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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My friend is a Muslim, but his parents are both Catholics, I’m asking this question on his behalf. My friend for a while was jobless, and was receiving aid (money) from his parents, he used half of his monthly aid and saved the rest. He recently found out that his parents money is partially acquired through unlawful (Islamic) means, is it permissible for him to spend that money on his needs with the probable chance that the money he has is halal ? what is sistanis ruling on this issue ? I even tried telling him to swap the money he has in exchange for the same amount from his fathers pension, but refused as that would cause embarrassment in front of his parents.
  2. Malaysia/ Indonesia were not one country but consisted of several kingdoms before European domination and Brunei happens to be one of them but with a weird border because much of their historical land was lost to Indonesia and Malaysia
  3. These plates were used during the first gulf war in the occupied territories of Kuwait.
  4. Because Iraqis have this delusional mindset that Kuwait is part of Iraq and was lost due to colonial rule, even though there is no proof of that, and it was nothing more than propaganda set by the Iraqi regime under king gazi in the 30s after Kuwait outright refused his proposal of completely taking over Kuwait, that propaganda was later carried on after the Iraqi monarchy was deposed. Despite the fact that Kuwait was established in 1613 and Iraq was carved out from ottoman turkey in 1922. Hell even Portugal and Greece have a stronger claim over Kuwait than Iraq
  5. Let’s assume this was true, how exactly did the vizier invite the mongols to attack, when Baghdad was already on the list of cities to be conquered or subjacated far before even the mongol army under hulagu was assembled ? At this point the abbasids were just a shadow of its former self and are no longer the mighty empire it was once was, the abbasids controlled half of Iraq and upper Kuwait and that was it. Even if by some miracle they managed to raise an army of 150k which equals the Mongolian army, there was no chance that they would win, few years earlier 30k mongol soldiers who were just a mere scouting force were sent to Europe to see how far they would go before getting stopped, problem was they were never stopped, they ripped through Eastern Europe like toilet paper while being outnumbered at nearly every battle. The Entirety of Europe was on the brink of collapse and even European kingdoms (Venice) began establishing relations with mongols as they prepare for a mongol occupied Europe, but Ogodei The Khan of mongol empire died of drinking too much alcohol so the army had to be recalled back to Mongolia for a kurultai and choose a new Khan, had Ogodei that night slept peacefully instead of drinking, Christianity and Islam today would most likely cease to exist. If 30,000 mongols initially threatened the stability and exsistence of the Christendom how could 150k Abbasid soldiers possibly defeat an army like that ?
  6. As a person who has deeply researched about the mongol empire I can safely say the Shias had nothing to do with mongols, I don’t even know where this idea came from. During this year, Baghdad was the capital of the Abbasid caliphate and the Mongol invasion of Persia (Khwarezmian empire at the time) was completed successfully years ago which opened up Mongol expansion westwards. Hulagu who is the grandson of arguably the greatest military commander to walk the face of the Earth (Gengis Khan) was with his forces busy invading Anatolia (turkey), Hulagu sent an ultimatium to Al Mutasim (Abbasid Caliph) to bend the knee and become a Vassal or subject ruler to the great Khan of the Mongol empire Ogedei (son and successor of genghis). Because of the sheer stupidity of the caliph, an entire Mongol army that has just conquered more land in 20 years than the Roman Empire ever did in 300 years was headed towards the biggest and most prosperous and technologically advanced city at the time Baghdad. A small tiny mongol force went ahead of the main larger army led by hulagu to near the walls of Baghdad, the Abbasids dispatched a little more than half of the army to face the tiny mongol force and after a few clashes the abbasids won, with their victory the army decided to celebrate OUTSIDE the city walls. By morning the main army led by Hulagu arrived without their knowledge and slaughtered the Abbasid army. With little of what is left of the Abbasid army inside the city walls and mongols now seiging down the city, baghdad was effectively doomed not even a miracle could save the abbasids or Baghdad, why ? Because the mongols were simple, surrender peacefully and you will be spared otherwise you will face the wrath of the mongol army. After little less than two weeks of the siege (which is surprising as they last months and even years) Hulagu convinced the idiot abbasid caliph to come outside the city walls along with all the scholars, advisors, and intellectuals. After coming outside the city walls Hulagu slaughtered them, the Mongol army stormed through the gates and killed every living soul inside including the cats and dogs, Baghdad was looted and was literally wiped off of the map even today there isn’t any trace of the original city, this effectively bought the Islamic golden age to an end. In short the Islamic golden age ended, Baghdad was wiped off of the map, skulls of civilians were turned into mountains, and human civilization was atleast set back by 2000 years with the burning of the House of wisdom library was because of the decision of one man The Abbasid caliph Al Mutasim and not because of Hulagu, the mongols spared countless villages and cities because they surrendered peacefully. So how exactly do Shias come into the problem ? Edit: According to some sources I read, Hulagu killed the wife and daughters of Al Mutasim in front of him and later placed in a prison filled with gold and died in there of starvation.
