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  1. @EiE, I am sorry to ask, but why this response? Did you not ask for info? Did my man @Ashvazdanghe not provide you with the info? Why on earth say I want an explanation, but I am not willing to read it? If you didn't want an actual explanation, but a sound bite, why not post this question on TikTok, Youtube Shorts, or a similar platform? Edit was to replace the capital H in Shorts with a lower case h
  2. I just purchased this set at the beginning of Ramadan ( 2024 ) and cannot express how glad I am at doing so. It has been a very illuminating experience reading it. I can not recommend this Tafsir enough.
  3. They believe their Imam is infallible when it comes to their faith, but not worldly affairs. I can find some references if you would like. Sorry for not having ready.
  4. Salaam Alikuem Guest Mashihi, Welcome and you have chosen a most excellent subject to learn about. May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) be please with you and your task. One of the largest resources to find things to read is Al-Islam, https://www.al-Islam.org/ Here is a link to a short read that I hope you enjoy, https://www.al-Islam.org/al-tawhid/general-al-tawhid/book-review-introduction-Shia-Islam-history-and-doctrines-twelver-shii-0 Please find below the book I read that started my own journey. It is called, The I was guided, https://www.al-Islam.org/person/Muhammad-al-tijani-al-samawi The last resource I would recommend Is ShiaChat. There are many knowledgeable and kind people here who are more than willing to answer your questions. But I would recommend searching the site first using the search function or with google using a string like site:shiachat.com YOUR SEARCH TERM.
  5. Salaam Alikeum @Mohammad313Ali, I'm unsure if this is want you meant, but I would like to recommend a few tools that have helped me in studying, 1. Graph paper; this is the single best thing I began using for studies. Its easy to draw on, segregate thoughts, and allow for greater flexibility in taking notes. 2. I color code everything and write a simple key in the front or the back of the book for reference. 3. Using crayons (not the basic kind, but the twist ones) to highlight instead of a highlighter. It doesn't bleed through and gives you greater variety of colors to choose from. 4. Sticky tabbing index's, glossary, annotations, etc. 5. Developing or find a note taking system that works for you. Such as the Cornell Note taking system, Outline, Half Page, Mapping, etc... Its a worthy thing you are seeking to do Brother. May Allah ((سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى).) be pleased with you.
  6. @Diaz, there are several free good options, but I can understand paying for Anti-virus. On my internal servers and other valuable assets I have paid AV.
  7. @Mohammad313Ali my friend, I am sorry to say that I don't think I will be able to contribute to this thread in any meaningful way and would not want to derail your thread with my lack of knowledge in this area. Hopefully our wise and learned Brothers and Sisters will be able to help.
  8. Salaam Alikuem @hasanhh, Sorry for the delay in reply. Opera can be a bit of a beast to work with. Have you tried Brave? I have heard good things about it, Brave; https://brave.com/
  9. Salaam Alikuem @TryHard, Thank you for posting the video. Its disappointing to learn that Dr.. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani has changed. I really enjoyed a lot of his lectures.
  10. Salaam Alikeum @Vindemiatrix, Thank you for your question and I am sorry if my question offended you. I'll have to dig through my notes and Im not sure if I still have the pcap's and logs, but I will try and find them. From what I remember from the security review I did in 2018, was our legal team at the time found the language in the EULA and the pcap's and logs we captured indicating the device's camera and microphone being turned on periodically. I did a little digging in their present EULA (https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms) and really didn't find a "smoking gun" to indicate this was still the case. Maybe they changed it, maybe they didn't. But, the safest bet is to assume the worse when it comes to Facebook and companies like them. My apologies again for not being able to provide a more solid answer.
  11. Salaam Alikuem @Revert1963, hahahahaahaha, it has its moments. On the whole it is ok and will do the trick in a pinch.
  12. Salaam Alikuem @Mohammad313Ali, Thank you for making this post and the mention. I am ashamed to admit my knowledge in this area is lacking. I will do my best to make some time to refresh and read and will hopefully have some semblance of a thought on this later. I have no doubt many of our worthy Brothers and Sisters will have many thoughts. Thank you in advance for your patience with me.
  13. Salaam Alikuem @hasanhh, Thank you for the excellent question. First and foremost I am sorry to hear you can't get rid of TotalAV. That is a bummer. If you need any help getting rid of it please let me know and I will do what I can to help. As for having two Anit-Virus's, it can cause issues. A lot of time one Anti-Virus will see the other as malware (malicious software) and start to "fight". They will try to block each other and will often end up being a resource hog. It is always best to only use one Anti-Virus. If memory serves me right, you use Windows Vista as your main operating system. Please find below a few links I hope help to get rid of TotalAV. Reference for removal; Easy uninstall https://support.totalav.com/en/kb/article/150/uninstall-in-windows-vista-7-and-8 Long and complicated removal, https://botcrawl.com/totalav/ I hope this helps and please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.
  14. Salaam Alikuem @Ali-F, I live in the Pacific Northwest on the Olympic Peninsula. A few miles away from the Makah Tribal lands. If I was to be honest I would want to start an Aquaponics farm and use the food generated for the First Peoples and others who find themselves in a difficult position. But I do Information Security Now. Aquaponics;
  15. Salaam Alikuem @Sirius_Bright, Thank you for the excellent question and the short answer is, you do need Anti-Virus on mobile phones. I am sorry to hear that AVG was a resource hog. That's a pretty big bummer. I use Sophos as my anti-virus on my mobile and it seems to be doing great and does not slow the phone down. Now the long, The most available target to hackers are Android and Iphones. Add to it that mobile phones are often the device where people keep their most valuable info it becomes a huge prime target. The threat doesn't always have to be them stealing your information, but instead using your device as part of their Zombie Army (a Zombie device is often a device that a hacker has control over, but uses the devices resource to DDOS [denial of service attack] or to perform other resource heavy tasks). Back in the day there was a cat who popped a ton of mobile phones and installed an application called Low Orbit Ion Cannon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low_Orbit_Ion_Cannon) made popular back in the day to attack folks, LOIC-Project Chanology and Operation Payback LOIC was used by Anonymous (A group that spawned from the /b/ board of 4chan) during Project Chanology to attack websites from the Church of Scientology, once more to (successfully) attack the Recording Industry Association of America's website in October 2010,[14] and it was again used by Anonymous during their Operation Payback in December 2010 to attack the websites of companies and organizations that opposed WikiLeaks.[15][16] I hope this explains at least a little bit of the reason. If not, please let me know and I will do my best to give a better answer.
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