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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. There are appx 41 lectures on disease of soul by Jan ali shah kazmi in urdu anger being one among them. Below is the link of the group on telegram scroll to march 2017 and there are 41 lectures and lecture 18 to 22 are on anger. تزکیه نفس Purification of Soul تزکیه نفس Purification of Soul https://t.me/purificationofsouls
  2. The quote was with regards to The link is for a video "Shia of india" posted by you brother -please clarify relevance.
  3. @Ashvazdanghe Sorry brother i didn't understand what relevance does Documentary on shia of india has with the topic in discussion
  4. If some one is really following quran in totallity there is no way he is he will not be a believer. Do wahabis follow ayah wilayah in quran NO
  5. Following quran without believing It is impossible. (genuine answer)
  6. Vikram you are ok with your wife following islam n your children as well then y dont u consider the same for your self. I suggest move a step forward instead of respecting Quran START following Quran n islam. Regards
  7. Vikram i have a question, according to you what will be the religion of the children born out of this non acceptable wedlock.
  8. Islam is all about submission to the will of Allah. Allah has created everything with logic we may or may not know it, and have created red line to folow them What i understand, Mariage or by virtue or love beween opposite sex a complete new generation comes into being with a perfect responsible handholding system where in father n mother take care of child. While homosexuality help nothing just lust. Assume if entire world turn homosexual how will the next generation come into play.its would be same as someone invented knife to cut vegetables and u wish to cut some ones throat using
  9. Ali-india


    Struck by sorrow, that came like a thief, My heart was torn by sadness and grief. My master’s advice is that which I sought, For him I described my sorrow and my thought. He held in his hand the mirror of truth; He was wise as an old, and fresh like a youth. He said, ‘O, my son, enjoy and be free; The world is passing, so this is the key: Never ascribe existence to yourself, Your being is vain like that of an elf. Why be depressed for that which you miss? You’re not the owner, so soar up in bliss. It belongs to Him; He can take or len
  10. Think of the blessings god has given us n then consider the sins which we keep on doing. The minimum we can do is be ashamed of our sins and be sorry. The best part is Allah is so merciful always ready to forgive and much awaiting for our sorry.
  11. If the person has died u can pay for the losses to his son or daughter. If u dont know his family and the person has died u will have to pay it as RADDE MAZALIM. Refer to your mujtahid for the same as i am not an expert on the subject.( The amount of Radde mazalim has to be given to speficific people refer to mujtahid) as for commiting same sin again just do istigfar rather than thinking of previous sin. Allah is most merciful.
  12. In this world full of Misery & Distress, how do we achieve peace & tranquility?
  13. Thanks bro. was looking for english or urdu, i think it yet to be translated. This adds one more reason to learn farsi regards
  14. Looking for Makhzan al-'irfan . (Exegesis of the holy Qur'an in 15 volumes) by Banu amini. English or urdu translation. regards
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