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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Slam.just realised dua alqamah is dua safwan.stupid me.thank you for your advice sister.just pray my dua manat gets fulfilled.i. really stresd out. Jazakallah khairun
  2. Slam sister.thanks i think i'll do that.this time i'll read the dua safwan.first i read 2nafals with neeath that im reading for ziarat ashura.then aftr ive read the 2nafals i read the ziarat ashura then i'll read the dua safwan this time.just hope inshallah my duas fulfills. Jazakallah sister.
  3. Slam sister.thanks for that.but does that mean i need to do another 40days to read again.as i have been reading ziarat ashura then dua alqamah.as i read it from 1 of the chats here.that you read dua alqamah after ziarat ashura.i have already approached the 39days so far.but as yet my dua hasnt fullfilled to.if you could tell me what i should do Thanks Jazakallah sister.i await for your reply.
  4. Slam sister.could you let me know where is dua e shifaa of sayeda as.i cant seem to find it.also i have started reading ziarat ashura.i read the 2 nafal first then read the ziarat ashura then dua alqamah.and is the neeyat wich u start i do the neeyat to ziarat ashura.is that ok to read it like that.also the only time i get to read is aftr 12 midnight.becoz of my little 1s i dont get to read it in the day time.if you could reply as soon as possible plz. Thank you jazakalla
  5. Slam sister.i wanted to ask a question regarding reading ziarat ashura.i have started to read that also for my problems.i read the 2nafals first then i read the ziarat ashura then dua alqamah.is that correct im reading. Thanks Jazakallah.
  6. Slam.could you let me know what dua you are referring to.thanks Jazakala
  7. Slam.could you tell me is it the once you read.for your problems.if you could let me know.i need a dua for my husband.whos been sentanced for a long time.hes going to appeal against the sentance.but i would like to do or read any duas which his appeal goes through and they reduce his sentance.i am really stressed out with all this.iv just had a baby a month ago.and its to much for me to take. Thank you. Jazakallah khair.
  8. Aslam alaikam. Could you plz tell me which dua could i read.which your saying the prophet (saws) has mentioned. Jazakallah
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