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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. that's very natural. of course you should not be after a perfect model, but how some one looks is important next to other factors. some times some one might be very handsome or good looking but his face doesn't attract you as a man for example. So if after a while you didn't get used to some one's look and still feeling bad, you will never later get used to it, looking for this factor is natural and it's totally OK, although there are more important factors like character and etc... but still you can keep it as well next to them. after all most of the people that claim they only care about moral, etc ... when it comes to the start of a relation look affects them anyway.
  2. Ayatollah khamenye always ask people to criticize him and talk to him freely about what they think he has not done right. shia is all about thinking despite Christianity. Ayatollah khamenye: "Do not think I'm saddened by criticisms; no, I'm saddened if these criticisms are not said! t university meetings with students I can see some people in order to show respect to me, don't talk about the issues that they think might bother me. But they are wrong I won't be bothered if they talk about those things, it will bother me if they keep silent about those." he has many same speeches in which he asks people to criticize him freely and talk about what they think is wrong.
  3. Matthew 27:46 And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” that is, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” I wonder if Jesus was god himself, why based on bible this god on the cross cries and calls god, yelling to be abandoned ? !!! as muslim I know this has never happened to Esa (PBUH) and its a big disrespect to this prophet!!!
  4. Although Ahmadi nejad had mistakes but rouhani has never been better than him as a president. if some former supporters of ahmadi nejad are now against him, it is not because of his policy and what he did during his time. its because of his recent actions and some of his statements and deeds against faqih and also the people around him. Ahmadi nejad made lots of great changes to the life of poor areas and villagers and gave an open space to the industries. but rouhani stopped all his projects. Rouhani is following the neoliberalism guidlines. in his government poor people are being smashed. for 4 years he related every single thing in Iran to starting relations with US and Barjam and they finally did it and they got absolutely nothing serious in return !!! and new sanctions are still coming and being approved toward Iran !!! his project on health which took a great part of the country budget and was their most important project is now known as a failed project and now poor jobless people have to pay much more for health . (despite what Imam khomaini ordered) he is using many super rich people in his cabinet who can never understand the real needs of people. and many corrupted people around him such as his brother and his assistant brother and family members of his minister who has made big defalcations !!!! most important: In order to keep the prices inflation low, he started to import useless goods from here and there which led to many industries and factories being shut down and consequently many people being jobless. I can count more that 20 important factories which were closed during his time, putting aside the small business which are experiencing a deep economic recession !!! all these just because he wanted to keep the inflation low by any means to mention that as an achievement and positive point of his policy !!!! and now the dam that he put in front of economy to stop inflation by any means, is exploding and that's why suddenly the price of euro and dollar and many goods which are consumed by ordinary low salary people exploded. The protests which are completely legitimate in Iran started with people experiencing deep recession and poor and jobless people , being smashed under the government policies (nothing to do with pros or cons of any one) but then it turned to riot by some other well-known terrorist groups who are always ready to get a chance. the experts in the scene claim that they are completely trained and armed forces (making Molotovs in a short time at scene), taking youth who are looking after excitement to the street with themselves and leading them to what they want. it is now nothing like an economic protest anymore.
  5. wsalam legally he can't stop you from visiting your daughter! take a legal action.
  6. well you asked a question and I answered based on my taste and up to date interior approaches. there is nothing funny with that you go on with cement or soil as your home's floor. your home, your rules
  7. that's both cosy and stylish. who slips over rugs or carpets?! there are carpet stops which keep the carpets and rugs from moving or slipping over the floor.
  8. I will prefer wooden flooring such as laminate with small carpets here and there. that makes the home feel warm and eye-catching
  9. if you really care about this and this is important for you, do not marry him. because it's a family habit and in future he might accompany his family in their gatherings in order not to be bullied by them.... my own opinion is that committing haram as an occasional habit is not something easy to cope with and I would't go for such marriage.
  10. start by reading or listening to surah al_baqarah loudly every day at home. let the voice reach and fill every corner of your home. If you don't have time to read just let it play by a player with loud volume. keep a note of 4 surah starting with ghol: Al_nas, Al_falaq, Al_tawhid, Al_kafirun you also see a psychotherapist. they might help you with medicine to control your personality disorders.
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