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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalam o Alaikum M shahid 25 yo. mere Abu start se namaz ni prhte. Kuch tabiat shi ni rehti aur kuch susti krte. Mera bht dil krta woh namaz prhen. Allah k samne sajda kren. 1 2 din prhna start ki thi phir chor di. Tv per bht khush rehte. Me smjha skta tha smjhaya. I can’t fight bcz baba hain woh mere. Unhe naraz kron tu Allah pak naraz honge. Ap se request hy me unki peeche ki namazen ni prh skta na hi agge apni aur sth unki prh skta. Apni msuhkil se prhta insan aj kal k time me. Kia koi aesa amal hy k me daily un keley kron ta k un ki pichli namazon ka bhi kafara ada ho jaye aur agge bhi un keley namaz jitna sawab kama lun? Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. Sorry If you mind it but this not proper way of salam..Its Assalam o Alaikum.
  3. Assalam o Alaikum I have a quest related to tahajud last rakt (witr) qanoot.I want to recite dua e nudba in that qanoot? can I recite it? I know its fazeelat is more in friday morning but I want to recite there too. Give me proper answer no personal opninions. Thanks Ya Ali Madad (عليه السلام)
  4. Yes, Everyone has their own approach to Allah. I just told you my story. Just follow what you got positive. I can't tell you who is doing right or wrong. I have my believe's and whenever I got stuck in any problem, I find my creator through Ahle bait's (عليه السلام). Proud to have such Imam's. M nothing without them.
  5. Ya Ali Madad. Sorry for bad English. I judt want ti dhare it with all of you. Okay I want to share something with all my Momineens sister's and brother's.A month ago, I was caught up in sins completely. I was not ashamed of my sins. Every day made promise to God, forgive me I will no do that again. But next day I was doing that again. That was just bcz I have belive that my 14 masoomeen (عليه السلام) are with me so do what you want. But I was using this belief wrong. I was getting away from my creator "Allah". No intrest in prayings just covring up all things. But on 01 Nov 2019. He took back my most precious thing from me to taught me lesson and to showing me his right way. I waz like what just happened. How can I lost this thing as my Imam's are with me. I went to Karbala when I prayed their to get it. So how is it possible that I lost it as I got it from Karbala and it's saviour Is Mola Abbas (عليه السلام). Now that was turning point. I broke down completly. But what I have is belief on my Imam's that can help me.Yes I was right. Mola Abbas still saving my that thing and will protect that for rest of my life. That incident was happened just to bring me on right way and to get rid from sins. I start praying with tears. Whole day asking help from Mola Mahdi (عليه السلام) as I have most aqeedat with them. And they hekped me.They help everyone who ask for help with heart.They are here for their Shia's. I posted my prblem here and one sister told me about namaz Imam Zamana (عليه السلام) I started praying daily. Reciting Qur'an and darood I promied to Allah I will recite darood 14000 times. Help me I am dying. And when I completed my mark I sent hadiya to my 12th Imam and asked them to be my way to Allah. It really helped me. As I finished darood few hours later. I got thT thing back. I just not got that thing back but I got out of sins and also love of Allah. Yes your problems can be solved. Just ask for help with aqeedat.Never lose hopes. Allah loves hou more than your mother. Pray him. And ask for help of Allah with waseela of our Imam's. Wa salam.
  6. thank you..its helpful.God bless you.
  7. when I should prray this? timing? and kindly tell me about tawakkul..I don’t know much about it. thanks
  8. Ya Ali madad (عليه السلام) I am facing a big problem. I want tawassul of Imam zamana ajtf to cure my problem. Can you tell me the right way that how can I get help from my 12th Hadi. sorry for my bad English. Thanks
  9. Salam. Mera ek masoomana sa sawal hai..I searched on every site almost..but mujhe ans ni mila..sb weight loss ka bta rhe..Kiun k hamare Nabi SAWW ki hadees hai k black seeds(kalonji) her bimmari ka ilaj hy sawaye maot...kindly tell me how can we use it to gain weight? Waiting for the answer.
  10. I heard from some Shia ullama like Allama shehnshah naqvi..they clearly called qadiani kafir in one of their speech..Shaheed Allama nasir Abbas sahb were also against them and they said that maulana ismail went from Shia side that day in assembly..and allama sahb said..we were Shia who declared them kafir when deoband and ahl hadees got tired against ahmadies.
  11. In 1974 when qadiani declared as non Muslim..One of our Shia Aalim Asked around 14 quest from qadiani Like. As Each Nabi and Rasool (عليه السلام) had their name of just one word like...Moosa,Salah,Hood,Eisaa,ahmed..but mirza ghulam ahmed has 2 word in his name..ghulam ahmed..why? there were around 14 quest like this asked by our Shia Aalik in National Assembly. Do you have these quest?I need urgent.
  12. ok I got it what you are saying but confusion is still there..When should we do tawasul with which Imam?.. sorry for my bad English.
  13. thanks but I want a complete life story history of each Imam..if you know anyone of thay?
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