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  1. Iqbal1214

    Nikah after fiqah conversion??

    Thanks for clearance..I was thinking same.
  2. Salam I have a one question sister and brother's..if a girl performed nikah but she was qadiani then..Now if she converts her fiqah to Shia...as qadiani are kafir..according to threek in 1974..proved by Shia Ullama..Is her Nikah was jaiz/acceptable? As she don't want to be in nikah with that qadiani boy/ kafir..Is it necessary to take talaaq/khula from her first to marry a Shia boy?
  3. Iqbal1214

    Need urgent reply..3 question

    Can you clear that point brother..confused a lit bit..thanks in advance.
  4. Iqbal1214

    Need urgent reply..3 question

    Thanks for the help buddy..Allah bless you.
  5. Ya Ali Madad (عليه السلام) M going to be a one lucky man who is visiting holy places of Karbala insh Allah next month in first week. I need some guidance for that..Need some guidance about these 3 things. 1.What is the proper way to do ziaraats..praying nawafils? Reciting ziaraat on every shrine of ahlebaits (عليه السلام)? 2.How to pray for health..I am so skinny..I tried too much things here in pak..how to pray for health there. 3..what are the precautions to do ziaraat in proper way..I mean what should be avoided there that I don't waste my actions (amaals). Thanks
  6. Iqbal1214

    Show me proof that Qadiyani are wrong.

    Its not just about beauty or desire..She is a nice person by heart..I tried to left her bcz she is qadiani...She became a heart patient bcz of me..bcz I left her..what should I do? She cried every second..What will you do or what shiat says about this..I know she is not good for my fiqah/imaan..that's why I want to convert her...Its possible if Imam/14 masoomeen (عليه السلام) wants to do...I don't think so anything is impossible in this world..if you have babul hawaij Imam's...just pray with heart and do what they wants from us.
  7. Iqbal1214

    Show me proof that Qadiyani are wrong.

    Any solid reason? She is not first m trying to convert..There are many who were gifted ny Willaye Ali (عليه السلام).
  8. Iqbal1214

    Show me proof that Qadiyani are wrong.

    Ya Ali madad (عليه السلام) M Shia guy and I want to convert a qadiani girl to shiat..she don't have any hate about my fiqah..yesterday she showed me a vid about krbala kalam too. She dreamt this today..can you tell me its tabeer. She told me. Main seaport per hoti..mujhe address ni pta hota..kahan jana hai..then..mom se alg ho gye..mom small boat per chli gyen..uski ticket mere pass bhi thi but..log bht zyada the main ja ni ski..peeche reh gye..then mujhe ye bhi ni tha pta k mujhe kahan jana hai..then ek ship aya..us per log rope se chrh rhe the..main bhi chrh gye..upper ja kr poocha..kahan jata ye ship..kehte malaishia..woh log full black hoye hoye the jese tankers me chup kr malaishia jate hon..wahan se wapis jump kia...dub rhi dub rhi..pta ni kis ne bchaya..ye ni yd but shyd koi old man tha...ni yd uska kuch bhi..bahr agye...then..ghumti rhi wahan..no cell phone..2 girls ja rhi thin..mene cell manga call keley..nhi dya unho ne..water seaport per black tha.me abaya and full naqab me hoti..its not confirm but shyd end oer roshni ho jati..sara khwb night ka tha..roshni confirm yd ni..bss end per sad ni hoti..but koi meri help ni kr rha hota Thanks for help
  9. Iqbal1214

    Show me proof that Qadiyani are wrong.

    No..I am Shia..Alhumdulilah..I know there are among us from last 1400 years..I just asked for hadees or verse so that I can show them to a qadiani.
  10. Iqbal1214

    Show me proof that Qadiyani are wrong.

    As qadiani said that ghulam ahmad was Imam Mahdi (عليه السلام)...Can you give me 1 proof that Imam Has yet to come? Any idea when Imam (عليه السلام) will come so that I can show qadiani that they had wrong belief.
  11. Iqbal1214

    Show me proof that Qadiyani are wrong.

    Insh Allah...can I contact you?
  12. Iqbal1214

    Urgent Help Needed

    You are in love so you will never agree with istikhara..you just know him from past 3 months..I can understand your situation..just pray from Allah for what is better for you.
  13. Iqbal1214

    Show me proof that Qadiyani are wrong.

    Bcz at start I didn't knew that she is qadiani..I left her bcz of her..but she becomes heart patient..I just don't want to make her cry for me..I want to make her Shia with proofs. M going to Karbala Insh Allah next month..I will pray for her from Mola Hussain (عليه السلام)..They will make help for her..InshAllah