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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ye, I never thought one could do such a thing. Maybe everything is so easy, lets fix world peace too. All we have to do is be nice to one another and the ones with excess money and belongings should simply share with those who don't. So easy. I forgot how reasonable us humans are. Brushing your teeth will help with a normal diet, but when the majority of most kids diet is sugar, then it is like wearing armour versus a rocket launcher at direct impact from 2 ft away. Be realistic.
  2. Salam, Isn't being intimate with a woman whom you are not married to considered Zina? If so, why does it matter if there is penetration? One is recieving haram pleasure.
  3. Salam, Candy will rot that child's teeth. And if you get children excited about candy, they will become sugar demons in their teens and adulthood. Use food for comfort. I doubt Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) would reward someone who encourages the ruining of someone's physical being.
  4. Salam, Ego/pride. When you argue with someone who believes they are right, they no longer use logic. They will come at you from any dimension or angle. So when you try to use reason and logic, they will attack your logic and reason with ifs and buts and imaginary/falsified stories, to the point where the one using logic gets bored of going round in circles and gives up on the conversation. Example; Person ABC: horses are much faster than ants Person ZXY: if we made them the same size, the ants would be faster. I could elaborate on this example if needed.
  5. Salam w alaykum akhi, that is the first time I have ever heard of this theory. where did you even hear about this? The Imam Mahdi عجّل الله تعالى فرجه الشريف, could be anywhere, by the will of Allah sw.t. the Merciful. He could have been someone you have spoken too, or walked past or you are yet to encounter him. Again this isn't facts, just a bit of what I have learnt. I could be wrong. Can't think of any logical explanation as to why he would be living in the Bermuda triangle. Additionally, read about the Bermuda triangle, you will come to an understanding why strange things happen there after gaining enough knowledge.
  6. No, nothing special about them. Well, actually other than the fact they won't make excuses as to why they won't be successful or knowledgeable in a certain field.
  7. This is the most certified answer here. Staying on topic...You have to understand what you want to do, most people with the highest knowledge in a subject or are successful within a subject don't have a university degree. Just sheer will to learn via resources around them.
  8. There's a difference between calling your self a Muslim and acting like a real Muslim. It is even addressed in the Qur'an. I'm new to reading the Holy Qur'an and I can't remember the exact verses, but I will put it in my own words to the best of my knowledge; Via their tongue they are Muslims but their actions and whatever is within their chests may be unfaithful to what their tongue claims to say they are.
  9. Did you know Trump is from the United States and multiple amounts of people from the United States will tell you he is a great president. True story.
  10. ^ We live in an age where we are able to be seen through every device which has the combination of the following; camera, cpu and connection to WiFi. No clue why this topic is stickied. More relevant would to stop uploading personal profile pictures of our selfs and not taking pictures of our selfs via any device with a camera and to boycott those devices (or just have the camera lense permantly covered) but in this generation, that’s like telling people to stop breathing.
  11. Quasim Salam. Calm down brother, he was best friends with the both of them. He can call them as he pleases. /sarcasm
  12. @starlight I am unsure who is weaker; the majority of man who can't filter his mind and speech or a female who has been rattled by a foolish man.
  13. Just my opinion. This seems like another distraction/ waste of time. Her emotions sound so fake and scripted. Maybe I’ve never met someone with aspergers but, she sounds fake and like someone is telling her what to do, not forgetting the fact she looks down to read from notes every 2 seconds.
  14. Everyone has their own journey. Hope and pray for your self and your loved ones to go heaven. Stop worrying so much about other people if they are going heaven or hell. Only Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) knows who is going where in the hereafter. Stop trying to guess who goes where.
  15. Salam w alaykum, Let's push the breaks and reverse a little bit. Imagine, you are a programmer and you code a game. Specifically a game where people can control characters and explore whatever content you provide within the game.Essentially, you are a creator, of the game, and they are your players. What ever principles and logic you implement into the game, and whatever you want them to see and do, you program into the game. Following along still? So whatever logic, principles and everything your players can see and do is limited to what you want them to see and do. Since you are the creator of the game, you are able to code whatever you want, so your character is able to do what your player base can only imagine of doing. You can do anything in the game, where as the players are limited. Hope this helps get your answer.
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