerabilities.
    The long version is,
    In the Cyber Security world we have a Cyber arms market. It is almost exactly the same as the regular arms market, but it deals more with exploits and information. Whenever Windows, Apple, etc.. announce they are going to patch something, a race begins to exploit what ever the patch will fix. Generally you will see exploits for sale 5-15 days after the announcement. They will range in cost from millions (depending on what access the exploit will give you) to a few hundred dollars. At about 15-30 days the exploit is more readily available due to people buying it and trading it for other exploits or info. Generally at the 30-60 day mark it becomes more and more available and can be easily found. After about the 60 day mark you can usually find it for free. At this point you have script kiddies (our version of low level criminals) actively using the exploit. 
    Here is a good example using Google Dorking (Google Dorking is using Google to search for things that may be vulnerable) of how easy it is to find vulnerable machines, However, please understand that this search doesn't mean they are all vulnerable, but the assumption is that these hosts have been stood up and have not been secured.
    In google copy the below line and paste in the browser;
    intitle:"Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page: It works"
    This will show you all Apache Servers that have been stood up and MAY be vulnerable to exploits (hacking) and how easy it is to find web-servers to hack.
    This is kind of streamed lined, but wanted to give you a better idea of everything. Please let me know if there is anything I can further clarify.
  8. Thanks
    funklebits got a reaction from AmirioTheMuzzy in Alert: l Have a Hindu Site Ghosting on my Computer   
    I hope no one minds me adding my two cents to the thread. I am a Senior Info Sec Engineer for a hospital and wanted to make the following statements based off of what I read,
    Apple products are not safe and are just as vulnerable as Windows.
    Linux is an amazing free operating system that is far less vulnerable than Windows and Apple. If you are running a Nix (lingo for Linux) host, no matter the flavor you should have anti-virus on it. No exceptions. I only run Nix in my home and every server and host has antivirus on it.
    If you have a device that connects to the internet the two main ways to protect your self is to turn on automatic updates and install anti-virus. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT OS OR PLATFORM YOU USE.
    If anyone has issues and needs advice or help please feel free to DM me.
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    funklebits reacted to Soldiers and Saffron in Biography of Prophet SAW   
    You are welcomed, I also strongly recommend seyyed Qazwinis series on the biography of Imam Ali (AS):
  10. Thanks
    funklebits got a reaction from Flying_Eagle in Becoming Shia   
    Salaam Alikeum @AbuDharr,
    Welcome and please feel free to dive right in. As long as you are respectful you will get a ton of help and understanding here. If you have any time free I would recommend reading a book called "Then I was Guided". A brilliant book and one I read when I first beacon Shia
    Its free to download here,
  11. Completely Agree
    funklebits reacted to Sirius_Bright in Islamic Government   
    This guy deliberately insulted brothers atleast 4 times in just last 2 posts. He needs lessons in Akhlaaq and warning/suspension. 
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    funklebits reacted to Ibn al-Hussain in British Shi'ism Exposed | The Shirazis, "Imam" Taw   
    I never wanted to get involved in this thread, but given this video is coming out of the "Hawzah" and is somewhat representative of the Western students in Qom, I believe a few points needed to be mentioned.
    Disclaimer 1: I am not in anyway linked to Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi - I have nothing to do with him, and I am not a fan of his academic discussions (I found them to be relatively weak in fact).
    Disclaimer 2: I have nothing against the government of Iran, but I acknowledge the fact that it is still a very young nation post-revolution and a lot of theoretical discussions regarding governance, ethics and Shi'i jurisprudence are still only being uncovered and understood, let alone ironed out systematically. Shi'a scholarship has had close to no political experience of such nature, and our jurisprudence is at least a few centuries behind Sunni jurisprudence when it comes to advanced discussions on law, rights, responsibilities, benefits and harms etc. Many books regarding the political lives of the Imams (a) or even the Prophet (p) have only been written in the last few decades, historically you will be hard-pressed to find books discussing and analyzing the political lives of the Imams - because the topic was so irrelevant as the Shias were not in such a position. All this work is very recent, and we have a long way to go. This is coupled with tons of real issues that exist internally and the corruption that exists amongst politicians and as well as some of the scholarly circles - but my point here is that none of this demands discussion regarding a 'regime' change or 'toppling the regime' or that Sayyid Khamenei is not the deserving person to be leading. That would be counter-productive and catastrophic for the Shia community all around the world. The benefits that have sprung out from the revolution are far too many to count - this is very obvious, to me at least.
