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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    taby got a reaction from Hameedeh in Need a very super duper powerful dua   
    Slam.just realised dua alqamah is dua safwan.stupid me.thank you for your advice sister.just pray my dua manat gets fulfilled.i. really stresd out.
    Jazakallah khairun 
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    taby got a reaction from Hameedeh in Need a very super duper powerful dua   
    Slam sister.thanks i think i'll do that.this time i'll read the dua safwan.first i read 2nafals with neeath that im reading for ziarat ashura.then aftr ive read the 2nafals i read the ziarat ashura then i'll read the dua safwan this time.just hope  inshallah my duas fulfills.
    Jazakallah sister.
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    taby reacted to ananna bari in Need a very super duper powerful dua   
    thnx a lot @Fati_4_u
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    taby reacted to islamicdaddy in Need a very super duper powerful dua   
    Imam Khomeini ® told that there is only one du'a that all the imams (a) have been said to recite.
    It is du'a Shabaniyah: http://www.duas.org/invocation.htm
    Don't think it's just for Shaban... It's a great du'a...
    Beside if anyone needs a really strong du'a you can ask someone better than urself to make it.
    (eg. Imam Zaman AJ, Fatimah Zahra AS, Imam Ali AS, ...)
    ma'a salama,
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    taby reacted to muntazir_eimam in Benefits of Ziyrat e Ashura   
    Ziarate Ashoora
    Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) recounts, ‘O Safwaan! When you are confronted with some adversity, then seek redressal of your grievances from Imam Hussain (a.s.) through the Aamaal of Ashoora. Allah has pledged the fulfillment of demands with this Ziarat and Allah never reneges on His word’.
    Hardships and afflictions no matter how severe, can be remedied by reciting Ziarate Ashoora for forty successive days. Records of people’s experiences actually testify to the authenticity of this tradition.
    Renowned Shia scholars have recited this Ziarat regularly. They have reaped incalculable benefits through its recitation and have always resorted to it in moments of distress.
    Here are few incidents which highlight the significance of Ziyrat e Ashura.
    1) Respite from plague
    Ayatullah Haj Shaikh Abdul Karim Haaeri Yazdi (founder of the Hauze-Ilmiyya in Qom) narrates, ‘It was the period of my education in the Hauze Ilmiyya in Samarra. There was an epidemic in the city that had taken in its wake many victims. One day, all the scholars had assembled at Ayatullah Sayyed Muhammad Fasharki (r.a.)’s residence, the latter being my teacher. Then unexpectedly, Ayatullah Mirza Muhammad Taqi Shirazi (r.a.) entered the house. His stature was no less than that of Ayatullah Fasharki (r.a.). There was a round of general discussion and the scholars started deliberating on the epidemic and how at the rate it was claiming lives, it would very soon wipe out the entire city. In the midst of this discussion Ayatullah Fasharki (r.a.) rose, and asked, ‘Do you all acknowledge me as the Mujtahid? Then If I impose a decree upon you, will you act according to it?’ We all replied emphatically, ‘Yes! Indeed you are the Mujtahid.’
    Then Ayatullah Fasharki (r.a.) addressed the audience and declared, ‘I command the Shias of Sammarah to recite Ziarate Ashoora for a period of ten days. Then offer the reward of this recitation to the mother of Imame Zamaana (may our souls be sacrificed for him), Janabe Nargis Khatoon (s.a.). Then beseech her to present our case to her son Hazrat Valiul Asr, so that Imam (a.s.) shields us from the malady.’
    Ayatullah Fasharki (r.a.) relates further, ‘I assure the person security from the plague, if he recites Ziarate Ashoora.’ Since it was a matter of life and death, the entire Shia population followed Ayatullah Fasharki’s recommendation and began reciting this Ziarat. Miraculously, with the recitation of the Ziarat, the plague subsided and the mo’mineen were spared. But this phenomenon was observed only among the Shias, as the Ahle Sunnah continued to fall prey to this malady. Everyday, the plague claimed at least one from the Ahle Sunnah. They were defenseless, as this ailment was without a cure. Before long, they realized that the plague was claiming only their members, while the Shias were somehow reprieved. In order to hide their embarrassment, they started conducting the burial of their dead in the middle of the night. When one of the Ahle Sunnah inquired from the Shias, the reason behind their miraculous reprieve, the latter revealed their secret of Ziarate Ashoora. Then the Ahle Sunnah too undertook recitation of this Ziarat. And this Ziarat’s enigmatic prowess was manifested when they also started receiving respite from the dreaded plague. In fact, some of them used to visit the shrines of Imam Ali Naqi (a.s.) and Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) and began confessing: ‘We recite the very Ziarat for you that is recited by your Shias.’
