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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Guilty as charged, I totes skim read Still baffled though. A crop top isn't corruption.
  2. LOL ur the person who asked if cat fights are halal or not I think you shouldn't get one.. for uh.. reasons.
  3. Oh.. but its not that deep enough to want to boycott them. Like if someone wants to buy that and wear it let them dayum why are we Muslims running around calling a boycott for.. a crop top? We have to accept that not everyone has the same beliefs and ideologies as us? I'm genuinely baffled I think this is the most absurd topic on shiachat. Isn't the whole idea of women empowerment that WE can wear what WE want? Not whats dictated to us by men or society or whatever? If a women wants to wear a chadoor or a crop top- its her choice
  4. My understanding is (correct me anyone if im wrong please) that once you start the salah within its time, thats it? Or does it need to start and end before its qatha?
  5. If its not your family, I suggest not getting too involved to be honest. Maybe speak to the sister and say your thoughts and prayers are with them at this time, and make sure after he's physically ok, that he seeks mental health help.
  6. I don't understand why we're mad at the top ?
  7. Ladies, the problem isn't with your dress, its their mentality. Don't let someones thoughts or comments make you question yourself. Hijab is between you and Allah, if you believe what you're wearing is modest, khalas.
  8. I think mid to late 20's is a good age to start. This is for people who turn to surgery and look hideous trying to cling to youth. But I believe skincare is important Watch how we get someone 'my mum only washes her face with water and she's 102 and has no wrinkles' ok we get it.
  9. London aint worth all the trouble you'll be putting your parents into- trust me.
  10. As sincere as you think this problem is, I agree with Monad. It sounds like a retail job? Just go in, do your hours and leave. If you don't even like music, you won't focus on it in the background. If you don't like how they talk, don't talk to them. I'm sorry but this is hardly hardly a problem. Your faith isn't in danger though? You still don't like music and you still don't curse. If you don't like the place and being there makes you uncomfortable, then find another job FIRST an then leave. Don't leave with hopes that a job will fall into your lap. I have a funny anecdote.. Once there was this guy drowning at sea and he thought- it's okay, God will save me. A boat comes past and tries to help.. the man refuses. "God will save me!" he says. A second boat comes by.. same thing. Third boat.. Eventually, he dies. At the gates of heaven he asks God " Why didn't you save me!" God replies "I sent you three boats!"
  11. 400226


    My dissertation topic submission date was 8th december.. I still havent chosen a topic.
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