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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I really wish all these woman safety and happiness I share a very similar story the devil mindsets left me longing my daughter whenever I’m happy it’s temporary I often put a facade to hide how much I miss her this my opinion I hope awareness is spread https://youtu.be/4_NppxAt_cY
  2. Salam some guy keeps calling me at 1am 3am 6 am 4am I don’t know him I’m getting creeped out I usually ignore the calls but the fact he keeps doing it is staring to scare me
  3. With rule number 3 what if mods have said we are not allowed to comment on someone’s topic?
  4. Salam I’m told different opinions if tattoos are haram or halal I been wanting to get a butterfly tattoo under my collarbone just like a simple small butterfly I am just wondering the rulings on it
  5. I got told their is like a 3 day rule and it can’t be excessive otherwise you are showing signs of disbelief
  6. Salam are their any rules on mourning a living person for example : a break up , losing a child to another parent these type of situations basically losing someone that is alive
  7. I will put this a nice way I will protect my children and I did from a terrible fate The issue was brought forward in a aus court
  8. Well I care what God says in the Qur'an it says if you kill one innocent person it’s like you killed the whole humanity sorry I follow Qur'an not Iran
  9. Who said he is a leader of Muslims who gave him that title
  10. I have a problem with him and his friend bashar al Assad the killing of innocents enough said I won’t go further in detail about one personal thing about why I really don’t like this group
  11. Yeah he always says he’s protecting people all he is doing is protecting his army and himself when did he ever go out to fight all he does is smile on tv and try to be a massive smartie
  12. Salam I really don’t like him to be honest
  13. In Iran jail you tourtered into confessing into a crime you didn’t do in Iran you don’t have a toilet you are to go in a hole you don’t have fresh running water you are in a cell with 50 people gods wrath upon Iran jails
  14. Hmm how do you know that happened were you in the cell next to her while they did that ?
  15. Why would you want to draw your ex LOL
  16. Sisterfatima1

    hijab crisis

    Come to Bankstown lakemba Liverpool auburn being a revert in hijab and Abaya see how many Arab men will stare at you and beg you to marry them
  17. Sisterfatima1

    hijab crisis

    Well then you will know to lower your gaze
  18. Sisterfatima1

    hijab crisis

    Well if men can’t lower their gaze maybe they should be wearing blind folds
  19. Sisterfatima1

    hijab crisis

    Why are people disagreeing men will still look at in you in hijab I’ve had it happen so many times by both Muslim and non Muslim men and if the sister don’t want to wear hijab who are we to force her.
  20. Sisterfatima1

    hijab crisis

    Salam if you don’t like hijab don’t wear it nobody can force it upon on you if your in the west men will still check you out even in hijab
  21. Fair enough but this is Shia Chat people come and go it’s a forum
  22. Why are you so obsessed with him far out go hire a private investigator to look for him
  23. Salam they are prob living their life not sitting by a computer
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