    First and foremost, after speaking with a number of students here, I can assure you that most of them were in disagreement with this video and it being published (for various different reasons) and some of them even angry. Secondly, the video has numerous factual mistakes and if they were going to launch such an aggressive attack, it behooved one to ensure there were minimum flaws in what they are presenting. For example, Allahyari has nothing to do with Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi, and in fact, neither does Tawhidi as he has said a few times his views are different to his teacher. In fact on his website, the Royal Institute ( https://imamtawhidi.com/royalinvestigation/ ) document says:
    Imam Tawhidi maintains views which may differ to the opinions of his former teachers as he does not claim to be their deputy or representative in any way.
    Or http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/02/09/exclusive-imam-of-peace-warns-followers-of-detained-iranian-cleric-will-rain-down-on-khameneis-regime/ : 
    In a recent Tweet he wrote:
    Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi has also a number of times distanced himself from Mujtaba Shirazi - based on colleagues who have gone and questioned him about this. Some of the people that Mujtaba Shirazi cursed, Sayyid Sadiq has had relationships with them or at the very least shown respect to them - such as visiting the house of Ayatullah Behjat when he passed away. His office even distanced themselves with what the Fadak TV goons did at the Iranian embassy in London as his representative said these people may have been loyalists, but attacked the embassy independently (similar to what loyal followers of Sayyid Khamenei have done multiple times in Iran, whether it be an embassy or an office of a Marja').
    Now, why doesn't Sayyid Sadiq come out and openly condemn these people instead of doing it in private gatherings, or to individuals who ask him directly, or through his official representatives - I don't know. There are many things scholars believe in and are proponents of, but they don't come out and openly say them. A lot of these types of questions can be raised about Sayyid Khamenei himself. Why speak in vague terms. Why not just come out and point out who these individuals are and make it clear that Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi himself is to be blamed - perhaps he doesn't want to get involved, or sees that things might get worse or because a lot of times these are personal attacks on him he doesn't want to come out and say something as it may come across as him abusing his position of power - I don't know, but we can only speculate all day long. You have another senior Ayatullah in Iran who has been going around for a few years saying Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi gets funding from Saudi Arabia and England, but then says we cannot show the evidence yet. I don't know if speaking in such a manner is healthy or rather creates more speculation, rumours and gives anyone permissibility to go around making claims and then saying 'I can't show you the evidence yet'. The victim here is the average Shia in the West, who is left confused with nothing to judge by but vague attacks and claims made here and there, and those who are loyalists to either camp will remain loyal or continue to follow blindly whoever it is they respect, look up to, and trust their words.
    Secondly, bringing Nakshwani into it at the end seemed like nothing but a desperate attempt to discredit him - most students in the seminary of Qom are not fans of Nakshwani's overall personality and style at all. Perhaps a lot of their issues with him are justified. In this video, instead of attacking him on legitimate concerns they may have, they decided to paint him out as anti-unity and then even ended up trying to link him with UMAA with something they did back in 2003-2004 and throwing in a few pictures of his with Tawhidi and Sayyid Sadiq (which really means nothing - I can show you pictures of individuals who are not anti-government sitting with Sayyid Sadiq in his office). Unfortunately, an average Western student in Qom will not be able to engage with Nakshwani on an academic topic (let alone people like Allahyari or Yasir Habib who will eat them alive), so the issue becomes that of finding other ways to discredit him, even if it means hitting below the belt, like was done in this video.