  7. You’re right, but it wasn’t the abbasids themselves who turned the era into the golden age of Islam but it was the knowledge of the Persians and andalusians who did it. The city of Granada in Muslim Spain was the largest and most populated in Europe at that time, and there were more books in the Abbasid caliphate than there were in the entirety of Europe. And you must know that during this time, the abbasids just controlled half of Iraq and that’s it, their empire but not caliphate crumbled years prior, nobody denies their oppression but the mongol invasion was a dark age for Muslims, with the death of the Abbasid caliph the Muslims would never see another caliph again until 400 years later with the rise of the ottomans, and the mongols killed 90% of the population of Iran, known as the khwarezmian empire back then
  8. Mongol forces under Genghis Khan’s grandson, Hulagu brought the Abbasid caliph Al Muatism to his knees along with his caliphate. The once mighty empire is now a shadow of its former self, the once biggest and most technologically advanced city in the world Baghdad was raised to the ground, bringing the Islamic golden age to an end. The Euphrates turning black for three days from the sheer amount of books dumped into it from the House of wisdom, setting Human Civlization back by at least 500 years. What are your thoughts and feelings ?
  9. Any online books that tell us if it’s a good or bad Quran verse ?
  10. Are there Any free resources or fair priced resources online that teaches Persian ?
  11. They do answer, it just takes a few weeks till they reply.
  12. 1) Iran has been under sanctions since 1979, their economy is surviving, but without the support of oil they number of zeroes on their currency will increase (inflation). 2) Iraq has been independent for less than 100 years around the time oil was discovered there, before that it was apart of ottoman turkey and Safavid Persia 3) Absolute monarchies (Saudi, UAE, Oman) are less prone to instability/getting overthrown, compared to constitutional monarchies (Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar) where the emir is kept under control by parliament and can be deposed from the throne if majority vote from parliament. Here in the Gulf states, the absolute monarchies do not trust their militaries at all. If you actually look at Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Oman, the head of the military (field marshal/ general) is always a prince from the ruling family, this is to keep the military in check and in line. Nepotism dominates Saudi society, your place in Saudi society depends on your name, if you do not belong to a major Bedouin tribe aligned with the tribe/house of Saud, forget about getting at least a decent paying job, which is the reason why the Al Sauds won't be going anywhere. 4) After Abdulaziz ibn Sauds conquest/wars of the Arabian Peninsula (1900-31), he has married the daughter of every tribal chief/ princedom in his kingdom. His sons also belong to most of the major tribes, as long as they have the support of these tribes, again they wont be going anywhere. Lastly, just a final note, the house of Saud have established 3 separate kingdoms over the course of the last 400 years, they will go out of one door and come out of the other. 5) Even if they lost the support of the US, the Chinese or Indians will happily take the chair of US influence over Saudi Arabia and buy all of their oil. At this stage, I believe the US learned their lesson after Iraq and Afghanistan.
