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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Just wanted to know I’m the only one who is thinking that in Mola mushkil kusha story hero is lakarhara y we listen to that story...Infact in that story lakarhara asked his wife did u give nazar after I left... what a point of story and also I want to know how did it start and what’s the whole point of these stories mola mushkil khusha and bibi syeda story? Most importantly who is the author of this two stories...
  2. Why we need to do that why can’t we simply deny or accept things?? I mean why can’t we act like a civilized person?we can’t eat 14 masomeen hazri until we lagnat to them...
  3. What come first imamat aur nabuwat?? Plz help!!
  4. Why would I lie I am not pretending, those are my cousins they are women but do cama matam too..
  5. I wish I can post pictures so you can see
  6. Off course they have said that this is y I am asking. I was doubting myself may I am doing something wrong. They said Hajj is not important arabaeen is important and sunni ppl changed arabaeen to Hajj.. this is why they are going to Arabaeen everyyear and also Said Kabba is Allah house who was born there I said Mola Ali then she said because Ali is Allah(Tooba) that’s y he came from there...
  7. Polka


    Ok please give me that Hadith thank you dear.
  8. I am watching my family who is extremist as a Shia . They changed they don’t wana go to Hajj and umrah they are saying Arabaeen is more important. Moreover they say Rasool Allah is a part of Allah’s noor which means he is Allah too and all fourteen imam is Allah. So now we (Shia) have 15 Allah. Please explain this is beyond my understanding..Need Help!! Why shia is turning Nuseris they started calling mola Ali AS Allah.. I am in shocked stage..
  9. Polka


    Agreed!! Additionally azan is also in raag if you miss that Raag then azan doesn’t sound good!!
  10. Polka


    Doesn’t make any sense
  11. My question is why imam Hussain A.S son is next imam why not imam hassan son (hazrat Qasim) was chosen as a imam? Cuz first son and their kids were supposed to be chosen as imam ? So according to that imam hasan A.S son supposed to be a third imam?
  12. Is it Sin if Syed Married to non syed??
  13. Cuz family name comes from father so u can’t say that descended of bibi fatima are syed....and now I don’t believe in anything I am not syed my MIL still taunting me u r not syed... she wants my husband to give me divorce because I am not syed.. Meanwhile, I found out she was Sunni but she claims that because her husband is “Shia Syed” So she is automatically syeda but I’m not cuz my father is not syed. My mother is zaidi but it doesn’t count.. so know I’m thinking imam Hussain AS is syed because of her mother y can’t I b syed because of my mother.. when I was 10 my khalas-Aunty- told me I can’t eat 14 masoomeen hazri.. and I told her but rasool Allah SAW said no one is superior every one is equal do you guys are doing racism with ur own niece... this thinking of syed is doomed my half of the life so if you guys give me any authenticate quotes I can’t show them.when I found that mola Abbas AS is not Syed because hazrat Ali AS I’m feeling much better but still my saas is like jhoot hain Saab plz help me out..
  14. In Islam family name comes from father so u can’t say that descended of bibi fatima are syed....
  15. say·yid ˈsäyid/ noun noun: syed a Muslim claiming descent from Muhammad, especially through Husayn, the prophet's younger grandson. a respectful Muslim form of address. noun: Sayyid; noun: Sayid; noun: Syed
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