    Thirdly, the main team of Islamic Pulse in Qom is not interested in studying the Islamic sciences in depth or intensively. In fact not only have one or two of their team members expressed this to me explicitly, or those who previously worked there and then left for the very same reason (i.e. the work demand are a lot and do not allow you to study as much as a student should be if there is any intent on becoming a scholar), but more than one individual can affirm that their primary agenda in Qom is not to study, but rather to engage in a soft-war with the enemies of the Islamic government, the system of Wilayat al-Faqih and the Wali al-Faqih. While this may be a noble cause, their lack of studies and depth of the Islamic sciences and understanding of the history or context in which some of these discussions take place is blatantly obvious in some of these videos (whether it is this specific one or some of the Biskit ones or any other ones where they themselves decide to engage their audience on an Islamic topic). In other words, the number of mistakes they make in these type of videos is far more than the amount they can pinpoint from speeches of Ammar Nakshwani (who most seminarians in Qom will say makes a lot of mistakes off the pulpit - and I agree that he does, but who doesn't).
    Allow me to give a simple example regarding how complicated even just the theoretical discussion on "unity" is (let alone practical and how we are to implement it), just so people on here can think about it from a different perspective. The notion of interfaith or interreligious dialogue or unity is a modern phenomenon that sprung out of the modern secular state. For much of human history, there was no concept of interfaith or interreligious unity, because it made no sense to be on good terms with someone you fundamentally and theologically disagreed with and considered them to be hell-bound. The mainstream Shi'i theological view is no different. You can pick up any scholar from the classical period, up until recently with the likes of Sayyid al-Khu'i and Imam Khomeini, and you will find that everyone (minus perhaps a few reformist scholars in contemporary times) believed that Sunnis, in reality, are like disbelievers and polytheists, whose actions are not accepted and we only treat them as Muslims apparently in this world. In fact, Shaykh Yusuf al-Bahrani went as far as to say that Sunnis are Najis even apparently. This was a basic theological premise that scholars of a religion had regarding others (including Sunni scholars towards us). This theological premise then, of course, begins to show in your jurisprudence when it is allowed to backbite the Sunnis because they are not considered our brothers and believers - mu'min (many jurists believe this ruling to be from the necessities of our Fiqh - the only major jurist who was against it, as far as I know, was Muqaddis Ardebelli and he was pretty much a Sayyid Kamal al-Haydari of his time and jurists like Sahib al-Jawahir critiqued Ardebelli very harshly), it tells you to not physically defend them in a jihad if they are being attacked (because it will result in you in aiding misguidance), it allows you to accuse them falsely and condemn or curse them, and as a matter of fact it leaves no room for you to discuss "unity" with them.
    I personally suggest - those who are interested in the topic of Shia-Sunni unity - to really investigate the matter in more depth. What is the nature of unity that we keep bringing up? Is it a real unity or is it temporary and only apparent? Can unity even be achieved through an internalist perspective of religion, or do we need to base it on something outside of religion (for example the ethical principle of nobility that all humans enjoy)? If it can be achieved through an internalist perspective, do we need to do ijtihad in our theological stance - something some scholars have pushed for in order to make sense of unity and proximity? On the tongues of an average Shia, if unity means to come together on common grounds to fight against the enemies, what happens once this goal is achieved? Does unity lose its relevance at that point since an external enemy no longer exists and the only enemy now is an internal one who you fundamentally disagree with and believe is hell-bound? Often times the problem is rooted in the words we use themselves. For example, unity is a very vague word and I assure you it is a lot more complicated than just saying, it is to unite on common grounds without compromising our beliefs. Research into the history of when the discourse on unity and proximity in the Islamic world began (you don't have to look too far, maybe maximum a 100-150 years ago). Look into the socio-political factors that pushed some scholars to bring this discussion up, who these scholars were (Sunni and Shi'a) and help yourself get a better understanding of the arguments of those who are pro and anti-unity. After all that, then try to understand the notion in the context of global politics and Iran's role as a representative of Twelver-Imami Shi'ism.
    Unfortunately, I do not have the time to expound on this any further, but those who can read Arabic, this might be a good start for them: http://hobbollah.com/articles/التعدّدية-المذهبية-مشروع-التقريب-وإش/
  13. Partially Agree
    funklebits reacted to shiasoldier786 in British Shi'ism Exposed | The Shirazis, "Imam" Taw   
    First they'll ask that Iranians stop saying 'marg bar amerika'. Than they ll say Iran should stop developing its missiles. Than they ll ask Iran to stop helping the oppressed in the world. So where exactly do you draw the line? 
