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  1. Salam no sister should be laughing it off infront of any man or smiling infront of men
  2. Salam centrelink are not making super accounts for people
  3. Salam should personal subjects that may attract the opposite sex be put in a sisters or brothers only section I have viewed quiet a few topics lately that may cause issues and attraction especially if taken out of context what does everyone think about this
  4. Salam why do people insult Marjas you that they don’t follow or agree with
  5. Salam I think islamically talking without a reason to the opposite sex is haram being a ex is not a reason to break such rules
  6. Salam I think it would be beneficial if revert groups could be formed in the masjid as it is beneficial to meet others that are in the same situation as each other I put this idea forward before but it has never been entertained
  7. Salam how do we deal with a person who makes the following comments “ it’s ok for you because .....” “ You wouldn’t understand “ ” It couldn’t happen because you’re “
  8. You don’t seem very Mature you have been acting like a child in the chat
  9. So you can make accusations about anyone because they aren’t infallible get off Shia chat and read some Islamic books
  10. Salam brother how dare you talk about the beloved ayatollah sayid Ali Khamenei how can you face Allah ob day of judgement after making accusations please repent because what you have implied and said I would be fearing punishment from Allah
  11. Salam I’m toilet training my son he knows what the toilet is for and sometimes will use it but other times he will never ask I have had suggestions from my sister to take the nappy off completely and to tell him that I am doing this and if he does a pee in this pants not to change it for at least 20 mins even if he screaming and crying from the sensation annoying him so then when I do change the clothes he will learn to go toilet to avoid that feeling is this ok in a Islamic view in terms of leaving him in a najis state
  12. Salam forget what people are doing I went backwards myself life wasn’t better at all the religion is perfect but the followers are not please try to be Strong
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