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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I heard from some Shia ullama like Allama shehnshah naqvi..they clearly called qadiani kafir in one of their speech..Shaheed Allama nasir Abbas sahb were also against them and they said that maulana ismail went from Shia side that day in assembly..and allama sahb said..we were Shia who declared them kafir when deoband and ahl hadees got tired against ahmadies.
  2. In 1974 when qadiani declared as non Muslim..One of our Shia Aalim Asked around 14 quest from qadiani Like. As Each Nabi and Rasool (عليه السلام) had their name of just one word like...Moosa,Salah,Hood,Eisaa,ahmed..but mirza ghulam ahmed has 2 word in his name..ghulam ahmed..why? there were around 14 quest like this asked by our Shia Aalik in National Assembly. Do you have these quest?I need urgent.
  3. ok I got it what you are saying but confusion is still there..When should we do tawasul with which Imam?.. sorry for my bad English.
  4. thanks but I want a complete life story history of each Imam..if you know anyone of thay?
  5. I want to read a complete life story of each Imam (عليه السلام) from birth to death. refer me best book.
  6. Salam.. meri ek confusion thi..k jese Imam Zamana (عليه السلام) ka Farman Hai...mujhe afsos hota hy k mere Shia mere hote hoye mujh se madad ni mangte.mujh se apni taqleefen share ni krte. mera quest ye tha..Kis time kis Imam se madad mangni chaye..Kis musibat mein kis Imam ko Pukara jaye. Kia her mushkil mein Apne Hazir or Nazir Imam Mahdi (عليه السلام) ko pukara jaye?. plz clear kr den
  7. Is Ayatollah said this about both sequences or just about second sequence according to maftih?
  8. Salam. I listened Some Shia Ullama..Each Have diff thoughts on it..One said As Namaz Is Faroo e deen..Its Amal..So its not compulsory shadat Salisa in tashud. I want a proper answer for that..Whats Your thoughts on it?
  9. Just pray for me and my mother..We need prayer from all of you momineen.
  10. But my dad is lying brother..he is beating my mother..how can I reject or deline it with respect..this situation came just bcz of respect bcz I was silent..my mother didn't want from me to do anything..He beated my mother in front of bibi Fiza (رضي الله عنه) taboot....
  11. We are going to Karbala insh Allah on 11th of march..☺
  12. He came to me and said I don't want to live with her..you (me) explain her that she will never call her friend otherwise I will give divorce to your mother..I calmed down him..but he continusly took her in front of Qur'an that put hand on it that you do not call her now a days..my mom took qasam..but they still don't believe..continuously hurt her after every 3 4 days..by words and by beating..my mom and me were just silent bcz we are going to Karbala insh Allah 11th of march..and I don't want so that I will go to Karbala by fighting with my dad..I can't understand what should I have to do till then....
  13. I did what I could done..but my grandmother forced me that I had to respect my father..everyonein my family did same..that's why I came here..its just killing me inside whenever I think about that..I just want to know if I come against my father..what Allah or ahlebait say about that.
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