    You think if Iranians stop the slogan the media will change its portrayal of Iran as the enemy. They will simply move on the next thing. 'Why are Iranians deveoping ICBM's'? 'Why are they supporting Hezbollah'? We can never please these people, and we all know it.
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    funklebits reacted to Sirius_Bright in British Shi'ism Exposed | The Shirazis, "Imam" Taw   
    Not sure where to start from. This Islamic pulse videos are Jokes (most of the time). Their precedent is weak and subsequent reasons flawed. It seems this guy (and his team) have the world view as black and white and not able to see the vast spectrum in the middle.
    I, myself, sometimes feel that Shirazis have someone's backing but there's absolute zero evidence to believe they actually have. Only because they are against Wilayat al-faqih and pro-tatbir and curse out loud, it is immature to label them 'agents'. About tawhidi, everyone knows. The 'research team' did a good job reaching out to Qom and not thinking about Najaf. The conclusion that not believing or praising Sayed Ali Khamenei or having a different thought process makes someone Anti-Iran is dumb and shows narrow vision.
    These guys criticized Sayed Ammar Nakhshawani because he touched on sensitive feelings of their 'brothers in Islam' and called terrorists, a terrorist but 'Marg bar Amrika' (I know what it means) is fine because Amrika is Iran's enemy. Enemies of Iran > Enemies of Ahlulbait (ams) ?
    How these guys criticize those not in favour of shia-sunni unity but themselves makes such videos to fracture shia-shia unity.
    Strange, why none of the members noticed the last part of the video. Comparing Sayed Ali Khamenei to Imam Ali (a.s.)? Really?. 1000s of Pious scholars combined cannot be compared to the dust of the feet of Imam Ali (a.s.).
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    funklebits reacted to SoRoUsH in British Shi'ism Exposed | The Shirazis, "Imam" Taw   
    The main problem with this video is that it presents a false dichotomy. 
    It reflects the intellectal laziness of people. 
    People tend to divide everything to black and white and not care for the vast gray area. 
    In this video, one group/side was labelled evil, while the other group was labelled as righteous. However, these aren't the only two options available. 
    Perhaps both group are deviants. Or perhaps each group is correct on some issues and incorrect on some other issues. 
    At the end of the day, it is up to each individual to study the ahadith of Ahlul Bayt (as), distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable ahadith, then determine what Ahlul Bayt (as) have taught us. 
    As much I liked this video for the information that it provided, I disliked it for simplifying the issue and paiting a false dischotomy. It only perpetuates the intellectual laziness of the Umma. 
  16. Haha
    funklebits got a reaction from ShiaMahamed in Advice in gaining knowledge   
    Salaam Alikeum @Mohammad313Ali,
    I'm unsure if this is want you meant, but I would like to recommend a few tools that have helped me in studying, 
    1. Graph paper; this is the single best thing I began using for studies. Its easy to draw on, segregate thoughts, and allow for greater flexibility in taking notes.
    2. I color code everything and write a simple key in the front or the back of the book for reference.
    3. Using crayons (not the basic kind, but the twist ones) to highlight instead of a highlighter. It doesn't bleed through and gives you greater variety of colors to choose from.
    4. Sticky tabbing index's, glossary, annotations, etc.
    5. Developing or find a note taking system that works for you. Such as the Cornell Note taking system, Outline, Half Page, Mapping, etc...
    Its a worthy thing you are seeking to do Brother. May Allah ((سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى).) be pleased with you.
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    funklebits reacted to Husayni in British Shi'ism Exposed | The Shirazis, "Imam" Taw   
    Sayed Ammar sure has good intentions, slips here and there but that's not the main thing.
    Him taking a picture with Imam Tawhidi, is this acceptable?
    Why would he EVER associate with the likes of him?
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    funklebits reacted to Intellectual Resistance in British Shi'ism Exposed | The Shirazis, "Imam" Taw   
    Yes, he is definitely not in that group. I really think this was an error of the brothers at Islamic Pulse to lump him in with that crowd, even if he has been doing somethings one would regard as questionable. 
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    funklebits reacted to Intellectual Resistance in British Shi'ism Exposed | The Shirazis, "Imam" Taw   
    Not something you want to be saying publicly if you believe it. I think the issue could have been better on an academic front, but that's just my view. 
