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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Technically You are disrespecting me right in this moment by insinuating "I am wasting your time". No one is forcing you to respond. Second I am not trying to "convert" anyone. I am sharing my beliefs about God. That is what this site is for, no? To converse, hear others beliefs, share yours? And I apologize if I offended anyone, but you must acknowledge that these are serious questions that non-Muslims have about Islam. There is a history that does have (killing), and there are terror attacks that take place around the world in the name of Islam. If I am not allowed to bring up these questions or even mention it - because it's "forbidden" on Shiachat, what are you saying about your religion. You seemingly are solidifying the idea that Islam is a controlling totalitarian religion. This is what your showing me by your threats. You literally told me "watch it".
  2. I must have had in mind another Muslim person response. I understand that people with Islam have different beliefs and viewpoints on these matters and do not completely agree on everything (especially the basis of how you see other faiths) In any who... Honestly I wonder of these conversation's go any where or if they are a complete waste of time? This should be a question lol Anyways thanks for sharing what you believe and allowing me to see the incredible diversity and viewpoints of people in Islam. Thanks for responding and God bless you. GOOD NIGHT
  3. Honestly, I do not understand the faith. I know many good people whom I love, they are people, I love them. Islam, from what I know, I do not love. I honestly am very tired and I wrote in a hurry, I hope I did not seem to coarse I enjoy these conversations. Next time I will make sure to have more time to write a more thorough and well written response. Honestly, God bless you, may we continue to both pursue truth, the way of the Lord, righteousness, love and peace and call on God from a pure heart. (Good night!)
  4. You clearly have never read the Torah, nor Injeel because you would not continue to logically think that Islam is an extension of them when it goes precisely against everything Jesus taught in the Injeel and everything Musa taught in the Torah. Why would God literally forsake all his prophets and all their teachings for one man - Mohamad to start this radically new and totalitarian political religion. Honestly, I have never witnessed a religion in my life so POLITICAL as Islam. I know many people in the UK and Western countries of course view and experience it as religion but try being Muslim in Middle East (Where I live) It is a relationship between society, the government, and the religion. God help us.
  5. How is this an attack? This is what the Holy Bible says: I John 2:18 Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. This is how we know it is the last hour. 19 They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us. He never was a Christian. Maybe he needs to hear it because maybe he believed he could be a "Christian" without knowing Jesus. In my faith you are not born a Christian, you are not one because your parents are on, it is very personal, and you have to make a choice to accept, believe in and follow Jesus. And know HIM personally. It is not even about a religion, but it about a relationship. The bible is clear
  6. Okay... Islam gets everything from the previous two religions, talks about us all in your book, literally. No where in our book does it mention Muslims, or the Mohamad, because the false prophet Mohamad did not come until 560 AD. But it did warn us about false prophets coming in sheep's clothing to deceive many people, coming with a different story, and then sure enough this religion came that has deceived many people. This is really a sad thing that I am not happy about. I do not take pleasure in, I am greatly saddened and I pray with all my heart that some might have their understandings enlightened and their hearts opened to see Jesus for who he truly is.
  7. I hate to tell you, but you were never a real Christian, you never really knew Jesus. If you did you would never have left. The book of 1 John speaks of people like yourself who say , "I was a Christian, then agnostic, then now Islam". You never really knew Jesus. Yo may have had the title "Christian" and though you were a Christian but you never really knew Jesus. And you could probably agree with me on that and say "Yes, I never knew Jesus" because clearly you didn't to be a self claimed Muslim now.
  8. I agree, because many people say they are Christian but do not know, love, or worship Jesus. The Lord knows those who are His
  9. Thank you. I feel like we are getting somewhere now. It is only logical. When Islam can stand on its own, and stop claiming its validity from Christianity and Judaism then we will see it as it is. Completely different.
