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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you all for your replies and I found it very pleasing to see a discussion among shiachatters, always love to read those.
  2. Are we allowed to do Tawassul to Angels? Is that even possible. I know that a lot of "spiritual" people in the west call upon Archangels like Michael (Mikail) and Gabriel (Jibril) and so on and so on. Can we do this in Islam too? Can we ask for help from Angels with the permission of Allah (bi idhni Allah)? Only serious answers please. Thank you.
  3. The Injeel does not exist anymore. The Injeel a lot of times gets translated as "The Bible" but they're not equivalents of each other. The Injeel is the holy book revelated to Prophet Isa (Jesus) and it is 100% the word of God. The contemporary Bible isn't. So... unfortunately you won’t be able to read it until Imam Al-Mahdi returns, he will bring back with him the Original Injeel. If you're interested in reading the Injeel, I would recommend reading the Qur'an as they would call to the same thing, worship the only God, Allah, God of all Prophets, mankind and whole of creation.
  4. Allah can't be in his own creation. So when people say "God is in Heaven" is a mistake, because God can't reside in his own creation. I’m not limiting Allah by saying he can't it’s just not in his being. The last part is just that Allah is everywhere to perceive and you can feel Allah right there... in your heart.
  5. I was browsing through Duas.org and I came across the Asmaa' Al-Husna page. I read through the benefits of reciting the different names of Allah. I came across Al-Razzaq and saw: "Go into seclusion and repeat 1000x to meet Prophet Khidr.". Is this real?? What are even the sources they used?
  6. @dragonxx @Revert1963 Hi and thank you all for your replies. I think I’m misunderstood. Nor do I want to practice black magic nor do I want to teach it. I only want to learn some books and expand my knowledge that’s all. Does anyone know the ruling on this. I know that for Sunnis it’s haram to research black magic but what about us?
  7. Is it haram to research sihr. I really want to know how the magicians work and what they use and how they do it. I have no intention of doing it myself of course, may Allah protect us from the harm of Sihr. I just want to broaden my knowledge and maybe protect myself from Sihr this way.
  8. Suicide is always haram. May Allah forgive anyone who has committed suicide
  9. He is already Muslim. He can convert by actions instead I guess.
  10. I sincerely hope for a unified Korea, with no communist leader please!
  11. Ok so I know that the general consensus is that the Jum'ah prayer is Wajib Ikhtiyari. But why is that so? And why is it required to have a infallible Imam for the Jum'ah prayer to be obligatory again. The topic of Jum'ah prayer is a bit wish-washy it seems when I search for information about this topic. And I want to stay firm and be able to explain why Jum'ah prayer isn't obligatory, when a time comes when I have to explain to someone.
  12. This refers to the Lawh Al-Mahfudh. Lawh Al-Mahfudh consists of a lot of things which includes all the holy revealed books, and so, also The Qur'an
  13. رُوحُ الْقُدُسِ - Means The Holy Spirit and الرُّوحُ الْأَمِينُ - means The Trustworthy Spirit. They both refer to Angel Gibraeil (عليه السلام). I also read that Ruh Al-Qudus may refer to a creature of God who is with the Imam(s). But I have no knowledge about this matter
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