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  1. Salaam, I don't know everything in depth but you must remember you are living under there roof. You must learn that until you have your own house you're basically a pet to them or " my little baby." As others have stated you need to move out or just ignore it regardless of how frustrating and painful it is to ignore. If you react on your anger towards your own mother, you'll never forgive your self once you've grown up and matured regardless of how much in the "wrong" you may see her being, she's mama. Edit: p.s. go find out door activities and places you can be social with people whom are in the same mind set as you in religion. Try to reduce the time you spend in the house.
  2. What gain is humanity having from people keeping those feelings hidden? Even animals have feelings but they do not act upon them.
  3. Salaam w alaykum, Your topic makes logical sense with the information provided, which allows one to understand how someone can get to that form of conclusion. This is my 50p on this topic. Human was created from the best of mould, yes you are right but there is also a quote from the Qur'an which also provides you with information to understand why you may err in life “...and man was created weak”. Yes, we are physically strong as humans. But so mentally weak. If Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) created us all strong minded, we wouldn’t have people on different ends of the spectrum, those whom use the brain and those whom avoid fuelling the brain with knowledge. There would be no test. We would all be living in heaven on Earth if the human was created with a strong mind, but we are not and this life is a test to see if humans will use what they have or avoid using powerful tools given to us.
  4. What benefit can humanity derive from dormant feelings that hide in the heart have no effect whatsoever in real life? More goodwill for human life is not sufficient. Genuine goodness inevitably involves action.
  5. Salam, Firstly, you can use the "do not disturb" feature prior going to sleep. This'll ensure no call or message notifications come through till you take off the "do not disturb" setting when you wake up. Secondly you can do is create a contact with unknown number and another one with no caller ID. Then add them both to the block list. (Blocking caller ID) Lastly, some networks are able to block private numbers and unknown callers. You just have to make a call and tell them you'd like unknown and private numbers to be blocked. Some networks may not have this feature, so you will have to contact to find out if they do. I'm unsure if the second one works or not as I've not tried it, however it's worth a shot to try the second two.
  6. Salam, I don’t think I have the resources to reference so I will use experience until someone else with knowledge of the subject responds, let alone I’m unsure if this is close to what may be right, but this is my opinion and how I got there. The more one learns about Islam, the more they’ll come to learn that being clean and having a clean house is important for their Deen and health. In reality, they are near impossible to keep clean to standards of being clean enough to come inside. Dogs tend to sniff their own urine, not only their own but any places other animals have peed. Urine from most animals and all humans is considered to be najees. Dogs will do what they know best, and know best to mark territory with urine. They get really up and personal regardless of how much space there is to find out if it’s been marked or not. So, owning a dog would be difficult because the moment the dog enters the house, you’ll have no idea what they have sniffed or smothered themselves in. So if that dog has previously been in contact with anything najees from the outside, you will have no idea what bacteria you’ve just let in and what you’re exposing yourself and home to.
  7. You're the type to pin point one thing from an article which isnt entirely accurate, how about you add the part where they clearly state "However, it does not prove that ejaculating more frequently prevents cancer, only that it is associated with a reduction in risk. It might be that a range of other factors such as genetics, lifestyle, number of children, diet, nature of sexual activity and education contribute to this risk, but we cannot say for sure what factors might increase the risk." If you're going to use evidence, at least site something which is 100% instead of something which is assuming.
  8. Masturbation is only full of negative attributes apart from the last second where you reach satisfaction, but immediately after that you feel guilt. Masturbation leads to: - being lazy, as you can satisfy your self without actually trying to reach a goal. - ED, you get morning wood and random erections because your body does regular service checks to ensure every part is in working order. If you masturbating, you're forcing erections when they're not needed.. If you're masturbating to not be angry or to relieve stress then you've got a weak mentality and personality to the point that you're acting like an animal instead of a human being. Life isn't about instant graitfaction. Earn the satisfaction instead of just locking your self in your room and making it happen in 1-5 minutes.
  9. As a revert learning Arabic, I've learnt when an Arabic saying is translated into English. The meaning of the saying is diluted and/or makes no sense. Arabic is a very passionate and powerful language.
  10. Does that mean praying on a prayer mat is haram or wrong/makrouh?
  11. @Ashvazdanghe & @kirtc I had a feeling it wasn't business related but the definition I put was right. Thank you for defining it further and also clarifying, I was confused.
  12. The definition of innovation according to old businesses management my lecturer, is to make something new and resourceful. It literally means to create something new which hasn't been done before, I don't know how that can be a sin.
  13. حسين

    Denial and Doubt

    Salam and Alhamdullah you've come to ask here, I'm not the best member here to answer these sort of questions but I can say I know how you feel as I've felt the exact same way. You need to read the Quran and read/watch lectures or even videos about the Ahlul bayt. Most importantly, you need to remember Allah SWT is The Most Forgiving and The Merciful. If you can move on and try forgive your self and become a better person, Allah SWT will forgive you inshAllah. You're still alive, meaning you've still got a chance at changing. SubhanAllah, we have free will to do what we want. If you want to continue wasting more time thinking about the wrongs you've committed, you're only shortening your life span because you're wasting time regretting the past when you can be moving forward becoming a better human. Take this advice from someone who's probably been the worst person in the past to ever come on ShiaChat. I reverted to Islam last year during ramadan because I picked up a Quran and begun reading. Islam is easy, people only make it sound difficult because they choose to make it difficult.
  14. @Ashvazdanghe Thank you, could I get where you found that out bro. For future reference.
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