  10. Of course there is only one God. However that does not stop people from creating religions and making up their own Gods and saying their God is true, real or "THEE ONLY GOD". The Ancient Egytptians had many deities and one main God of the Sun or "The Sun God." Now we both know this God is not at all the God of the bible. This God does not exist (because there is only one God). I make my point, that the God of the Quran does not exist. There is only one God, of course. I am making the logical point that what entity the Quran is talking about is not the same as the bible. PERIOD. If you want to keep claiming that Islam has the same religion or same God or is just a continuance of God's word and and work mankind, you are only deceiving yourself. The God of Islam was created by man
  11. Can we please at least get to the point that Islam does not have same God as Jews and Christians? Can we all agree on that? The God of the Mohamadean faith is completely different in Character. Why would God call his own people "infidels" like he does in the Quran and change his Word completely? God does not change. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Also like Muslims seem to always be at enmity with Christians and Jews. Like just historically, with Israel, I seen a man here with a Swastika on his hand, here in the Middle East because he hates Jews. Just last November you had 7 people killed in Egypt at a church because they were in a Church. Yes, I know most Muslims are moderate and peaceful, but just there is his feeling of like Muslims being against Jews and Christians. The fact that in the Hub of Islam where all the Muslims pray toward. That very place, Jews and Christians are not allowed to go there? But yet you say we have the same God? You say we have the same God to justify your religion that started in 560 AD. You use the truth of God's truth for your own ends to support this religion. And then disrespect it at the same time. And do not say you respect God's Word or truth when you say it is corrupted. You call God a liar when you call his Word corrupted. The Quran contradicts the bible in many aspects, the Torah in many aspects (if you want to just focus on Judaism). Not just in big aspects but small ones like stories, words, days, times, names. The smallest letter to change is big to me, because this is God's Word, let alone, names and wholes stories, and people. I just want to get to my Original question can we all agree we do not have the same God. God is truth, he is whole, in him there is no contradiction, because where you have contradiction, you have break down. Where you have break down, you have, chaos. God is a God of order not Chaos. So let us get to the basic premise, that we do not have the same God, Islam is the God of Mohamad. Whether I believe this religion is right, I know the name Ishmael whom you say is the son of the promise (also ancestor of Arab people). The name in Hebrew means "God hears". God hears the cry of the person crying out to him. He hears the prayers of when they talk to him. So whether I believe your religion is right, I believe God hears your prayers. I am so tired, I do not know if I said too much. I hope I was not offensive. God bless and good night
  12. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Their God is my God. Ishmael is the son born of the slave woman Hagar not Abrahams wife Sarah. Ishmael is not the son of the promise, but Isaac is. Jacob's name was changed to Israel in the bible by God, these are the ancestors of the Jewish people. The twelve tribes of Israel are Jacobs sons. They were of course Jews. "Christians" was a name given to the first followers of Jesus in Antioch (the book of Acts in the bible talks all about it). The Judeo-Christian faith completely aligns with one another. We have the same books. The only difference is Jews today do not have the new testament. We Christians have the Old (Judaism) and the New testament or New "Covenant" (means "Promise"). Jewish people are waiting still for the Messiah that is prophesied about in the old testament, we believe he already came, this was Christ Jesus.
  13. Homosexuality is definitely a sin. Sex before marriage is a sin. Jesus said even when a man looks at a woman in lust he has committed a sin in his heart. He truly raised the standard. Before it was "Love your neighbor as yourself" then Jesus said, "Love your neighbor as I have loved you" (That is a greater love). If you as a Muslim think for any reason it is okay to kill, do not say you know Jesus. Do not try to say you follow him, or associate yourself with him. In the same breath, you say that "we Muslims have more common ideologies than the Christians themselves." Please my friend. Do you know Jesus said, It is not what goes into a person's mouth that makes him unclean, but what comes out his mouth, because what comes out of the heart, lust murder, pride, jealousies - these are things that make a man unclean? So you not eating pig does not make you following his teachings. Even you washing yourself before you pray. There is a story in Matthew where the Pharisees (religious leaders of the day) confront Jesus about how he and his disciples did not wash their hands - and Jesus goes bad on them. Like he goes off on them. He talks about first cleaning the inside, and how they do all these religious things but are hypocrites, and do not really care about people, and how they themselves are unclean, so clean, maybe all washed up with water, but their hearts at filthy. Jesus went in, you have to read it for yourself. And I guess that what is the Quran teaches, but Jesus taught us that Justice belongs to God and he will avenge us. Of course we have the courts of law, but when those do not work we never repay evil with evil but we give a blessing instead because this is what he taught us. He said to love our enemies, and bless those who persecute us and spitefully use us. I know a brother in Christ, who his twin brother was murdered. His identical twin brother, Imagine how close they were, they came into the world together. And his brother was murdered innocently. And he wanted to kill the people who killed his brother. But yet he prayed for the murderers of his brother, he forgave them, and prayed for them that they might know God, and for God to forgive them. He only could do this though the power of God. This man is a good man who helps a lot of people today and serves as an example to many of us.
