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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Shhh, don’t spoil this. Do you not see this quality content. I think jinns avoid reproduction during a full sun, because humans are more active around that time, therefore our energy would disrupt there energy flow causing, enabling the risk of creating crazy jinns.
  2. Peacans taste great, never had it in a coffee. I spent most my life around basic people, so salted caramel; coffee, latte or cappuccino is a taste I got used to enjoying. :| However, najjar blue or espresso shots for those cold early mornings in the garage.
  3. I edited my post, so you can read how I used your logic to come to that conclusion. And please, do not be presumptuous, it’s not a pretty look on anyone.
  4. Really? Let me fix it then. Also it’s “erroneous” had me googling a word you spelt wrong, you could’ve just wrote wrong and saved us both time. American troops are funded by the government, yes? Who funds the American government, is it taxes? I wonder who pays taxes and is supporting the government kill the innocent. Obvious this is incredibly stupid to read, but if we are using your logical deductions, this is the type of things me may as well say.
  5. There’s an Imam who was hated by his neighbour to the point a normal human would hate thy neighbor , yet the Imam assisted the man when the man needed help. Our religion, if you try reading about the important parts. You’ll realise, they avoid conflict at almost every cost. They will try show them the right way through their actions. You only saw/ heard something. You have no idea what is going on in that mans head,let alone would be able to comprehend, not doubting your intellect, we humans don’t understand each other sometimes. But yet, from a little information you painted his st
  6. Salam, if we use that logic. Americans pay tax = American tax funds is used for invading and killing of innocent civilians around the globe = every American a terrorist.
  7. Salam Diaz, Just want to understand, do you know how much RAM your laptop has? And how much stored memory the computer has?
  8. No, however if I ever feel the need to look crazy and sound like I have brain damage, I’ll get in contact with you.
  9. Please, look at the way they manipulate their faces and the observe the way they move. It looks like a bunch of roided men taking too much drugs.
  10. Brother, I know. I think my wording was wrong and caused an issue. I was agreeing with what Monad and what Syed Sistani said, they linked up and sounded similar in my head. Inshallah, and Hawza, need to be mentally stable to go do something like that.
  11. You answered your question with your own post. Again, why is it cherished that they look like crazy people, yet someone in the Holy month of Ashura beating their chest gets the religion called a religion of crazy people. Why is society so confusion?
  12. You are on the wrong website if you are looking for religious help. This is more of meme website, sort of filled with different cults and lurkers to gain some knowledge about first world Muslim problems. Back to the topic, do you want to put a shirtless picture on display?
  13. Brother, where did I state who is more knowledgeable. Monad stated " Even if one were to do haraam intentionally it would be better to carry on as normal, because abstaining from something as the period dicates, which is of 40 days would ingrain a habit far worse. The 40 is to create fear, guilt and remorse to change course to the right direction." Which is possibly the best advice this person could have recieved. It is also similar to what your Syed said. Additionally, I'm still too young, unstable and no where near knowledgeable enough to have followers yet. I will have to de
  14. Salam, Is he a athlete who competes? Even then, can't imagine why he would want to do that.
  15. Brief summary from Wiki about the Haka - "The haka is a ceremonial dance or challenge in Māori culture. It is a posture dance performed by a group, with vigorous movements and stamping of the feet with rhythmically shouted accompaniment" Why is this allowed, let alone cherished? They look and act like crazy people.
  16. No, his tone is just pure serious. People just feel offended by the truth and try shoving it to the side, until they find the "truth" they want to hear.
  17. Ye, I never thought one could do such a thing. Maybe everything is so easy, lets fix world peace too. All we have to do is be nice to one another and the ones with excess money and belongings should simply share with those who don't. So easy. I forgot how reasonable us humans are. Brushing your teeth will help with a normal diet, but when the majority of most kids diet is sugar, then it is like wearing armour versus a rocket launcher at direct impact from 2 ft away. Be realistic.
  18. Salam, Isn't being intimate with a woman whom you are not married to considered Zina? If so, why does it matter if there is penetration? One is recieving haram pleasure.
  19. Salam, Candy will rot that child's teeth. And if you get children excited about candy, they will become sugar demons in their teens and adulthood. Use food for comfort. I doubt Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) would reward someone who encourages the ruining of someone's physical being.
  20. Salam, Ego/pride. When you argue with someone who believes they are right, they no longer use logic. They will come at you from any dimension or angle. So when you try to use reason and logic, they will attack your logic and reason with ifs and buts and imaginary/falsified stories, to the point where the one using logic gets bored of going round in circles and gives up on the conversation. Example; Person ABC: horses are much faster than ants Person ZXY: if we made them the same size, the ants would be faster. I could elaborate on this example if needed.
  21. Salam w alaykum akhi, that is the first time I have ever heard of this theory. where did you even hear about this? The Imam Mahdi عجّل الله تعالى فرجه الشريف, could be anywhere, by the will of Allah sw.t. the Merciful. He could have been someone you have spoken too, or walked past or you are yet to encounter him. Again this isn't facts, just a bit of what I have learnt. I could be wrong. Can't think of any logical explanation as to why he would be living in the Bermuda triangle. Additionally, read about the Bermuda triangle, you will come to an understanding why strange things h
  22. No, nothing special about them. Well, actually other than the fact they won't make excuses as to why they won't be successful or knowledgeable in a certain field.
  23. This is the most certified answer here. Staying on topic...You have to understand what you want to do, most people with the highest knowledge in a subject or are successful within a subject don't have a university degree. Just sheer will to learn via resources around them.
  24. There's a difference between calling your self a Muslim and acting like a real Muslim. It is even addressed in the Qur'an. I'm new to reading the Holy Qur'an and I can't remember the exact verses, but I will put it in my own words to the best of my knowledge; Via their tongue they are Muslims but their actions and whatever is within their chests may be unfaithful to what their tongue claims to say they are.
  25. Did you know Trump is from the United States and multiple amounts of people from the United States will tell you he is a great president. True story.
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