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  1. Sisterfatima1

    Hijab and pressure

    I’m starting to be sorry I even started this topic i think more would be happier if I wore hijab and fell into more major sins
  2. Sisterfatima1

    Hijab and pressure

    Salam till recently I wore hijab I took it off I feel more happier and less stress I am not sure if I’ll wear hijab again how do other sisters feel
  3. Sisterfatima1

    At the edge of leaving please pray for me

    Salam all I am not going to leave but I have stopped wearing hijab since not wearing hijab I am feeling less pressure and more easy thank you all for your support
  4. Salam ive been struggling with the last month in keeping my religion i am at the point where I am thinking my life would be that much easier if I just left Islam and be the person everyone wants me to be i have no family that are muslim so it’s hard to maintain a family life as a single mum please make dua that Allah won’t allow me to leave religion
  5. Sisterfatima1

    Falling into sin

    To do haram is easy to do halal people make difficult
  6. Sisterfatima1

    Falling into sin

    Salam I’ve fallen into a major sin I can’t stop the sin because it’s hard for me to get married I feel like I’ve lost myself and what I strongly believed in
  7. Sisterfatima1


    Salam nothing honestly you will still feel as you did when your 19
  8. Salam im finding it hard to find love again i left my ex and I’m happy with that it’s just hard finding a man that fits in the catergory of wanting a family and wanting similar things as I do
  9. Sisterfatima1

    Custody laws

    Salam if your in the West no man can take your kids from you they are your children just as much as they are his
  10. Sisterfatima1

    Advice for Revert

    Salam run and don’t look back
  11. Everyone is different with emotions my mistake lol
  12. Salam i think people grieve differently everyone is different is emotions it don’t mean they loved the person more or less
  13. Sisterfatima1

    Bake the cake or get fined/sued?

    I would get sued
  14. Sisterfatima1

    Why do men think they are the boss during mutah

    Exactly he has no rights over her so I’m not sure why men get so macho in mutah
  15. Sisterfatima1

    Do you lock the doors when you are at home?

    Salam no I let the doors open for people to come in and steal of course I lock the door