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  1. Sisterfatima1

    hijab crisis

    Come to Bankstown lakemba Liverpool auburn being a revert in hijab and Abaya see how many Arab men will stare at you and beg you to marry them
  2. Sisterfatima1

    hijab crisis

    Well then you will know to lower your gaze
  3. Sisterfatima1

    hijab crisis

    Well if men can’t lower their gaze maybe they should be wearing blind folds
  4. Sisterfatima1

    hijab crisis

    Why are people disagreeing men will still look at in you in hijab I’ve had it happen so many times by both Muslim and non Muslim men and if the sister don’t want to wear hijab who are we to force her.
  5. Sisterfatima1

    hijab crisis

    Salam if you don’t like hijab don’t wear it nobody can force it upon on you if your in the west men will still check you out even in hijab
  6. Sisterfatima1

    Missing members

    Fair enough but this is Shia Chat people come and go it’s a forum
  7. Sisterfatima1

    Missing members

    Why are you so obsessed with him far out go hire a private investigator to look for him
  8. Sisterfatima1

    Missing members

    Salam they are prob living their life not sitting by a computer
  9. Sisterfatima1

    What is something you do that you don’t tell most people

    It’s not a subject it’s a question for everyone on what they don’t tell most people
  10. Salam i usually look at newborn babies and remember what my kids looked( 3 and 4 year old)looked like back then and how small they were I also get a little sad knowing I won’t have kids for a while because I’m single even tho I’m still young and have time for more I have the strong desire for more
  11. Sisterfatima1

    Showing body parts after proposal

    Honestly the question was asked after proposal we aren’t talking about Random’s here the girl agreed the guy wants to see his future wife why not ?
  12. Sisterfatima1

    Showing body parts after proposal

    Maybe he wants to check if she’s bald and it is his right to see who he is marrying without hijab
  13. Sisterfatima1

    Deepest regret

    Salam what is your deepest regret ? mine is not fighting enough to have my daughter with me
  14. Sisterfatima1


    According to Islam half the Shia chat will be in “hell”
  15. Sisterfatima1

    Forgiving Those Who Oppressed You

    Very hard when the opressors are raising your daughter