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    funklebits reacted to ShiaMan14 in British Shi'ism Exposed | The Shirazis, "Imam" Taw   
    I agree with you here. Ammar said the right thing in the wrong way and he should not be lumped in with those other fitna-mongers.
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    funklebits reacted to ShiaMan14 in British Shi'ism Exposed | The Shirazis, "Imam" Taw   
    Please me the correct way of categorizing the Ridda wars.
    I agree that US started the acrimony with Iran by removing Musadeq and I understand where the sentiments are coming from.
    But I am not the average American. All the average American sees is the burning of US flag and chants of "Death to America". Their version of history begins with the embassy incident.
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    funklebits reacted to Qa'im in British Shi'ism Exposed | The Shirazis, "Imam" Taw   
    There are many valid criticisms of the people he attacks in the video, but judging from his videos, he seems to have a two-dimensional view of the world: pro-Iran and anti-Iran.
    For one, Allahyari is not even in the Shirazi camp, nor is he in Britain, but his rough stance on Sunnis and Iran was apparently enough to be lumped in. Secondly, Nakshawani is not in the same camp, but it's okay to take a dig at his "status and wealth" because he criticized the shaykhayn at a Shi`i majlis, said wilayatul faqih is a theory (theories are not bad things by the way, and Sayyid al-Khoei and Sayyid Sistani have critiqued it), and posed with Tawhidi.
    Again, constructive criticism should be encouraged and some of these individuals are not worth defending. But this is just a superficial attack on people due to politics.
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    funklebits reacted to Intellectual Resistance in British Shi'ism Exposed | The Shirazis, "Imam" Taw   
    The lecture wasn't just about Khalid bin Walid, who himself according to Bukhari murdered people until the Prophet (saw) said: "By Allah i am free from what Khalid has done (three times)".  Rather it was one which directly labelled Abu Bakr and Umar as terrorists, compared them to Hitler, Saddam and their ilk, and was delivered in such a manner i don't think is sensible in any way. It caused enormous outrage, especially in the UK, and had a big impact. I had to answer , and i was honest to Sunnis who questioned me and said you're right, this was out of order and against what our major scholars have advised us as to how to engage in these sorts of dialouge.  As a lecture in and of itself, it was also quite weak. 
    I have a lot of respect for Sayed Ammar, twice in my life when i've been literally bed bound, his lectures have gotten me through difficult periods and he has done a lot of good. However, he is fallible and i feel he might want to reconsider his approach and return to the old Sayed Ammar. 
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    funklebits reacted to MourningKarbala in British Shi'ism Exposed | The Shirazis, "Imam" Taw   
    We have to separate the line between disrecpect/cursing and retelling history. Sometimes, I feel like the line was intentionally blurred to make this an ambiguous area. But, in essence , the point of history is learning from the mistakes of past figures, why should Islamic history be any different?
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    funklebits reacted to Soldiers and Saffron in British Shi'ism Exposed | The Shirazis, "Imam" Taw   
    For anyone that has been following history it should be clear what is going on:
    The UK funded and brought the house of saud(la) and their wahabi ideology into power in its present form after WW1. The goal was to split the muslim ummah by giving power to the most extreme takfiri ideology, in long term effectively weakening any other sunni sects/alternatives.
    Now we see the UK funding and supporting these "shia scholars" which main instruments are to create fires and fitna among muslims, Islam is not a religion of hate. These "scholars" are creating fitna within the shia community itself, effectively trying to split up the shia ummah. I got very sad to see one of the young brothers here on SC, not specially knowledgeable religiously, who had been listening to these snakes came out and sent laana on seyyed Khamenei.
    To divide and conquer has always been the foreign tactic of the UK.
    I hope my brothers and sisters will be wiser than this, to see beyond what they are trying to do to us. For sure the truth is with the oppressed and for sure Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى is with those who resist against oppressors. 
    Finally, even before this video, Ammar has really not been anything like he used to be, I remember his lectures on the biography of the Imams(as), they were good... but all his recent lectures in recent years are so monotone and black and white. I hope he did not fall in love with dunya, though he would not be the first.
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