  14. Yes I am aware I have to been churches all over the world and know the concept of different languages lol. I am making the point that within ONE language you have 2 different names for the same person. Thinking about it now, it could just be because Islam spread the language of Arabic with it and wiped out other languages, so having two names for the Jesus is the traces of one of the languages that was wiped out. I was just in Egypt it was interesting to see how the Christians in Egypt preserved the Original Coptic (Coptic just means Egyptian) language. Because even in the case of being taxed into poverty when Islam came to town, they stuck it out and never became Muslim, so they did not fully pledge allegiance to Arabic. Just interesting...
  15. Do you not know that Islam contradicts the Christianity and Judaism on almost everything. The religions are FUNDAMENTALY different and superficially similar. By you believing in Islam, you disbelieve inn Christianity. Do you understand this? This was my point. I always hear from those of the Islamic faith, "How is God three in one? this is illogical!" I give example of water in the form of Ice, Liquid, and Steam. This is water (H2O) (one molecule) in three forms. Or how you yourself are three in one. You have your body, your spirit, and your soul. I try to offer explanation, but yet it is just too much for some to understand. (These same people will probably have a hard time in math, because things get crazy with numbers in there too lol) But yet, when I bring up real flat out illogical attribute about the Islamic teachings, no one answers me. Islam derives its only basis for truth from whom, Judaism and Christianity, right? You say you believe in all the Prophets, Abraham, the same God, and Mohamad is the last of the prophets. Yet the book you pledge allegiance to is full of contradictions to the Bible (which includes the Torah). I am not talking just big ones like, the Messiah, the character of God, the duties of God, I am talking small ones like names, stories. For example, Jesus is born under a palm tree in the Quran, it was Ishmael who Abraham was willing to sacrifice in the Quran not Isaac (as Jews and Christians know). So here we have this obvious contradiction and break down. And so Islam then says, CHRISTIANITY AND JUDAISM IS CORRUPTED, THEIR BOOK IS CORRUPTED, the Quran is right, forsake all their writings, and follow this one book, the Quran which contradicts everything God revealed about himself prior to Mohamad. This too me is illogical. Not only illogical, but wrong to go against God like this. Jesus taught to never kill, but yet the Prophet Mohamad killed people. Clearly this man was not following the teachings of Jesus, nor Judaism. He started his own religion which you now follow. Your point about Islam being the final school, or that now we are ready for Islam so that's why God chose to reveal Islam, and it is the complete program of life, like college. My response: So you are saying everything was building up to Islam. So Islam was God's plan for humanity to redeem humanity? This does not make sense. Because for since Moses the Jews lived under the law of God, this perfect law and the prophets prophesied about a Messiah who would come from the line of David who would redeem people and establish a new kingdom on earth (SPIRITUAL KINGDOM). Therefore when Jesus came he opened the door to God to Gentiles, (people not Jewish). So now anyone can know God. That is why in Christianity we are black, white, Asian, Mexican, Arab, it is not about a ethnic tribe but God reaching out to the whole world through Jesus. Yet you say God went back to the law? Not only back to the law, but changed it. Made it in Arabic, killed a lot of people to do it. I am so sorry I am just lost in all of this. Do you know Mohamad killed people? Like why would God begin this new program by killing people? You know how Christianity spread? By not Christians "killing", but healing, raising the dead to life, (not just talking, because the bible says the Kingdom of God is not a matter of words, but of power) but also Christians- DYING. Just like they are today for believing in Jesus. I am sorry but it is hard to have this conversation because I do not know where to start when you have a completely different God than me. I have no idea of what Hussein you talk about. Jesus never ordered women to wear a hijab. I used the pony tail example because Muslims associate hair with beauty and all these things, So I just wanted to get her hair out of the picture, so you would get the picture I was painting, that her life, her work, her - She was more than just her hair or beauty. And if consider wearing a hijab serving the Lord or "work" you do not know what it means to serve him. The Hijab to me is culture, I live in the Middle East so I know culture when I see it. And I get my knowledge about Islam from everywhere, school, life, relationships, etc. What have you just taught me is extremely hard to understand. I only pray God help me. I honestly have never talked with someone from Iran. I am glad I somehow found this chat group.
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