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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam to all my sis and bro's I have one question to al of you that where from actually syed caste starts? If you say syed are son's of Ali (عليه السلام) o Fatima s.a then brothers of mola Ali (عليه السلام) were not syed? then what was the cast of nabi karim saww? is hazrat Abdullah ( husband of bibi Zainab s.a was syed? as syeda can only marries syed then he should be syed. waiting for your valuable reply
  2. salam brothers and sisters I want to ask that..If someone's grandfather died, can his grandson do imamat of his namaz e janaza / funeral prayer?
  3. bhai aesi baat nhi..ek ghreeb syed bhi her non syed se afzal hai beshak non ayed kisi mulak ka president kiun na ho..Imam jaffar sadaq (عليه السلام) ka farman hai k gunehgar syed ki izzat o ehtraam islye na chorna k woh gunehgar hy..uske amaal k bare me hum us se pooch lenge..agr koi syed gunehgar hai tu uski izzat km ni krni chaye..woh khud uske waris us se pooch lenge uske gunahon k baare me.
  4. salam. mera ek sawal hai ap sb behn bhaiyon se k syed zadi ka nikah gair syed se jaiz nhi kisi soorat bhi..lekin syed bht hain jo Sunni ya kisi wahabi maslak me shadi kr lete hain..tu yeahle bait a.sk insaaf k khilaf hai..ek ko ijazat ni k woh kahinn aur nazr bhi daale aur dosra jahan mrzi chaye krta phire..kindly iska jawab mujhe kisi hadess ya rawayat k hisaab se den k syed zada gair mslak me kr skta hai ya nhi.
  5. ok and what can we do for forgivness of a man who did suicide? any kafara something?
  6. Salam sister and brothers. sorry for bad english I have 2 question. 1.What is meaning of Mola and why Hazrat Abbas (عليه السلام) also called mola as they are not wali ullah,Imam or nabi? 2..can we pray namaz e janaza of a man who did suicide? what kafara can we give for his that action?
  7. If you accept wilayat of Imam Ali (عليه السلام) that after Nabi Karim SAWW No one but Ali (عليه السلام)..then tou are officially Shia..but if you accept shiat but still give respect to those who came against ahle bait (عليه السلام) then I think you are not a true Shia..If you accept wilayat but didn't curse enemies of bibi Fatima SA that they were sahaba of Nabi Pak SAWW then in my opinion..you are not Shia.
  8. Salam..I have question for all my brothers and sisters. During Hajj..hiw Shia do prayers? Do they pray behind Imam kabba or seprate? Or they pray behind their Shia Imam?
  9. Salam.to my all brothers and sisters. sorry for bad english. what if someone want to convert to Shia fiqah..can he convert by just reciting Shia kalma? or he need to do this with Shia aalim? and secondly which book you should recommend him/her to learn every aspects about Shia fiqah.
  10. Hey brother..Kindly Cler me one more thing..As I listed to Ullama Karam that you shound send daily some Hadiya to Your Ahle Bait..It will return to your with more reward..What can we send as hadiya? ca we send just Salwat on Muhammad o Aale Muhammad or we can send Qur'an pak surah too after reciting?
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