    Shaykh Abdul Kareem (r.a.) observes that on reciting this Ziarat, Shias and Ahle Sunnah both became immune to this plague.
    2) Calamities
    One person writes about two occasions when he was afflicted with calamities, which were removed with the recitation of Ziarate Ashoora.
    First Occasion
    This involved three difficulties.
    1. I had become indebted for a sum of two million tu’man for purchase of my house. A year had passed but there seemed no chance of repayment of the debt. I was very tense because of this huge debt.
    2. My second difficulty was also very disturbing, which I can not reveal.
    3. Poverty
    These three calamities had made me very nervous. I implored Janabe Masumae Qom, Fatema (s.a.). I decided to recite Ziarate Ashoora for a period of forty days and grant the reward of this recitation to Janabe Narjis Khatoon (s.a.) as a gift. I would request her to intercede on my behalf with her son, Imame Zamana (a.t.f.s.), so that Imam (a.s.) would solve my problems. My routine involved praying Ziarate Aminullah (of Ameerul Mo’mineen a.s.), after reciting Namaze Subh. Then I used to recite Ziarate Ashoora along with hundred repetitions of curses and salaam, followed by Dua Alqamah.
    I had only finished reciting for 28 days when my second problem was solved. On the 37th day, one of my friends who owed me some money approached me, gave me all the money and said, ‘Pay off all your debts with this money.’ On the completion of the 40th day, my financial problem was also solved. Thus all my problems were solved and I did not have to confront such problems again.
    Second Occasion
    About one year had lapsed after the above-mentioned incident. I was faced with another calamity. My friends and I had entered into an agreement with a trader from Teheran. The latter was to make some purchases on our behalf. My friends had somehow made arrangements for the money and dispatched the sum to that trader. As per the agreement, we were to receive the consignment of goods by the third day. However, we learnt that the trader had cheated us and a bank, to the tune of seventy million tu’man, and after that he had escaped. After three months of hunting him, I was totally disheartened. I finally decided to once again resort to Ziarate Ashoora and request Imame Zamana (a.t.f.s.) for assistance.
    I had recited this Ziarat only for 20 days when this trader himself phoned me, and by the end of the 40th day I had received my amount in full. However, the others did not receive their money. Finally this trader was arrested and imprisoned for his crime.
    Thus, again Ziarata Ashoora brought me some much-needed relief and relaxation. However, it must be stated here that, while reciting this Ziarat on both the occasions, I used to recall the grief and calamities of Imam Hussain (a.s.) and lament bitterly. I had turned my attention away from all worldly means and had placed total confidence and reliance on this Ziarat.
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    taby reacted to zxcvbnm2016 in Need a very super duper powerful dua   
    Salam alaykum sister. Is Dua’ Yastasheer the dua that the holy Prophet was afraid of if people knew the great benefits in it? Thanks a lot in advance.
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    taby reacted to AbuHope in Need a very super duper powerful dua   
    There isn't a single thing I haven't gotten by the grace of Allah through du'a mashlool. Recommend it highly.
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    taby reacted to faithmuslima in Need a very super duper powerful dua   
    Salam Alaykum.
    There are too many. It doesn't all depend on the dua', but it depends on your sincerity and ability to lower yourself while reading it. Even reciting a simple "Bismillah" can be unbelievably powerful. And remember that it's not all about the duas.. if it needs work or study, do so along with the duas.
    Besides sis Ishq's recommendation, some other duas: Dua' Mashlool (otherwise known as "Dua' al-shaab al-ma'khoothi bithanbih"), Dua' mi'raj, Naadi 3aliyyan. If your desire is huge, there's a 14-day dua you have to do consistently. I know a man who escaped prison because his family devoted themselves to it. It's simple.. 1600 salawaats gifted daily, starting on a Monday. Each day you send these salawaats to one of the infallibles, until you reach Imam Zaman (ajfs). Meaning, 16 rounds on the masbaha each day.. preferrably on wuduu' and with no interference.
    I know you said not to ask what it is, but it's easier to figure out which dua' you want to read, based on your desire. "Khazaanatul Asraar" is an excellent book to refer to.. if you don't have it, I can always scan pages from it. I forgot the name of it, but there's a dua' that the prophet (saws) says he's afraid that everyone might read it, b/c it's so powerful and sure to be mustajaab that people might quit work altogether.
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