  13. Yes they were able to generate billions through oil money, and I’m pretty sure that the hashemites didn’t get even nearly this much when they were ruling over hijaz. there won’t be another stable regime, turned out so well in Libya. Partition of Saudi Arabia is the most likely case and that’s a big IF it was able to stablilize after a civil war. And another big IF, there is someone able to bring down the Al Sauds, the Saudi national guard isn’t the typical national guard like in the west, they are loyal and only loyal to the House of saud not the state. And the national guard has outweighs the Saudi army by authority and power a lot when comparing both.
  14. It’s not as simple as you think, oil will be around much much longer, and the world will take a long time to revolutionize to the electric era. the current low oil prices is hurting the Saudis enough that their cash reserves are slowly being depleted. Let’s assume in a few years it’s going to be the end of the oil age, do you know how many hundreds of millions of people’s livelihood will be destroyed ? Iraq for example would never recover from the damages of the civil war and US invasion. It’s not only the Saudis who are going to go down, no matter how bad you think the Saudis are, but they are the ones maintaining the two holy cities, thanks to the oil money in the eastern coast (Hasa), something the west coast (Hijaz) doesn’t have. The downfall of the Al Sauds will cause chaos 10x bigger than Iraq and Syria, and the Bedouin Arabs will return to their old days (jahiliya) of tribal princedoms and confederations (pre 1933) fighting each other over stupid thing that happened 500 years ago, and this isn’t an exaggeration. This is no way showing sympathy towards the al saud tyrants but I just don’t see an alternative to them yet, just like saddam in 2003.
  15. The hour will not approach until the definite signs have appeared, Reappearence of Imam mahdi (definite sign) is allahs promise he made to us, that he will fill the world with justice as it has been filled with injustice, and yet here we are patiently waiting for him.
  16. How many salawat have you said today ? How many times did you remember the imam of your era within the last 24 hours ? Read ziyarrat Ashura atleast once a week. You will get closer to Allāh through the Ahlul Bayt.
  17. I know that Imām al Hasan became the caliph for less than a year picking off where Imām Ali left, but controlling only the eastern and northern parts of the Caliphate , while the western part was split between the domains of Muawiyah (Syria,Palestine,Lebanon,Jordan) and Amr ibn al as (Egypt). Why did Imām Ali just leave the caliphate in a state of civil war, when he could’ve marched to Damascus to end both the civil war and the Ummayd bloodline ? Isn’t his caliphate suppose to be Allah’s government on earth ? Why didn’t Imām Ali or Hassan send their agents and poison Muawiyah ? one dead man for the lives of millions of Shias who died because of his ideology
  18. Slavery is well and alive today than ever before, here in the gulf states, slavery was abolished in the 60s but my father told me a while back, that we had slave markets in the 70s. If someone is actually looking to buy a slave, Libya and Yemen are the perfect places to go to, war torn countries with perfect conditions for human trafficking, although I wouldn’t recommend it.
  19. Hezbollah rarely operate outside Lebanon’s borders, but Syria was an exception when the FSA terrorists moved into Lebanese borders.
  20. Is there an Arabic translation? Kind of hard to read in English - Arabic
  21. Similar law in my country, you can’t hold dual citizenships past the age of 18 (considering you were born in foreign land). By age of 18 you must revoke one of the citizenships, otherwise your original country’s citizenship will be automatically revoked, it’s just how it is.
  22. Since Imam al sadiq was the teacher of prominent Sunni ulema (scholars), like Abu Hanifa who was thrown into prison for his love of Imam al sadiq, and Malik ibn anas another Sunni scholar who was a student under imam al sadiq. How come they became Sunni scholars and not shia ? I also heard a Sunni say That this is proof that imam al sadiq was a Sunni.
  23. My mother calls my dad a crazy physchopath, and she is not wrong and when I mean by religious, I mean a street sain that’s why I put religious in quotation marks, his mind is still stuck in the Stone Age, but anyways the “boyfriend” knows she is pregnant and the maid is leaving the country hopefully this week and it’s not like the father cares or going to take responsibility of his unborn child, he is in his 50s while the maid is 30, and both are living on the opposite ends of the earth, it’s was suppose to be just a one night stand for the guy and didn’t expect this to happen.
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